Target Long Tail Keywords Like A Pro


Long Tail KeywordsSEO strategies change with time and with updates in the search engine algorithms but one thing remains constant is the fact that webmasters want to rank for as much highly competitive keywords in their niche as they possibly can. Ranking in the search results is one thing but if the search terms do not bring in traffic it is useless.

The true success of an SEO campaign can be measured by the amount of organic traffic that a site receives from the targeted search terms. So many companies focus on their main keywords and neglect those all important long tail keywords which really when you look at it brings in the bulk of the traffic.

Long tail search keywords are specific phrases that contain two or more words that are used for searching within a niche. The competition and search volume for each phrase is usually low but the searcher intent is usually high.
By targeting long tail keywords a webmaster can increase the amount of targeted traffic to the website. Below are several things you can do to target long tail keywords.

1. Shape your Keyword Landscape

You must be aware of the long tail keywords associated with your main keywords. Compile a list which includes the common words or phrases used for search as well as the popular permutations of competitive keywords.
A number of tools can be used to shape your keyword landscape. Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Market Samurai or Wordtracker are just some examples. You can also use your website stats and PPC to compile your list of keywords.

2. Be Descriptive With Your Page Titles

Don’t be boxed in by the 65 character limit for page titles. It’s true that the search engines will only display the first 65 characters in the results but that does not mean that you should limit your titles. For the purpose of capturing the attention of your readers it is important to use the most attention grabbing words first but be descriptive with the rest of the characters. By doing so you will target the user and the search engines; a win-win situation.

3. Diversify Your Content And Internal Links

The long tail keywords that you plan to target should be in the page content. It is also a good idea to use internal links with the keywords that point to another page within the site. Be careful here; make that you point to a relevant page and don’t just use internal links just for the sake of using internal links.

4. Leverage User Generated Content

Comments and reviews are great ways to get readers involved on your pages. When they do contribute in one way or another it helps target long tail keywords especially if their user generated content relates to what is on the page. This adds value not only to the search engines but also to other users who might be searching for information.

These are just some ways that you can target long tail keywords. Keep in mind that the goal of this exercise is to increase the volume of organic traffic that you get to your site. Continue to evaluate and make improvements by comparing the amount of traffic that each new long tail keyword brings.

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