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Squarespace is an awesome product; it is the software that has helped the millions of people pan globe to create and maintain significance of website, portfolio or blog. At present it receives millions of hits per week.


Squarespace has a robust core and provides an unmatched user experience. Every pixel of this revolutionary software is crafted with the vision to provide delightful, creative and timeless interfaces. It has powered a large number of sophisticated websites dedicated to business, since its inception, and today it has become a trusted name among the professionals and bloggers worldwide.

Official Website:

For a more comprehensive and detailed knowledge about Super space, you can visit the official website www.squarespace.com . Now a vital question that will flash in your mind is that what exactly will get there? It provides you everything you need in order to create and develop an amazing website. The basic requirement of any businessmen or service provider is an elegantly designed website and this software is instrumental in giving a practical shape to your dreams. So, whether you want a great looking website or an impressive portfolio or an impressive blog that will leave an indelible impression on the mind of the viewers, this software is the perfect choice for you.

People Associated with It (Inventors and the Company Who Made It)

Anthony Casalena is the CEO and the founder of the company. He was inspired to develop this software after he was unsuccessful in finding a way to get his personal website elegantly published. Instead of becoming disappointed, he started working on this miraculous software that is now known as Squarespace. It was officially launched in the year 2004 and has been profitable since it inception.At present they have 72 highly skilled professionals working along with them.

In July 2010, Accel Partners and Index Ventures made a minority investment of $38.5M into Squarespace which represented the very first outside capital raised by the company.It has 46 employees and has grown immensely. Their Board of Directors include – partners like Andrew Braccia ( Accel Partners), Dominique Vidal (Index Ventures). The core members include Jesse Hertzberg who is the SVP and Peter Kyviakidis as the CFO of the company.


A completely managed fully hosted environment is given for maintaining and creating an extraordinary bog or website about 10 X faster with the help of this comprehensive platform. It ensures that you have full control on site customization and on your content. It provides you with seamless blog importing, and care is taken to see that all your links are working fine.SquareSpace Review

The facility of social integration, ultra fast loading is protected from downtime. The social widgets allow you to aggregate data from your social networks and integrate them on your site.SquareSpace Review

Additionally it has 85+ elegantly designed style variants that come from brand name designers. Each template ensures that the looks of your site are completely unique and you can choose from 300+ Google web fonts. With this software you can create new looks as every element of the website is customizable in real-time. So you have total creative control on the design and presentation of your site.SquareSpace Review


Finding the shortcomings of this amazing product is very difficult, but as nothing in the world is perfect so is the case with Squarespace too. The CSS of the templates may be confusing at times for the novice. The map block is somewhat problematic when considered from the point of a development prospective and it does work for most of the templates. However, the experts are working day and night to fix these subtle inconsistencies and make this software nothing less than perfect.


The list of eye-catching features is virtually endless. It is a user friendly platform and is a complete website builder. It is a one stop solution having everything integrated at one place only, the features and pages are divided into blocks and with 20+ core modules, one can build the site in seconds.

You need not scrape the internet to get the plug-ins. It is a single platform with infinite possibilities. There is a drag and drop system for moving the pages and the facility of raid on-site editing of the content.

Building beautiful photo galleries is very easy with this software that is enriched with features like hover effects and integration, automatic image resizing. It is lightbox integrated and built in Media RSS is also there.SquareSpace Review

It provides you with detailed website analytics for controlling and managing you website in better manner. You also have total control on updating any section of your website anytime without the help of a developer. You get Google page-rank tracking and real-time visitor analytics to understand your visitor traffic in a better way.

Every client gets business- class support, around the clock, as every customer is on the priority list of Squarespace and they have unlimited access to the industry leading support of the company day and night or 24×7.

The powerful features on the blog module include powerful anti-spam system, the WYSIWYG editing interface, built for podcasting and the best part is that all Squarespace sites are Search Engine Optimized. There is micro blogging support, Feedburner support, valid ATOM, RSS, and RDF syndication.

How It Works:

It builds your website by dividing the parts of your website into bricks and later on these are snapped to make the site of your choice. It provides you designs from renowned designers to allow you to choose your own style. So, it saves you the $5,000 bucks that are spent on hiring a web designer.


This premium product is priced at an unbelievably modest and cost-effective rate. With a 14 days free trial you get enough time to judge its effectiveness. You can stop or start your service any time thereby making it quite simple to start or cancel. Furthermore you can switch plans any time, the downgrading or upgrading of your website plan is handled automatically.

All account plans are charged month to month unless you decide to sign up for one of the annual plans. There are basically two types of plans namely – the standard plan which is priced at $8/month when taken as annual plan and $10 in month-to-month billing. The unlimited plan is priced at $16 /month annually and $20 in month-to month.


Squarespace is well ahead of all its competitors, the software is unparallel when it comes to quality and technical features and user friendly approach. It has created standards and set benchmarks for others. While, doing a comparative analysis of Squarespace with its competitors like WordPress.com and Ning.com, one learns why it has an upper edge above others
While WordPress.com and Ning.com are free and Squarespace is a paid service but if you look at the stark reality, you will understand why Squarespace is far better and worth the price. With Squarespace, you do not shell you money in hosting, hiring professional designers, getting troubleshooting assistance and extra bandwidth. So in reality, the fee you pay ends up being much lower that what you get with the ‘free services’ of WordPress.com and Ning.com.

How is it Different from the Competitors?

Being extremely flexible, it is equally useful and appealing to both the less tech-savvy people and the novice in this field as well as to the experienced developers and designers (who can easily access and manipulate the CSS to rapidly create a well designed and incredibly feature-rich website).

What makes it different from others is that the owners believe in a very clean, honest and transparent relation with the clients. Many competitors providing ‘free services’ generate revenues from you in other ways. Example: they may kill a lot of your valuable time in updating, maintain and customizing and provide with unsatisfactory or no customer support. Often such sites are down or they get hacked easily.But Squarespace has advanced security features like anti-spam, it’s instantaneous, has 99.9% uptime and is pre-optimized for traffic.


For the design-savvy creative customers searching for a world-class, professional-caliber hosted solution Squarespace is the ideal option. You experience true cloud computing, world class infrastructure, the best anti spam system and you have nothing to install, tweak, scale or optimize as Squarespace is there to take care of all the tricky details.

It meticulously designs, builds, develops and sets up your website and helps you to manage it while you take a backseat. All the tasks are done rapidly at a lightning fast speed. The ease, flexibility and time savings provided by Squarespace undoubtedly, makes it the leader in the market.

Conclusion (Whether it is Worth Buying or Not)

With the latest cutting edge features that are incorporated into Squarespace, this innovative software is definitely worth buying. You can mange your website on-the-go with the help of Squarespace iPhone and iPad applications. It is becoming the leading choice of professional photographers, bloggers and businessmen who want a revolutionary website to enhance their business potential. The testimonials of hundreds of satisfied and delighted customers are a proof of the awesome services of this software.

Return of Investment when Buying this:

The return you avail is in the form of an innovative feature rich website, portfolio or blog that is SEO optimized, relentless monitoring, total data portability, rapid support platform and data collection module. Grid computing or grid hosting ensures that your site is always up under regardless of the load and you do not require any other hosting service.

The detailed visitor analysis and the increased traffic via SEO ensures that the visitors are converted into prospective buyers of the products and services. Thus, the return cumulatively is in multiples of what you actually invest. It incredibly raises your business potential and profits and on account of its return on investment, it has recently received recognition from prestigious publications like TechCrunch, the Financial Times, BusinessWeek, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal.

Coupons or Discounts (if any):

You can take advantage of the up-front bi-annual and the annual commitments to grab the best deal. There are many developer discounts, so you can actually save bucks with Squarespace hosting plans (they can take the net profit yourself or may give them to their clients). The discount tier schedule is as follows:

So SquareSpace discounts start from the second account you make and may go up to as high as 25%.

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