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LogoMojo is a leading online logo designing company which came into existence in 1992. Since then, the company has made its mark in providing real logos designed by real people and a variety of personalized services. Choosing LogoMojo means getting cent per cent customized logo for your professional service. For the concept designs, turnaround time is roughly four to five business days. The company is committed to provide goal oriented logos that can depict the right image of your company.


Official Website:

Logging into www.logomojo.com, the official website of LogoMojo gives you access to the detailed review of LogoMojo so that you come to know about several useful features of the company. Not only this, when you access logomojo.com, you would also be able to download the latest and validated coupons and coupon codes so as to save time as well as money.

People Associated with It (Inventors and the Company Who Made It):

Ever since its launch in 1992, the dedicated staff of LogoMojo has created more than fifty thousand logo designs. The highly skilled team of LogoMojo has a creative bent of mind and work towards providing you with a range of personalized service. Andrew is the team leader of LAD (Logo Alteration Department) and LogoMojo who has been associated with the company since 2005. His creative skills and excellent branding knowledge have proved to be a boon for the company. Having an eye for details, Valeria is one of the creative designers associated with LogoMojo. She has an excellent knowledge of graphic designing. Taylor is a graphic designer and custom illustrator associated with LogoMojo for the past five years. Cono, the founder of LogoMojo has helped more than forty thousand companies to establish their corporate identity.


A highly attractive logo is a trademark for your business that can make your business grow. Hence when it comes to opting for a logo designing company you do not want to take chances. Owing to the several advantages of LogoMojo, it has become one of the most sought after logo designing company that has helped several corporate houses to build their brand identity. Given here are some of the reasons why you should prefer opting for LogoMojo rather than other brands.

High-Quality Creative Logos:

Choosing LogoMojo means getting highly creative logo designs for all those who want to market their product effectively. Highly creative staff of LogoMojo specializes in making unique and professional logo designs for the companies. So, going in for LogoMojo means getting effective logos for your company.

Variety of Additional Services:

There are a variety of additional services that are helpful for marketing your company. These additional services include designing of websites, making brochures, stationery and a variety of other promotional products.

Affordable and Reliable:

LogoMojo provides you professional logo designs of premium quality that help in establishing your brand identity in the market at the rates you can easily afford.

Customized Logos:

With LogoMojo, you have the option of getting your logos designed as per your wish. The company offers customized logo service.

Three-day Turn Around Period:

LogoMojo has just 3-day turn around period which means that the logo you want to have would be in your PC in less than a week-time.

Availability of Grayscale Version:

Grayscale version of your logo that the company provides you protects your trademark.


There are many advantages of going for logomojo and the cons are difficult to find. However, the prices seem to be unaffordable by some people. But, if you are a beginner and you can afford to have a non-professional logo then you get your logo designed initially by LogoMaker.


Logos are significant for building up brand image of any company. So, the company that you select for logo designing should have outstanding features to provide you utmost satisfaction. To create animated logos is not an easy task and therefore you should choose only the LogoMojo to get a highly professional look for your company’s logo. Given here are some of the prominent features of LogoMojo which set it apart from others.

• Real logos by real people: When you are going for LogoMojo, you can be rest assured that the logos you get are designed by highly skilled and creative people to give you a highly impressive logo for your company.
• Customized designed logos: The logos that you get from LogoMojo can be customized which are absolutely unique and par excellence.
• High resolution logo files: The logo files that LogoMojo includes all the colors and fonts.
• Full color printing: If you go for Gold logo design package of LogoMojo, you get full color printing option.
• Infinite Logo revisions: There are unlimited logo revisions with almost all the packages and there are plenty of custom logo concepts.

How It Works:

The highly creative team of LogoMojo gets started as soon as they get an order from you. When you choose to go for LogoMojo you are sure to get a highly professional logo that you would just admire. The staff of LogoMojo gets detailed information about your company for designing the logo that can depict the true image of your company. Next, comes the brainstorming session. In the span of three days, clients are shown about fifteen logo designs depending on the package chosen by them and then you can select. All that clients need to do is to select the logo and can get it customized as per the needs of the company. The designing team of LogoMojo always remains in direct contact with the clients.


The highly effective logos of LogoMojo cost just nothing. Indeed, LogoMojo is a cost-effective logo-designing company. To avail the service of customized logos, you can get hold of bronze package which would cost you only$295 and will include 15 logo concepts with infinite alteration options. For the gold package, you have to shell out $549 and can get six different customized logo designs of different colors, layout, style and variations and can avail the service of designing stationary etc.



LogoMojo is a leading name in the field of logo designing. There are certain other logo designing companies by which LogoMojo faces tough competition with. Logo Design Guru is logo designing company which is as good as LogoMojo. Both the leading logo designing companies give money back guarantee and have round the clock technical support. Both of these logo designing companies endeavor to provide optimum level of satisfaction to their customers.

How is it Different from Competitors:

There are certain differences which makes LogoMojo distinct from its nearest competitor Logo Design Guru. LogoMojo provides the facility of social marketing integration to its customers. This is an advantageous feature which gives LogoMojo an edge. To connect your logo with social networking sites is not possible with Logo design guru. Also, another beneficial feature which distinguishes it is its turnaround time which means logo designed by LogoMojo is ready to use in a much lesser time.


LogoMojo is just the right choice if you want to have an impressive logo for your business. There is a vast range of custom made logos which are customized as per the requirement of the clients. Moreover, clients of LogoMojo can keep in constant touch with the logo designers and other staff members of the company. LogoMojo is committed to provide optimum satisfaction to its customers. The distinct feature of social marketing integration sets LogoMojo apart from others. To make high resolution files and to obtain customized logo to suit the needs of your company getting the service of LogoMojo is the step in the right direction.


LogoMojo is the indeed the best choice if you want to make a highly impressive logo for your company. Logomojo also provides the facilities like full color printing. There are several other beneficial features which have made LogoMojo worth buying. There are fifteen different type of logos from which you can choose from. Designer team of Logo Mojo is highly professional and always remains in the contact with the clients. The staff of LogoMojo is highly professional having creative bent of mind so you can be rest assured in getting the best possible logo for your business that can establish your trademark in the market place.

Return of Investment when Buying this:

There are other logo designing software available in the market but to get the maximum value of your money choose LogoMojo design is just right decision. It caters all your needs. Facility of full color printing is one of the distinguished features of LogoMojo. The company provides fifteen logo designs.

Coupons or Discounts (if any):

When you log into the official website, you can grab LogoMojo latest coupons and the valid LogoMojo coupons and valid coupon codes. So, to get attractive discounts from LogoMojo, you can save a great deal of money in buying logo designing service of LogoMojo. To avail promotional coupons, all you have to do is to simply copy and then to click on the coupon code link. You just have to paste or enter the coupon code to start getting discounts.

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