PremiumPress WordPress Video Theme Review

In the Video theme, users will now be able to upload, import videos, create private or public video websites, and much more. This theme will transform their WordPress into the video website which will allow them to add their own videos, import videos from Metacafe, and YouTube. It is also suitable for those who want to start video sharing websites, training websites, video tutorial websites thereby allowing users to create private, public access, video teasers, membership packages so as to limit video watching visitors, etc.

PremiumPress WordPress Video Theme


• Import videos

The users will be able to import and search videos from YouTube directly from the website’s Admin area which can be used for building video tools.

• Upload videos

The MoviePress allows users to upload their own videos. Those whose hosting providers support FFFMEG will get the opportunity to capture video screenshots for the users.

• Membership packages

The membership package feature allows you to create membership packages which can also be customized with pricing structures right in the Admin area. You can also restrict video access for different packages.

• Video teaser

Users can setup a video teaser which will begin showing videos for a few seconds before showing the customized message which users will set in the admin area.

• Website designer tool

Easy to customize feature will allow users to easily change their website layout like images, colour, column layouts, etc. with the help of in-built design tools available.

• Easy website management

The theme can be integrated directly into WordPress CMS which will ease control and management without losing the important WordPress functionality.

• Tracking and Google analytics

This theme provides in-built integration options for the Google webmaster and Google analytics tools which can be used for clicks and visitor tracking.

• Open source

This theme offers 100% non-coding features. This means that both the advanced level as well as the beginners can edit the source code and customize numerous theme features in any manner you want.

• Search engine optimized

The theme is search engine optimized which means that it supports many SEO related features which will help in your website promotion as well as in getting more webs traffic and consequently higher search engine ranking.

• Customized video player

This MoviePress theme offers an in-built video player which can easily be branded and customized with your brand’s logo icons according to the needs and requirements of your website.


The features of this WordPress theme are very powerful, convenient, and easy to use. The features will help to make user-friendly websites.


Many important SEO related features are not available with this theme. As a result, the websites and blogs created using this theme don’t get promoted well.


The theme cost is $79.99.

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