Storefront Mylo Theme Review

Storefront Mylo is a WordPress theme which combines elegant and extensive features of a blog. The theme will also give you a powerful yet simple WordPress theme working experience. The Mylo theme offers detailed theme options along with complete customization option right from the text to the background colour, from widgets to contact form settings, and so on.

Storefront Mylo Theme


• Customization

Most of the features offered with this WordPress theme can be customized. Some of the features which can be customized easily include text, background colour, contact form settings, widgets, and so on.

• Contact form settings

The contact form widget allows users to connect with their visitors easily. The visitors can ask their questions, queries, etc. using the in-built contact form. Moreover, the users have complete access to its attributes like email address, name, and so on.

• Layout

The theme comes with an elegant layout which is definitely going to attract your readers towards the content which you have included in your website.

• Responsive design

The responsive design allows the theme to easily adjust to the device display. Whether it is your desktop, or laptop, or any other mobile device, the theme’s display attributes like size, resolution, colour, font, etc. will perfectly adjust themselves thereby giving your visitors a great view.

• Add to cart notification

The theme users can easily customize the Add to Cart notification.

• Enhanced product grid

The enhanced product grid feature is provided to simplify browsing so that your website visitors don’t come across any problem while browsing your website

• Twitter widgets

In order to display your tweets, you can make use of the twitter widget feature available with this theme and customize it according to your website’s needs and requirements.

• Easy search

The visitors will be able to search posts and products in segmented results manner using the easy search options available.

• Posts widgets

Customize the recent posts widgets so that you can showcase the posts Meta data.

• Colour options

A number of colour options are available for you to choose from. This feature is available for all button styles and throughout the theme.

• Drop down navigation

The theme offers a beautiful drop-down navigation option which can be used for showcasing your pages.


The theme has powerful features which will help to make a truly professional game product website. Because the theme is specifically made for gaming products and devices hence all the important features related to it are included. The cost of the theme is quiet reasonable as compared to the other competitor themes.


As the number of products, images and other data items increase, the loading speed of the theme decrease. This is the major drawback which this theme suffers.


The theme cost is $59.

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