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Logoinn is a UK based leading designing company offering cutting-edge designing services for Logo and websites. Its main focus lies in the area of providing premier designing services to smaller, start-ups, and medium scale enterprises. Today it is well recognized for being the fastest and newest online designing services provider. Its strength lies in providing cost effective logo designing services while maintaining superior quality standards backed by 24×7 customer services. Its dedication of the company towards superior customer services is among the most preferred choices for logo designing services worldwide.


LogoInn, with its highly talented and professional team members, tries to deliver the best services in logo designs, flash animation designs, videos and aesthetically appealing web page designs.

Official Website:

Logoinn has developed an excellent website. As soon you visit at its portals, you are given a glimpse of what it has in its kitty. So, you get to know the glimpses of the services and schemes offered by LogoInn right at its home page. As soon as you visit www.Logoinn.com you get to see a number of innovatively designed logos all prepared by the experienced designers. Besides, at its website you can see how hundreds of people are satisfied for the services being offered to them. You can watch the designs of logos prepared by LogoInn for its various clients. You can connect to its website directly through social media networking websites like Facebook and Twitter

Company Associated With LogoInn:

LogoInn and its design services are offered by the prominent IT and designing company ITSec Limited. This company has its office at Leicester in the United Kingdom. For the purpose of getting you the best design and logo solutions, the people at LogoInn have deep experience of offering the most suitable solutions for your company as well.


• Some of the highly creative people are there for you to understand your needs and after consultation with the experts from your company they do it keeping in view specific needs of your business visions and mission as well.
• You can get your logo designs copyrighted instantly.
• You can also get advertisements prepared in video and most importantly in power point presentations though creative advertisements.
• Before you place your actual order you get an opportunity for free logo designs which let you to have first-hand experience.
LogoInn has done a fantastic job in offering variety of designs
• It is due to its higher quality standards that Logoinn is now among the top logo designing agencies.
• With its 100% unique logo designs, customers are highly satisfied after finding Microsoft Certified logo templates.
• The most important thing when you choose LogoInn is that you are not compelled to adopt the options as suggested by the company as you can ask for your own ideas, if any, to put in to practice. Therefore you enjoy a high degree of flexibility in this case.


• You may actually not face any kind of shortcomings associated with the logo. However it is only after vigorous mind exercise that you get to know about a few of your drawbacks. A few people may complain of inferior customer service which is due to lack of any direct phone call services.
• Further, those addicted to inferior quality services at fewer prices may complain of its higher prices.
• Many people also whine of its only virtual presence and not having any permanent office.


Wide Range of Design Services

Some of the prominently offered designed services you can avail from LogoInn are;
• Logo Designing
• Website Designing
• Banner Designing
• Brochure Designing
• Bespoke Flash
• Flash Video Production and many more

A number of customized designing packages are being offered by LogoInn. Its least priced package is the Basic Package and you can avail it for just $45 and further its platinum package is most efficient package at $825. While you avail any package you are assured that the company professionals would keep working until you are fully satisfied. When you consider overall packages these are always lower than average industry prices.

Delivery Timings:

Designers at the company put in their best efforts to deliver the Logo designed within 2-3 working days after receiving orders from the client. Still it depends upon the type of project and package you choose for logo designing. Under basic package the well designed logo is delivered in 5 days. However ‘Startup’ and ‘Startup Plus’ package commit to deliver logo in 2 and 3 days respectively. ‘Rush Delivery” option lets the client to use logo design within 24 hours by paying a short additional fee.

Full Range of File Formats:

It provides logo designed in a complete range of file formats which includes avi, gif, jpg, psd, png and tiff as well.

Customized Designs:

So, they would design ‘what you expect’ and not ‘what they have’.It is with this factor that you can make choices from a vast range of customized designing options for logo, business cards, letterheads, envelop or complimentary slips.

Online Ordering:

As soon as you choose your logo designs, you can place online order for getting the faster services. It is quite easier. Soon after your order is registered a team of designing experts comes in contact with you. You are offered a number of options as sample designs for the prospective logo.

Superior Customer Services:

Can you imagine the company which sells its products and gets money and doesn’t talk to you. Nothing can be more irritating than this. However, LogoInn has put in excellent customer services which are available 24×7 and they offer solutions to your problems instantly. You can contact them at their toll free number which is available anytime, anywhere. Besides this, you have live support at its website and you can also contact through e-mail.

Unlimited Revisions:

So, you are not satisfied with the logo designs. Nonetheless you can ask the company for revising the logo design to present it in newer formats. You can ask for revisions in logo designing until it meets your expectations.

How it Works:

Well, it’s easy to understand how the process of Logoinn works. Here it is explained step by step.

Selection of Logo Designing Package:

You can choose the logo designing package as per your own requirements and budget as well.

You can order the designing package using online order form by providing details like company name, contact and payment information. You will be intimated through e-mail if your order is confirmed, so you don’t need to call just to know about the order status.Logoinn

You will Receive the Sample Design Concepts:

Soon after your application is reviewed, a few sample designs for logo designs of your company are presented. You can either approve them or you can ask the designers to carry out modifications therein. Besides, here your ideals are also valued while designing the logo. You can discuss your idea with the designers.

Observe your Updates Logo Design after your Inputs:

Now, in the next step when you get the updated design you are further asked for your satisfaction or expectations which you have. The significant fact what you get is that this time the logo has been designed in ‘your way’.

Obtain the Final Design of your Logo:

When you think that you have found the design, you expected, now it is ready to rock your audience.


It’s your investment and not the cost when you choose to avail logo design services from LogoInn. Yet there are a number of customized packages available for the entities of all types from smaller to larger scale. Some of the highly admired and most popular packages you can choose include:

• Basic Package ($45)
• Startup Package ($68)
• Startup+ Package ($98)
• Unlimited Package ($120)
• Silver Designing Package ($475) offering 10 Logo concepts
• Golden Logo design Package ($675) Unlimited logo concepts
• Platinum Logo Designing Package ($825) Unlimited logo concepts

Each of the logo designing packages come with multiple features as well as benefits. You can choose the designing package as per your own expectations and budget. You are offered unlimited revisions for each of the package except the basic plan. So, you get complete peace of mind.


With excellent designing services, Logoinn stands tall among its peers. Yet there are a few other logo designing companies which have the ability to challenge its services. Prominent among them include LogoMojo, LogoNerds, Logo Design Team, The Logo Company and LogoWorks.

How is it Different from the Competitors:

Globally Recognized Company
Logoinn clients are spread across various parts of the world. In the year of 2010 its logo appeared in F1 Formula Racing event. Though it may not have direct relations with the racing event yet the racing speed reflects the instincts of company in providing faster designing services.Logoinn

Full Range of File Types:

While LogoInn provides logos designed in full range of file types like avi, psd, gif, jpg, png and tiff, its rivals, LogoNerd in particular don’t offer such a variety of file types as they can only design logos in web readable formats.


An aesthetically unique Logo, cutting edge design and a logo, matching with the vision and values of your entity, is the ultimate result when you choose Logo Inn design services. What is the basic objective of a logo? The objective is creating trust and faith between your company and clients. So, until your relations with your customers are not strong, you cannot expect a better balance sheet and at the end of the day, the results are quite promising.

Conclusion (Whether it is Worth Buying or Not):

If you aspire to get an eye catching logo designed in tandem with the values and services offered by your company, then Logoinn is the most recommended firm. With the team of highly experienced and aesthetic people, Logoinn takes every aspect before working on logo of your choice. They would also take inputs and feedback from you, thus valuing your idea. So, with the great designing services, more so with hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide, giving a chance to Logoinn is a judicious decision.

Return of Investment when Buying this:

Ask the people who ever got the services from Logoinn and they would explain you how their company has got the recognition among the sea of logo designs and the company has the logo which is highly respected by the people at large. The most important thing is that wide acceptance of the logo makes the company gain the recognition it had always expected. So, you get the best returns in terms of increased clients’ line up ranging from smaller to multinational entities.

Coupons or Discounts:

Logoinn offers a range of customized solutions. So, how you benefit from it? Choose the package which offers the best services including unlimited revision facility like Silver, Gold or Platinum package.   Using Logo Inn Promotional codes you can save up to 60%. You can also avail benefits for banner designing by choosing Logoinn Promotional Code 2012 at 20%.

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