Organic Themes Business Theme Review

The Business theme is a corporate, clean, and perfect responsive design which will work well for all corporate companies. Apart from providing numerous standard page templates, this business theme also provides page templates for RSS news and posting jobs. The theme offers multi colour options and hence the link colours, highlight colours, and background colours can be changed simply using a single code of line.

Organic Themes Business Theme


• Options framework

Using the sleek options interface, the theme can be easily integrated. For this purpose, the options framework feature is provided. This feature provides fast and easy website creation which can be published and created within minutes. The forms can be quickly created and the users get to select their own fields, configure options, embed forms using in-built website tools, and so on. The complex forms, simple forms, order forms, multi-page forms, forms with total calculations, options, and product forms, can easily be made.

• Responsive

The responsiveness of this theme can be seen with the way it adjusts while running on mobile devices. The theme automatically adjusts its display when it is run on cell phones, and other devices like iphones, ipads, etc.

• Colour change options

The option for changing the colour are also provided. This feature allows you to alter background colour, font colour, and other colour attributes. Moreover, the rollover, links, and highlight colours easily can be changed to make your website best suited for the purpose.

• Job listing template and post type

The template for listing the jobs is included with the theme. It is enriched with customized Meta fields which can be used in reference to links and application emails.

• Featured content slider

The advanced featured content slider has the ability to show any number of slides which can contain featured video and featured images.

• Social links

With the social links feature provided with the theme, you get the option to connect to Twitter account, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, and many more. This is achieved using the customized Meta boxes inside the post editor.

• Google fonts

Several headings all over the theme have Google fonts added.

• Numbered pagination

The numbered pagination feature provides an enhanced navigation level for websites which contain many posts and content.

• Optional homepage sidebar

This feature provides the option to show different homepage sidebars inside the theme options.

• Featured videos

For displaying featured videos inside the search pages, homepage posts, featured content fader, and category, the featured videos option is available.

• Featured image banners

You can add page templates and pages as banner images for a particular page using the featured image banners option.

• Custom Background Options

The background options can be easily customized using the controller options provided with this theme.

• Custom Menu Management

The main menu can be adjusted and customized using the custom menu management option which is provided by this theme.

• Optional Header or Sidebar Navigation

The users will find an optional header or the sidebar navigation feature which will help users to place their website header in any manner they like.

• Custom Page Templates

The users can use separate page templates for separate pages which is a remarkable feature offered by this theme. The page templates included with this theme by default are blog, full width, and archives. You can add new page templates like links, etc. which have new functionalities and allow you to add more functions to your website or blog. The users can also customize these page templates in the way they want.

• jQuery Featured Content Slider

This feature was included in this WordPress theme because it had the capability to give your website or blog an extremely new look and feel and provide your visitors the advantage of understanding your products and services much clearly. With the help of jquery slider, the users can create slides for videos, images, and normal without the help of any code or special syntax.

• Widget Ready

The widget ready option allows users to manage the content efficiently and easily. For displaying the widgets, you can use the sidebar available on the page. The widget feature also provides options to manage footer and header section of the website page.

• Expanding Footer Widgets

The theme users can easily expand the footer widget if they feel that the size is not sufficient according to their website’s requirement.

• Photoshop Design File

To ease editing, the Photoshop design files included are well organized and structured.

• Gravity Form Styling

The gravity form styling is a feature which allows users to build and publish their website in just few minutes. This is because of the quick form-building tools which will help you to select fields, easily embed forms inside the powerful WordPress website, configure your options, and much more. The visual form editor is simple to build even the most complex forms using the form editor. The multipage form building is also very easy as it allows you to include multiple pages along with a great progress bar. The order form you create will contain options, shipping, product, and total calculations. Lastly, the conditional field form will configure your form, so as to hide and show fields, pages, sections, and include submit button.


The theme is enriched with great features, powerful customer support system, customization options, and much more. With features like AJAX and jQuery, loading the website is quicker. With separate portals for job seekers and employers, the management becomes easy and efficient.


When the number of coupons or some other data increases considerably, then the loading becomes slow.


The Business Theme by Organic Themes cost $69.

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