Press75 Massive Press Theme Review

Massive Press constitutes a latest magazine or news theme developed by Press75, which has an extremely neat and grid-based format. It has a lot of advanced features which renders it ideally suited for professional websites. Although greatly customizable, its default style offers plenty in the form of artistic taste. Massive Press has a lot of space for content and the grid arrangement places the pictures and text in a visually appealing manner. It avoids cramming of subject matter and allows ample breathing space.

Press75 Massive Press Theme


• Home page customization

The whole home page of Massive Press is totally customizable using custom widgets which lets you shape your website according to your liking.

• Customizable header

You can modify your header including colors, insignia, advertisements and menus in no time.

• Content style options

The theme allows you to select content format options for internet forum entries and pages.

• Footer text adjustment

Massive Press allows you to update the text which appears at the bottom of page.

• Page of theme options

The page on theme options allows you to change the theme and gives you access to every page item which you desire to modify for customizing the appearance. Thus the theme can be changed without any coding.

• Custom widgets

Massive Press includes many custom widgets to administer prominent content, advertisements and for joining your Twitter tweets.

• Integration options

The theme possesses integration options for social media and advertisement along with Google Analytics.

• Validated code

The code on which the theme is built is authenticated in all respects. So it displays perfectly in the modern browsers. The code is quite strong so there is no problem with regard to search engines being unable to catalog your content accurately.

• Logo options

The theme has options for logo customization by which you can employ text or graphics for custom logo.

• Style options

The theme has options for design customization including background and colors of subject matter.

• Widgetized Subject Matter Areas

Plugins enhancing the viewing and connectivity options like sidebar widgets used for navigation and post sections. Another example being footers.

• Custom menu handling

The theme provides for custom menu control whereby you can utilize preset or entirely personalized menus.

• Network setup support

Multisite networks represent a group of sites all of which dispense a single WordPress installation. Components and themes can be shared too.

• Carousel

Massive Press has sliding horizontal panel for advertised content or carousel.


Massive Press has numerous options which render content management very simple. Featured content is also exhibited prominently and draws the visitor’s attention. It also has ample documentation along with video guides and knowledgebase.


Massive press suffers from want of developed SEO attributes.


Massive Press: 75 dollars.

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