Organic Themes Photographer Theme Review

For those who want to display their photography in a beautiful layout, the photographer theme offered by Organic themes will be the best option to choose. Using this WordPress theme, the users will be able to include many portfolio page templates, perform customization, include slideshows, and much more.

Organic Themes Photographer Theme


• Responsive layout

The photographer theme is created so that it runs easily on mobile phones and other electronic devices thereby providing navigation flexibility to mobile viewers.

• Options framework

This theme is integrated with plugin for options framework which provides sleek options interface. With the in-built option framework plugin, the designers will not have to waste time in creating the framework. This option includes text area, text input, radio button, background, select, check box, multi check, images, upload, colour, editor, and typography.

• Responsive featured slideshow

The responsive featured slideshow is a great feature supported by the Photographer Theme because users will be able to display images which can be scaled with browser resolution and size.

• Numbered pagination

The blog page template can include numbered pagination and this feature can be attained using the Photographer Theme.

• Google fonts

The numerous headings which are there throughout the theme support Google fonts.

• Colour change options

The theme option allows you to change site background, rollover, highlight colours, and links.

• Featured image banners

The featured images can easily be added to pages templates and pages in the form of banner images for the particular page.

• Custom header options

This Photographer Theme allows users to customize the header options which are included in it.

• Custom background options

The various background options like font, colour, text, and other attributes can be changed so as to best suit your website’s purpose and design.

• Custom menu management

This feature allows users to customize their menu according to the needs and requirements of their website. Moreover, the users can add categories, pages, etc from the options panel. The menu management feature offered by this theme will help the users manage their blog menus in a much efficient and simple way. This feature also allows them to include custom links, pages, and categories in their blog menu. Some in-built menu structures like tree, etc. are already given so users can choose any of them.

• Colour change option

The colour change option allows you to choose the template colour according to your website’s need and requirements. The website background, links, rollover and highlight colors can all be altered in the theme options.

• WooCommerce shop template

This WordPress theme is compatible with WooCommerce which allows you to sell work. Now the users will be able to make their website an online E-commerce store which will deliver the best features and enterprise-level quality. The advantage of using this feature is flexibility, strength, smart reports, dashboard widgets, and customization. The other features offered include shipping methods, Integrations, and payment gateways.

• Featured images

Now the website designers will be able to include featured images to their page templates and pages which they want to display as banner images for that particular page.

• Featured videos

To display featured videos on the homepage as well as within the slider, you can use the display featured video option available with this theme.

• Custom page templates

The users can use separate page templates for separate pages which is a remarkable feature offered by this theme. The page templates included with this theme by default are blog, full width, and archives. You can add new page templates like links, etc. which have new functionalities and allow you to add more functions to your website or blog. The users can also customize these page templates in the way they want.

• Multiple homepage layouts

The users will find multiple homepage layouts which will help you to create a very powerful and attractive professional website.

• Jquery slider

The theme offers fully functional jQuery Slider which will help you in creating slides for images, normal, videos, etc. Moreover, the slider can be customized easily in the option panel without the need of any code. This feature will not only help your website to look attractive but will make it easy for the viewers to understand your services easily.

• Widget ready

The widget-ready feature allows users to manage their content the way they like. This content is displayed on the sidebars so you can choose the footer and headers accordingly.

• PSD design file

The Photoshop design files which are included with this theme are well organised and structured to allow easy editing.

• Gravity form styling

The gravity form styling feature will assist you in building and publishing your website quickly. You need to select fields, configure options, and simply embed those forms on the website using the built-tools. The other features supporting gravity form styling include visual form editor, multi-page forms, order forms, and conditional fields.

Organic Themes Photographer Theme

• Shop page templates

The users will find a shop page template which is provided with the theme to create shopping template according to the website’s requirements.

• Blog integration

The blog integration allows you to create blogs by which your visitors can easily connect with you.

• Create navigation menus

To make it easier for your website visitors to navigate through your website, you can create your own navigation menu including items which you want.

Organic Themes Photographer Theme


Absolutely new and advanced features are offered by this WordPress theme. The theme is cost-effective so both the small business and big business owners can afford it. The designing is very quick and easy.


The theme lacks some of the basic SEO related features.


The Photographer Theme Package costs $69.

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