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Driven by the passion of developing the strong market place for buyers as well as sellers a team of expert designers created high quality top notch word press themes Templates what are today known as Mojo Themes. Catalyzing you business presence in an effective manner, Mojo Themes have a vast range of specialized Word Press themes all catering to the requirement of vast industry interfaces. One of the most vital factors behind the popularity of Mojo themes is that you can get these for various web platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Tumblr, Magento as well as Drupal. So, with such a diverse range of Mojo Themes you are sure to take a high ride on net.

Mojo Themes

Official Website:

A user friendly portal is available 24×7 to help you at is a one stop solution for getting information pertaining to the Mojo Themes features. You can explore information regarding various Mojo Word Press themes besides delving in to the details of e-commerce benefits of Mojo Themes. You can also be a part of the discussion on various issues at a forum where you meet like minded people who might have answer to the Mojo Themes related queries.

Its website is also connected with popular social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

People Associated With It:

Who made it possible? A team of highly committed and talented people worked day and night to offer you the best solutions lead by JR Frar, the founder of Mojoness Inc., a theme developer company based at Salt-Lake City in Utah, US. He has wide experience in various fields ranging from interactive media to paid Search Engine Optimization.

Frar is equally assisted by his teammate Mr. Brady Nord. Nord has vast experience of working for more than 5 years across different areas of internet. He firmly believes that his mind, acumen and sense make him to think what millions of people expect from the Word Press themes.

Both JR Frar and Mr. Brady Nord are assisted by the other experienced people like Nick Searle (a highly skilled Web Developer), Will Ayers (Expert Web Coder), Mike Miller (web designer) and other supporting staff.


Mojo Themes offer you exceptional benefits which you miss in various other wordpress themes provider. So, if you wish to get comprehensive range of theme templates Mojo Themes has multiple solutions for you every requirement. When you choose Mojo Themes you get the plus point which includes:

• One has the option of subscribing to even a single Mojo Theme (Better if you are an individual developer).
• Mojo Themes Developer creates a wide range of WordPress themes equipped with all advanced tools.
• Customer’s reviews and comments help in getting a lot of idea. So, reading these comments before actually placing an order can help buyers.


Well you need to take time for pinpointing the shortcoming of Mojo Themes and it is only after rigorous exercise that you notice something which may disappoint you.

• Its highly discussed cause of concern is its potential for purchasing a bad theme as not each theme may be suitable for your website.
• In most of the cases you are required to sign up at the website before you are to strike a deal for Mojo Theme
• On several occasions you may be disappointed with the non-availability of phone support services.


Mojo themes offers exceptional benefits for buyers as well as sellers. Mojo Themes provides exceptional platform to sellers to showcase their theme products by highlighting its features. Here are the fantastic features of Cultivate Word Press theme, one of most popular Mojo Themes;

• Suitable for designers, freelancers
• Word Press 3.3 Ready Themes
• 32 customized shortcodes
• Footers (widget ready)
• With filterable portfolio you also get specific page for each team member
• With Mojo you also have the option of specifying unbranded theme page.Mojo Themes Review

Wide Range of Availability:

Well, you can buy Mojo themes for a number of web platforms. So, whether you are up to wordpress or tumbler there are easier solutions for you to choose from. You can find Mojo Theme templates across following categories

• Word Press Themes
• CSS/HTML Theme Templates
• PSD Theme Templates
• E-mail Customized Templates
• Effective Plug-ins

Lifestyle is an extremely popular Magento Mojo Theme which has two sliders lying in two columns. These sliders are helpful for showcasing the products in effective manner. So, it is up to you to use the theme judiciously where you have the opportunity to show case up to five specific groups of products like New, Most Viewed, Special Price, Best Sellers and finally Featured group.

For the purpose of getting clearer views, images of products listed on website can be zoomed in and out. In-built features like ‘Add to Wish List’, ‘Compare’ and ‘E-mail’ prompt the users to get involved.

Google Fonts with Canonical Links:

Whenever you wish to make the text of your webpage look different from others, this feature of Mojo Themes is extremely beneficial for you.

With Mojo Lifestyle Theme, you can embed every page with the resource links which are read by Google as well as such other search engines.

It doesn’t take care of how many links have been generated by the other web platforms like Magento. It reduces the loading time by eliminating the need of embedded web

Single Layered .psd File:

This feature of Mojo Themes is a fantastic tool for presenting information in the local language. It has in-built tools through which the content available on web or blog pages is converted into the local language. Using .psd files, the text matter can be edited on the web pages. Further, they also enable importing of images in the web content.

Compatibility with Cross-Browser:

Mojo Themes, like Lifestyle, are well compatible with various versions of browsers. For instance, Lifestyle works well in 1.5, 1.4 and versions of Magento browsers. Therefore you need not worry regarding the functioning of the Mojo Themes no matter which version you choose. Besides, Magento Mojo Themes also have suitable adaptability with popular web browsers like Safari 4+, Chorme 6, I/E (7,8,9 versions), Firfox and Opera among others.

How it Works:

Mojo Themes is an excellent marketplace for buying and selling themes. So, how you can buy or sell themes using Mojo Themes platform depends upon how you actually make use of the Mojo Themes. So, it is beneficial for both buyers as well as sellers.

How it Works for Buyers:

Soon after the buyers create an account they are provided with twin offers of purchasing the themes. These are;

• Instant Buying: “Buy Now” tools let one to specify the theme and grab it paying through Paypal.
• Money Deposit: However those who are not wiling to instantly purchase have the choice of depositing money. They can deposit money in their account and buyers can avail discount around 2%.

How it Works for Sellers:

One has a number of options to go in for selling themes using Mojo Theme marketplace. In fact it totally depends upon the users as to how the want to sell the product.Mojo Themes Review

Exclusive Sellers:

Sellers become part of the elite category by agreeing to terms and conditions that they would not place their products on any other site for selling.

As soon as buyers create account at the official website they are provided with two purchasing options. First one is buying instantly and next one is deposing money now and buy latter or when you need.

Mojo Themes have been created taking into consideration the objectives of providing access of Mojo Themes to all. Its pricing range was determined to match the budget of people like you thus starting its range from just $5 (Most of the time you spend this amount at lunch or even breakfast) and reaching to the maximum limit of $100. Themes are decently priced which get you the best value for the money you invest in Mojo Themes.


Themeshift considers itself the competitor of Mojo Themes.However the latter enjoys an extra-edge in many ways.

How is it Different from the Competitors?

One thing where most of the people like to ponder over its nearest rival, Theme Forest is its uploading speed.When you get to upload the images after repeated attempts (Say 4 attempts) it may be a cause of irritation for you. However, with Mojo Themes, the users have the benefit of faster uploading speed

More than Just Word Press Themes:

When you choose Mojo Designs,it means you are up to grab the themes apt for a range oft web browsers ranging from

• Tumbler
• HTML themes
• Joomla
• CSS Themes

While other theme developers one gets only WordPress, Mojo Themes has an advantage over here.

Eye Catching Themes:

It’s a matter of attention and popularity. When you design your web pages using Mojo Themes you get the appearance which is eye-catching for your web pages.


Mojo Themes with their customized and advanced tools make you think beyond boundaries and when you get the increased traffic at your blog or website. Apart from making money through buying and selling themes,you can also make huge cash by joining its affiliate program. You are offered commission and margins up to 30% for each sale.

Conclusion (whether it is Worth Buying or Not):

If catalyzing your web resources is on your mind, then Mojo Themes would benefit you in more than one ways. Theme selling and buying features have turned the Mojo Themes come alive and if you wish to harness such potential as offered by your Blog or website, Mojo Themes are highly recommended theme templates.

Return of Investment when Buying This:

People can get excellent returns on their investments by choosing Mojo Themes in terms of increased traffic to the website. When a good chuck of this traffic converts into the prospective buyers you get the returns in sense of heavy balance sheet. Mojo Theme also offers opportunities for wining cash amount. As soon as one registers through a new account $10 amount is instantly credited into user’s account.

Coupons or Discounts:

When you purchase Mojo Themes using Mojo Themes Coupon Code, you get an excellent opportunity to save a good amount of cash money. Mojo Themes Coupon at 20% has 10% success rate while another with 20% discounts has 50% success rate. You can avail discounts of up to 50% by subscribing to Mojo Themes through Mojo Themes Coupons.

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