Social Media Plugins To Achieve Your Social Media Goals

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You’ve always wanted to implement social plugins into your website but you don’t know how. Maybe you’ve added a few plugins just because everyone else has but you are not sure that you are doing the right thing. Social integration for your site is important but if you’re not strategic about it then it makes no sense to do it in the first place. You cannot be hit or miss about social plugins. Instead the ones you choose must be based on your goals so that you get exactly what you want out of them.

Social Media Plugins

4 Uses of Social Media Plugins

To Share Content:

One of the more obvious uses of social media plugins is to share content. There are plugins that do just that. These include buttons for Pinning, Liking and Tweeting the content on a web page or blog post. These are great tools for getting your content spread across the web via specific social media networks.

To Build A Community of Followers:

Let your site visitors know what networks you are active on by adding visible badges on your site so that they can follow you. With a single click they can opt to join your community and get your updates.

To Interact With Visitors:

Comments and feeds are just some ways that you can increase the interaction on your website. Social media plugins that facilitate engagement keep the activity on your site rather than on the social media networks. This should be your goal if you want to build brand recognition or if you want your customers to engage directly with your brand.

To Get Leads:

Web surfers are becoming more and more wary with bait and switch tactics or even simple tasks like dropping their emails in exchange for a goodie. Social media plugins that lets them become a user simply by authenticating themselves through their social network are increasing in popularity simply because it makes it so easy to do so. You can use these plugins to develop new leads or have your visitors complete tasks without having them jump through a series of hoops to do so.

Let Your Goals Dictate Your Choice:

Now that you know some specific things that social plugins do you should now choose to integrate them on your site in accordance with your goals. The goals should include your social goals and overall business goals.
Take a look at the social networks that you are currently active on and decide how you can increase your efforts and achieve your goals with social media plugins. You also need to carefully consider the response that you most want from visitors once they land on your site. If the goal is for them to focus on your copy then it makes no sense to distract them with social media buttons plastered in highly visible places.

Choosing the Right Social Media Plugins:

Before you begin integrating plugins into your website you need to consider a few things. The first is the technical requirements; does the site meet all the specifications for proper functioning of the plugin? If not you will have to upgrade your site to meet the requirements or consider an alternative plugin.

The final consideration is the impact that the plugin will have on your site visitor’s experience. Some plugins slow down the speed on your site, others distract users and still there are others that take up too much valuable real estate. Consider all these factors and if the impact will be negative in any way you will need to reevaluate your priorities.

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