PremiumPress WordPress Job Board Theme Review

Users can begin their own job boards which will allow their members to bid and post new job listings. The EmployeePress is somewhat similar to PoplePerHour, Elance, or Freelancer, but with additional features. It allows your members to include job listings, work bids, member login, and so on. This WordPress theme is best for designing websites for market job boards.

PremiumPress WordPress Job Board Theme


• Resumes and bidding system

The EmployeePRess theme supports traditional job applications as well as job bidding like Elance, Freelancer, oDesk, and so on. Here, the users can easily send their resumes.

• Employee and employer profiles

The job seekers as well as the employers can create profiles on the website using the sign-up with separate account options provided to each.

• Email alerts

All the registered job seekers as well as the employers can choose to get email alerts whenever any new job is available or posted thereby keeping them updated always.

• Multiple resumes

The multiple resume feature supported by this theme will help job seekers to manage as well as create multiple resumes on their single profile. They can also attach separate resumes for separate job listings as well as upload a CV also.

• Job import tools

The job import tools offered by this WordPress theme will help you in getting started. You can make your website look busier using the import tools which allows users to import jobs into their EmployeePress website.

• Features and membership packages

The membership package feature allows you to create membership packages which can also be customized with pricing structures right in the Admin area. You can also restrict video access for different packages.

• Website designer tool

Users can turn the display options on and off according to the needs and requirements of their website. They can customize their real estate website colours, designs, and layouts easily with the help of in-built design tools offered by the theme.

• Advanced search tools

The advanced search tools option provided with this theme allow you to create customized search fields which in turn will allow you to easily personalize your website’s job board searching custom fields from the admin area.

• Bidding system

Bidding system feature offered by this theme allows employees to submit their bids for the job. Moreover, the employee can also select the most suitable application from the many options available.

• Advertising ready

The users will be able to copy and paste their advertising code directly in the theme’s Admin area. They can create advertisements according to the footer, right sidebars, header, left sidebars, and categories.


The theme features are very strong and fulfil all the needs and requirements of a food related website. The cost of the theme is very reasonable as compared to the number of features offered by it. It also provides some powerful SEO related features.


Some very important SEO related features are missing; no social plugins or any other social media buttons are provided. The loading speed is quite slow when the amount of data is large.


The theme cost is $79.99.

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