PremiumPress WordPress Product Comparison Theme Review

The Comparison theme by PremiumPress themes club is a WordPress theme which is specially created for products comparison and displays affiliate products thereby allowing users to set-up price comparisons. This theme is an ideal theme for designing websites which is not only SEO-friendly but offers many other features like products display, automatic product imports, and much more.

PremiumPress WordPress Product Comparison Theme


• Import CSV file and XML file

This WordPress theme allows users to import from any of the CSV or affiliate XML product list into their ComparisonPress website with the help of the in-built feed tools.

• Network support

The ComparisonPress theme allow for importing tools which have been tested by many world class affiliate network feeds like ShareAsale, ClickBank, Linkshare, etc. thereby ensuring smooth product imports.

• Automatic feed import

If the feed file of the users is updated daily, then their system can be set to automatically re-import their file daily, hourly, or twice every day. This is a great feature offered by this theme.

• Acts as importer

The users will be able to search, import, as well as filter products directly from the Ebay, Amazon, and Datafeedr directly from the Admin area provided by ComparionPress.

• Website designer tool

Easy to customize feature will allow users to easily change their website layout like images, colour, column layouts, etc. with the help of in-built design tools available.

• Price comparison setup

You can import as well as add the products as ‘compared product’, the system will accordingly show the products in the price comparison layout.

• Add products

The users will be able to turn off or turn on the feature which will allow their website visitors to submit their respective products on the website. The website owners will be able to charge their visitors for the products which they have added.

• Link cloaking and affiliate links

You will be able to set-up products by your own which includes buying links or using the affiliate links so that you can earn commission. The links can also be cloaked so as to perform better search engine optimization.

• Search engine optimized

The ComparisionPress theme is developed with great search engine optimization feature. The theme is optimized for carrying out search engine optimization techniques. This feature is a very powerful feature offered with this theme which will help in product promotion.

• Advertising ready

You can copy or paste the code of your advertise right into theme’s Admin area. You can also set-up the advertising according to the header, category, right sidebars, footer, and left sidebars.

PremiumPress WordPress Product Comparison Theme


The theme offers some of the very powerful features like the SEO related features which are highly beneficial for a website. The drag and drop and customization feature helps users to work easily with this theme. The cost of this theme is very reasonable as compared to its other competitor themes.


When a number of images and data items are included in the website, then loading speed becomes slow and this is the major drawback faced by this theme.


The theme cost is $79.99.

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