Organic Themes Block Theme Review

The Block Theme is a modern and stylish designed theme which will fit the purpose of your website. This fun design has the capability to display extra content as well. This theme is best for magazines, businesses, and blogs.

Organic Themes Block Theme


• Options framework

The options included are checkbox, radio button, background, select, text input, images, typography, colour, etc. This framework of theme option includes an options panel which are developed for both the personal and commercial projects.

• Featured content slider

The featured content slider is created using jquery platform. This helps users in creating slides for normal, videos, and images. This slider can be easily customized in the option panel and the users don’t require any code for performing this. The featured content slider will make it simple for website visitors to understand the services you offer as well as make your website look attractive.

• Featured videos

This wonderful WordPress theme has the ability to display featured videos from within the slider as well as on the homepage.

• Featured image banners

The users are allowed to add page templates and pages which are displayed as banner images for that specific page.

• Numbered pagination

The category and blog pagination is very accommodating now, as it allows users to skip few page numbers if the users want.

• Colour options

The colour options will allow you to change the highlight and link colour inside the Options framework, thereby providing a big array of customized options.

• Twitter Feed

The twitter feed option is available with the theme which is a powerful SEO related feature.

• Social Media Buttons

A very powerful Search engine optimization feature which is supported by the theme is Social Media Button. The social media buttons which are included with this theme are Google+, Tweet, RSS feed, Facebook Like, and many more.

• Custom Header Options

The different attributes which can be altered include header font, header text, header color, and so on.

• Custom Background Options

The background options can be changed according to the needs and requirements of the website. The background options which can be changed include background color, font, text, and various other attributes.

• Color Change Options

The color change option feature allows you to change the color attributes like font color, text color, and so on.

• Custom Menu Management

With the help of custom menu management option, the users can manage their blog menu with ease and efficiency. Moreover, they are allowed to add custom link, pages, as well as categories in the blog menu. The structure of their menu can be chosen according to the needs and requirements of their website.

• Optional Header or Sidebar Navigation

With the sidebar navigation and optional header options, the users will be able to include a perfect navigation system by which their website visitors will find it easy to scroll through the website.

• Custom Page Templates

This feature will help you to customize your page template easily. Moreover, for every page you can choose a different page template thereby giving a refreshing look to your website. The page templates which you will get with Block theme by default are blog with normal posts, archives, blog template, and full width pages. If you want then you can include new page templates like links, and so on.

• Multiple Homepage Layouts

With the help of multiple layouts, the users will be able to choose a home page layout which best suits the purpose for which they are creating the website.

• jQuery Featured Content Slider

To suit the theme according to the latest website creation trends, jQuery image slider is provided with this WordPress theme. With the help of this slider you can create beautiful videos, image, and normal slides to give your website a better look and feel. The slider can be easily customized to suit your website’s purpose and for this you don’t require any special coding skills. You can create a slider of your daily news headlines which will make it easy for the readers to read the current news as well as view its images also.

• Numbered Pagination

The users can skip ahead to any specific page number which you want using the category and blog numbered pagination.

• Widget Ready

With the widget-ready feature supported by this theme, users will be able to manage their website content in any way they like. The content will be displayed on the sidebars and hence the headers and footers can be chosen accordingly.

• Expanding Footer Widgets

Now expanding the footer widgets will become simple and easy with this great WordPress theme. The theme allows users to expand their footer to include more space and content.

• Photoshop Design File

Perfectly organized and structured PSD design files are offered by this theme so simplify editing.

• Gravity Form Styling

The gravity form styling feature will assist you in building and publishing your website quickly. You need to select fields, configure options, and simply embed those forms on the website using the built-tools. The other features supporting gravity form styling include visual form editor, multi-page forms, order forms, and conditional fields.


With the help of SEO related features, your website will get extensive promotion, advertisement, and high search engine ranking as well. The jQuery features makes the website look more lively and attractive.


The loading speed of the website may get affected when it contains lots of images or data. Some customization features are not very easy to perform and they may require some extra coding skills. This drawback decreases the theme’s usability among the beginners or no coding skills professional for example purely designers.


The cost of Block theme offered by Organic Themes is $69.

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