StudioPress Themes Review

StudioPress provides professionally well-designed, awesome WordPress themes, empowered by the Genesis Framework. When you purchase a StudioPress theme, you get smart design architecture, an array of the elegant and beautiful frames for the content of your website. Additionally, you also get unlimited theme updates and unlimited access to the dedicated support team of the company. It is devoid of any “Developer Options” so one modest price allows you to gain access of the updates, support and domains.

StudioPress Themes

The Genesis Framework allows you to easily and quickly build incredible websites that are search engine optimized so that you get a good ranking in the search engines that will boost your traffic as well as the profits. It gives you the advantage of great-looking turn-key designs. This is the reason that lots of renowned and popular blogging sites and other business oriented websites are using StudioPress.

Official Website:

For a much comprehensive and detailed knowledge about StudioPress, you can visit their official website You will get to know more about the Genesis Framework, which is the industry standard when it comes to WordPress design frameworks and why it is the leader among the premium frameworks. The looks of your website may be immediately updated with something that is known as a child theme, while the hardcore Genesis functionality and all SEO benefits remain untouched.

It provides you with the state-of-art security and makes customizing your site extremely easy. StudioPress is an ultimate tool that comes with plans or packages which not only matches your requirements but suits your pockets as well.

People Associated with It (Inventors and the Company who made it):

StudioPress was invented by Brian Gardner; it is actually the vision of a highly dedicated team of experts who joined hands with the dream of empowering other people through the use of WordPress themes. It is the brainchild of the Genesis Framework by Copyblogger Media. All the themes are completely search optimized by the partner and SVP of BlueGlass Interactive, Greg Boser.

It is a top quality product from the hands of reliable people who will be there to help you and support you in making the most of this product. So, if you wish to take your own WordPress site to next level, then StudioPress is the ideal choice for you.


Cutting edge features employing the latest technology provides you with amazing designs. You can employ all the forty four Genesis turn-key designs without paying a fortune in order to get them. The themes are priced modestly so that it is within the reach of a common man. You can get access to all the themes made by StudioPress at present as well as in the future by the pro plus package.

StudioPress Themes

Another great advantage of StudioPress is that all the themes basically the Child themes are fast to load in comparison to themes by other companies; this is highly beneficial when we look from SEO purpose as Google always dislikes slow loading sites. For a rapid loading WordPress site, trust on StudioPress which is supported by Genesis Framework themes.

If you are indecisive about choosing a Genesis theme, you can take the help of the handy-dandy theme chooser. You can filter on the basis of the color scheme, the theme category (like business, education, enterprise, real estate, politics, photography, video and women), the theme features (mobile responsiveness, custom header, color styles) and the column layout.


Discussing the disadvantages of StudioPress is painful and quite an uphill task as it is hard to find flaws or cons in it. But, nonetheless as nothing that is manmade is perfect so is the case with it too. Since all the WordPress themes are sinfully tempting, one feels stuck or entangled as to which one they should choose for their website. The new WordPress functionality and the options panel may be bit too complex for the novice, or the rudimentary people who are mainly concerned about simple functionality. So, definitely it is not for people who do not want to be updated and are adamant and rudimentary. It is not the best choice. StudioPress is only for people who want to keep abreast with the latest innovation and who opt for nothing than the best.


It is loaded with extraordinary features making Genesis the foundation or building block of any great WordPress design. The special feature of Genesis is that you may run it as a theme as well as the fact that you can conveniently change the theme of your website and switch over between different themes easily by installing the new Child Themes. Basically, the parent theme or framework is Genesis that powers the various turn-key child themes.

StudioPress Themes

The Associate Theme precisely gives the first impression to your prospects and clients. While the News theme delivers the latest headlines in perfect style, the lifestyle theme has a bright magazine-style frame. There is a wide variety of awesome themes to choose from and you can select the one which best suits your requirements.

The state-of- the-art security is provided by Genesis Framework. Quite often, hackers exploit your WordPress site which is quite troubling and harmful for the reputation of the company. To save you from all this trouble, Genesis provides you the ultimate solution when it comes to security.
You can easily customize your website easily the way you desire with the help of the features provided by Genesis and if, later you happen to change your mind you can create new function and sections. Other noteworthy features include the widgets, the theme options, and comment functionality.

If you want to still learn more about the Genesis theme, StudioPress has an incredible feature of tutorials that guides you to everything you want to know.


The various StudioPress themes are priced modestly; you can purchase a single Child Theme along with Genesis framework that will cost you only $ 79.95. It is only a one-time purchase fee and you get features like instant access, unlimited support and updates.

Studiopress Themes

If you want a purchase all the themes you can take the money saver package called as Pro Plus All-Theme plan and avail all the WordPress themes made by the company now as well as in future, at a price of only $349.95. In this way you save a whopping $800. In this package you get support and updates for all themes made by StudioPress at no additional cost.


StudioPress and Genesis Framework are far ahead of its competitors like Elegant Themes, Thesis and WooThemes. It has set the industry standards for the others to follow. Genesis has an edge over thesis when it comes to convenience and ease regarding installation. The initial installation in Genesis is much simpler as compared to Thesis if you are unfamiliar with file permissions and FTP.

When it comes to SEO optimization and security, StudioPress tops the list, as they dedicate most of their efforts in upgrading and updating their current themes so as to fix bugs as well as any compatibility issues, as compared to WooThemes and ElegantThemes which are more prone to be hacked. With just one click of the update button, StudioPress solves all your security related concerns even without touching the design of your website.

How is it different from the Competitors?

At a very affordable rate you get a lifetime membership in StudioPress site and will avail free updates lifetime, for all the themes. While in WooThemes and ElegantThemes you pay after a fixed period of time; for example after 2 months or 6 months or annually to get updates. In this way hundreds of dollars are mulled every time for the renewal of membership to gain access of all the theme updates.

But in the Genesis Framework or in StudioPress you get new themes every month, year after year and they update their themes time to time. The new themes are there in the sections on theme download along with the tutorials and step by step guidelines to install as well as configure themes virtually, free of cost, as the payment once done is forever.


From the opinions and experience of various users, critic ratings, testimonials of millions of satisfied customer it can be said that StudioPress has been up to the mark. It has delivered results in accordance with the expectations of its clients, which includes renowned bloggers, professional developers and successful businessmen. With Genesis Framework you need not worry about SEO optimization, security concerns as all these are taken care of.

It has a huge collection of turn-key designs, so whether you are revamping a classic site or creating a new website, Child Themes gives you the freedom of re-incarnating yourself without touching the fundamental critical core underneath. Thus, it is a one stop solution and the best option when it comes to WordPress Themes.

Conclusion (Whether it is Worth Buying or Not):

With such a vast number of highly advanced tools and enriched features, StudioPress is definitely an awesome product that is worth buying. The Genesis Framework is trusted by over 71,000 online publishers. It is the preferred choice of the social network savvy people as the Gravatar of the user and tweets are taken care of by the widgets. The ‘mix and match ‘layout is quite innovative and revolutionary as it allows you to have a separate layout for each page or post on your site. Thus, it is becoming the leading choice of people who want an innovative, user friendly and feature rich WordPress Theme.

Return of Investment when Buying this:

The return you receive is in the form of increased website traffic on a daily basis as a result of SEO and the applaud you get on account of the amazing design of your website. In addition you also get advanced security features and updates so the return you get is many times more than what you invested. Furthermore, the investment once done is for lifetime and once you invest in StudioPress your business potential increases by leaps and bounds.

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