Max CDN Plugin Review- A Premium Plugin for faster site loading

Max CDN is an unique  server package that can be used to make your site load really load fast. It uses a geo-mapping feature that instantly checks the IP and directs the request to a nearest server where all your images and heavy pages are stored. A fast loading page design is very important for your site as it not only impacts your user’ s impression about your site but can also influence your search ratings. This is very useful in sites which have a lot of data and images, online form modules and most importantly e-commerce sites.  The package is trusted by more than 30,000 online sites who use it to improve their site scalability. It can be used not only for WordPress blogs but for all other sites as well. The Max CDN’s API integrates with W3 Total Cache for WordPress sites.

Max CDN-Premium Plug-In for faster site loading

The package works by delivering your web pages in the fastest possible way by using the nearest geographic server. Especially if you site is a business or a portfolio site, a fast loading site would work wonders with your users as it gives them a definite impression about your products. The pricing options for the Max CDN plug-in start at $39.95 per year with a recurring bandwidth of 1 TB per year  for a single zone (One set of geo locations for server).  This is suitable for small or personal sites.

The business option is price at $79 per includes 1 TB of bandwidth per month and 24 zones. Both of the pricing options come with real time reporting, 24/7 chat and email support and instant activation.

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Max CDN Plugin Review- A Premium Plugin for faster site loading, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating