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SEOmoz Pro is a catalyst to your website ranking and promotion. Right from managing your portal on the web to driving traffic to your site and enhancing ranking of your portal is what SEOmoz Pro is synonymous with. It is recognized for being among renowned brands. SEOmoz Pro is an advanced software which is equipped with all SEO tools vital for boosting ranking of your web portal. Besides, SEOmoz Pro is also the perfect platform for learning various aspects of SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization.

SEOmoz Pro

With more than 300 million users hitting to the Google Search Engine, getting placed among top pages is something next to a daunting task. SEO works wonders for your website ranking and that is why a few smart developers have presented SEOmoz Pro for getting impetus to your online presence.

 Official Website :

For getting comprehensive knowledge about SEOmoz Pro has been developed by the elegant web developers. Now question is what exactly can you get there? If a webmaster wishes to get tools for improving rank of website on any search engine say Google, Bing and such others, then SEOMoz is the ultimate tool for this. It speaks of customized plans which not just match to your requirements but also to your pocket as well. `SEOmoz Pro gets you to facility to track rankings of your site on the search engine. You actually don’t need to invest too much for that.

People Associated with It (Inventors and the Company Who Made It)

SEOmost Pro is the brainchild of a team of experts highly bounded by the commitment of empowering others through technologies. They all are from SEOMOZ, a Seattle based SEO entity. They have ambitions of enabling the companies to lead by SEO technologies. SEOmoz Pro is the outcome of such passion, commitment, values and higher ethical standards. It’s the TAGFEE-Code which drives each and every member of the team to perform and deliver. Alec deacon, Evan Battaglia and Myron Marston are renowned figures in the team,each of whom is the cult of software engineering application development.

SEOmoz Pro is the result of concerted efforts being made by experts of their respective field. With input of scientific research by Matt Peters, Graphical Designing by Derric Wise, Web developing efforts by Devin Ellis all under the guidelines of Community Director, Jen Sable Lopez each of them has done his job well. A number of awards like its listing in Inc. 500/5000, “Best-SEO-Tool-Suite”, Best SEO-community to its credit speaks volume about its power.

Pros :

Cutting edge advanced features of SEOmoz Pro prompt multinational companies for improving ranking of their portal through web. SEOmoz Pro is a dynamic tool for analysis of website and link building as well. They provide you quick reports of various features for your website. With this SEO tool you get it easier to have an eye on your competitors. You can find stats for specific keywords to actually build your strategy so that you are sure that you focus the most targeted keywords. Creating campaigns for various websites is much easier with SEOmoz. You benefit immensely as you are allowed to crate five campaigns in a single account.

Cons :

Discussing cons of SEOmoz application development program takes much pain as they are hard to find. Nonetheless there are a few shortcomings which are better to be familiar with. In campaigns one can feel to be a bit confusing in which one can entangle. Besides random placement of various tools like official tools, pro-section tools, labs tools etc make it a little more complex. While browsing in laptop it needs to be scrolled up and down consistently.


SEOmoz Pro has dynamic features benefiting the users at multiple platforms. Its distinct feature is that of Weekly-Crawling as well as Rank Tracking. Web App of SEOmoz facilitates crawling of your website on weekly basis.

Weekly-Crawling keeps a close watch on the performance of each of the keywords which is vital in determining performance of your web-portal. You need to track keyword ranking for focusing on particular keywords. You can track rankings of the keywords in various search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo among others.

SEOmoz pro enables you to create On-page recommendations which route the traffic to your site.

Analysis of competitors’ performance is its biggest feature of SEOmoz. You can monitor ranking of your competitors with advanced Web App of most popular crawl from SEOmoz PRO.

SEOmoz can get you continuous improvement in your rankings.  It does so by keeping a track of key metrics. Besides these features SEOMOZ keep adding newer features on regular basis for improving ranking potential of website.

Its yet another feature helpful in catalyzing traffic towards your portal is Link Analysis. Using Link Analysis you can benefit by comparing your domain with 3 distinct competitors. Getting information like linking root domains, total links etc. is also easy to find.

If you are interested in finding sources of the links your competitor is getting from,you can carry out analysis of external links followed by a competitive analysis.

SEOmoz PRO has a forum known as “Q&A” forum where you can connect with experiences of like minded people and benefit from the same. People from diverse business categories share their experiences in this community.

Another feature of SEOmoz PRO is account linking which you can use for getting statistics for keywords. You can find the same by linking up your account with Google Analytics.

Price :

If you ever thought of availing effective web promotion tools at affordable prices SEOmoz PRO is the best solution. One month free trial gets you time enough to assess its effectiveness. You can benefit from three packages which include that of PRO, PRO Plus and PRO Elite. It has 30 days free trial facilities. Other packages like PRO Plus and PRO Elite are also priced at affordable prices of $199 and $499 per month.


SEOmoz packages are well ahead of its competitors. SEOmoz sets the standards for others to emulate for.

While carrying out comparative analysis of SEOmoz viz-a-viz Majestic-SEO one is quick to learn advantages of SEOmoz. SEOmoz has comparatively more tools offering you innovative options to choose from.

SEOmoz has also an edge over SEO management software RavenTools as the latter does not has the feature of campaigning through On-Page recommendations. If you are owner of online marketing portal or a SME business, SEOmoz is the best choice for you.

How is it different from the Competitors?

It is after availing benefits of this SEO software that one can understand as to in which aspects SEOmoz has an edge over others. Its unique and distinct features like Open-Site Explorer, Tools of Keywords Analysis, Rank Tracking, On-Page Optimization, Social Media Monitoring, SEO Web Crawler, Link Research etc. make this software an effective tool for increasing ranking thus business potential.

Easier availability with the facility of one month free trial also makes SEOmoz distinct from others.


From experience and opinions of various users of SEOmoz, it can be clearly said that people have been getting desired results in accordance with their expectations. So, if you wish to ensure your site figures at the top page in a web search engine then SEOmoz is worth testing for.

With SEOmoz at your side, getting huge traffic to your website is much easier viz-a-viz other SEO softwares. So, if you have been aspiring for your balance sheet and business graph to go up and up, then SEOmoz is tool for you to assisting you in getting a high rank for you website. It is not possible to expand online presence without use of a SEO software like SEOmoz.

Conclusion (Whether it is Worth Buying or Not):

With such a large number of advanced tools adding to the efficiency of SEOmoz software it is always worth buying this software. That is why business owners from various categories, whether they are engaged in online marketing, SME business or advertising and promotions category, have preferred this software for enhancing their business potential on and off web.

 Return of Investment when Buying this:

The return you get is in the form of increased visitor rating and a huge traffic routed to your website on daily basis. This is more than enough when visitors and prospective buyers turn into potential buyers of your products and services as well. So return is much more than you actually invest. Once you invest your business potential enhances considerably.

Coupons or Discounts (if any):

When you choose to purchase SEOmoz through Seomoz  coupon codes you can get opportunity to save a good amount of money. You can avail attractive discounts up to 50% by purchasing SEOmoz by purchasing through these coupons. There are coupons for various time periods like monthly, half yearly, annually and for customized time period. When you subscribe SEOmoz through coupons codes you can get it for $24.95 only and there are frequent discounts offered by online marketing companies.

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