PE-Coin Magento Theme Review

PE-Coin” is the latest in the range of premium Magento themes and comes with a valid XHMTL and CSS3 design scheme along with support for major browsers. It’s built on a SEO friendly design scheme and supports design customization. You can use the theme admin panel to easily administer and manage your online storefront with the world’s most popular e-commerce CMS platform. It can be used for a variety of products.

PE-Coin Magento Theme



The homepage comes with a prominent keyword search box using which your visitors can do a keyword search within a specific category. A embedded image slider can include your featured banners along with completely customizable attributes. The rest of the content area has a tabbed extension which helps you display multiple product categories within the same content space. The theme also comes with an opt-in box for newsletter subscription. A prominent shopping cart icon helps users quickly manage their cart contents and shopping session.


Primary Navigation is by a multi-level header menu for your product categories. A separate top menu and internal quicklinks in the footer space extend your menu locations. An Advanced Search feature helps users search with multiple attributes.

Internal category pages come with sidebar quicklinks for “Shop By” options where you can include multiple custom categories such as by price range, color etc. Users can also sort listings within a page and can also choose the number of listings to be displayed within the page. The theme also displays breadcrumb navigation trails in internal pages.

Internal product pages can have multiple images and come with an image magnification scroller enabling users to see a magnified version of the featured image. It also has a feature to allow users to submit reviews and add product tags along with a tabbed article extension that can be used for multiple content blocks. Users also have a custom dashboard from where they can manage their account preferences and stored information.


The PECoin premium Magento theme is priced at $79 for a single license and $99 for a multiple usage license.

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