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Customize your web pages using drag and drop feature of Pagelines:

PageLines provides a strong platform with some sections which can be dragged to build professional websites. There is no dearth of WordPress themes, available in all price ranges. This powerful platform is installed just like other themes without any hassle. If you are a beginner, you would get instructions and the requisite links to get started. Subscribers to Pagelines can make adjustments to headers, footers and sidebars and do not need additional coding. Also, with the help of PageLines you can also create layouts on the pages. Besides this, you can also control the width of content and the sidebar areas. To top it all, you can also control the width of the sidebars and the content in your web pages. So subscribe to PageLines and configure your website up to your satisfaction. Free version of Pagelines is also available.

PageLines Theme

Official Website:

In order to know about the wide range of features that PageLines offers, you can just log on to Also, you can get hold of coupons and coupon codes from here in order to cut down on your investment in buying PageLines. Logging on to the official website of PageLines, you get access to some of the exclusive website building tools. You can get the latest and exclusive tools for development of your website. You can also sell and purchase products on their online store.

People Associated with It (Inventors and the Company Who Made It):

Andrew Powers founded PageLines. The basic idea behind it was to help online business owners to obtain success and he got success in his endeavor to a large extent. Another gentleman, Simon Prosser developed the much sought after features of PageLines. Kyle Stalwart runs the operations of PageLines successfully. Stefan Carstocea gets associated with the company as a specialist in dealing clients. Another customer experience specialist associated with Pagelines is Meilena. There are couples of other prominent people associated with Pagelines: Chris Johnston Jenny and Nick Haskins work in PageLines as designers and developers of PageLines.PageLines Theme


Owing to the multi-fold benefits of Pagelines, it has become one of the greatest website-building tools. The people, who are into the businesses like e-commerce, making portfolio sites, blogging etc, find Pagelines extremely useful. Let us have a quick look over some of the benefits of PageLines:

Availability of Store: Those who want to create their professional website can create their customized websites and they do not need to have knowledge about the codes.

Easy to Use: The templates used in building websites are all easy to use. So even beginners can create highly functional websites easily and can customize it too.

Cloning of Sections: The drag and drop down platform of PageLines provides easy cloning of sections.

Responsive Framework: PageLines has a responsive drag and drop framework.

Easy to Install and Use: Pagelines is very easy to use and can be installed even by the beginners having no knowledge about web designing.

Demonstrations for Templates: Logging on to the official website of PageLines gives you access to install the template that you want to use.

Customizable Templates: With PageLines, you can customize your templates and this can give exactly the same look as you desire.

Multiple Designs for Each Theme: The theme that you choose comes with multiple layouts.

Drag and Drop Control: The unique drag and drop control of PageLines are meant for easy designing of websites.

Easily Updated: PageLines can be easily updated for all the future releases of WordPress.

Can be Optimized: Pagelines can be easily optimized for HTML, SEO and CSS.


There are many advantages that PageLines offers to its customers. However, there are a few drawbacks also.


Apparently, PageLines costs you more as it has several beneficial features. If you want to give a boost to the performance of your website and want to enhance its online presence then you have to shell out little more for PageLines.

Limitations of Framework:

You can find it difficult to break the impediments of framework. Highly professional web designers and developers see it as a hassle in the way of their skills. It so happens sometimes that it takes more time to build website from customized website from framework.


There is plethora of useful features of PageLines which has made it popular among online business owners. Let us have a look over a few of its distinct features.

Drag and Drop Technology:

Making use of drag and drop technology, you can easily place the sections as per your choice.

Access to Template Set Up:

Just by simply clicking on templates given on the PageLines tab, you can have access to WP administration panel.

Template Areas to Add Sections:

With the help of header, footer and more foot, you can modify your pages.

Additional Template Areas:

There are additional templates by making use of which you can add sections of the content

Different Page Types:

There are different page types that can be used inside WP pages.

Template Settings can be Reset:

Settings of the template can be easily reset.

Supports Integration with BuddyPress:

PageLines supports all the integrations with buddypress.
• Can choose from Full width and Fixed with Modes. To build your website you can choose either from full width or fixed width modes.
• Can customize your website. Since PageLine uses drag and drop technology, therefore you can customize your website to give it visually appealing looks and can also drag the content from one section of the web page to another.Pagelines Theme

How it works:

PageLines uses drag and drop technology to move sections. Sections can be used anywhere on the web page so that you can add features, banners and a lot more. In order to move your navigation, you have to select the header template area. As soon as you do so, three active sessions: Site Branding, Navigation and Secondary Nav become noticeable to you. In the right hand side you would find the brand image just over the navigation menu. Similarly, by making use of drag and drop technology you can change sections on the template and can go for section cloning. PageLines can also be installed as theme in WP. When you install PageLines you get compatibility with as many as 16,000 plugins and excellent content management ability.


If you want to have a license for using Pagelines Pro then you will have to shell out only $197. Additionally, you have to pay roughly five hundred dollars to the programmer who works on your site. If you want to hire a programmer on a hourly basis then you have to pay out 15-20$ per hour. You can cut down on the cost of your investment in purchasing PageLines by logging on to their official website and grabbing discount coupons and coupon codes from there.


There are several competitors of PageLines in the market. Some of them cost lower than PageLines, some of them cost more. DIY Themes, Photo Seller, Headway Themes, KickApps, Hot Doodle, ecommerce templates and a lot more. Out of these, the main competitor of PageLines is iThemes and Template-Sold. But there are several distinct features which has made PageLines different than its competitors.

Pagelines Theme

How is it Different from the Competitors?

IThemes is one of the main competitors of PageLines. But certain features of PageLines differ from iThemes. The themes that PageLine offers are quite professional and are available at a cheaper rate. There is another competitor of PageLines: TemplateSold. This is a site which offers free as well paid themes. TemplateSold is available at lower price but the websites developed by TemplateSold do not appear to be professional like PageLines. On the other hand, websites developed by using PageLines appear to be highly professional. The unique drag and drop technology used by PageLines makes it distinct from others. Apart from that, its professional and clean design is what makes it outstanding.


To give your website a clean and professional look, PageLines is the best option. The templates are so easy that even beginners can use them. The unique drag and drop technology lets the user to move the content anywhere as desired. There is a vast range of choices for layout and designs. Users can also add advanced features. Free versions of all the templates of PageLines are also available. The templates can be completely customized. Apart from this, subscribers can also integrate forums into the templates.

Conclusion (Whether it is Worth Buying or Not):

To get a professional looking and absolutely clean website, going in for PageLines platform is just the right decision. Even the beginners can use it. However, demos for each template are also given on the website. Templates can be completely customized so your website can appear exactly the same as you think. With the help of PageLines, you can make themes exactly the same way as you like and you do not need to have the knowledge of CSS or HTML for that. Also, the exclusive drag and drop platform that PageLines offers, can let you customize your website and can change the visual aspect of your website.

Return of Investment when Buying this:

When you buy PageLines, you are sure to get the optimum value of your investment. The drag and drop sections of PageLines can help you place your content anywhere in the site and therefore you have the option of customizing your website. To enhance the online presence of your professional website, buying pagelines is the best option. PageLines also supports all the integrations with buddy-press. You can modify your website with the help of PageLines and you do not need to have prior knowledge of HTML and CSS. You can change anything including administration panel when you use PageLines. Therefore PageLines gives you the best value of your money invested.


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