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Logo Tournament Company has devised a beautiful concept to get the desired logo, the identity of a company, online through a contest which is organized by the site spontaneously. Within a short spell of 2 to 3 hours, the client starts having a lot of logos to select one from among them. The logos go on pouring on the site till the competitors stop sending their entries.

Logo Tournament

Official Web site:

www.Logotournament.com has got issued copyrights for 2007 to 2012. It has revolutionized the concept of logo designing. It has created a product with opening for young entrepreneurs who have no assets to start a business in the field. The product introduced by the site enables talented individuals to participate in contests organized by the site and can win prizes in lieu of their beautiful creations.

People Associated With it:

Logo Tournament  is a division of Quinn Ventures Inc. The talented management introduced the concept and created a new division to look after the interests of this venture. This new venture has very few people as regular staff but has a panel of artists and trained personnel in its list of specialists who immediately produce the design on demand by the clients.

The group of specialists is always in touch with site through internet. On requirement by the client, a contest is organized by the site. The specialists are asked to submit their logos as per their desires of the clients. The client has a plenty of designs to decide the best one for him. He awards the winning entry and sometimes consoles the rests.


Their products are unique? Clients get logos as per their requirements by choosing from among more than 200 entries. Dozens of logos appear on screen in seconds enabling you to select the desired one in hours not days. Clients have full legal ownership of the logo. The designs are in variety.

Prize money can be paid through credit cards, PayPal and bank accounts. If the contest organized by the site is not contested by at least 30 persons, the money paid by client is returned back. The best advantage is that one may browse the right choice Logo and can obtain and download it in just 2 hours. Is it not the best way to obtain logos for fun and recreation?


As the logos are created through a competition they may lag professional touch given by the experts in field. Experts have no time to participate in such happenings as they are engaged otherwise. But clients get the best out of a group which also plays an important role. Sometimes the best entries come from unknown corners.

The Features and How does Site Works?

It is very simple. Just deposit $ 275 on site through prescribed means of transferring the money. Fill up a small questionnaire giving details of work done by client’s company in one sentence, name of business and slogan if any. Submit the details on site. Also declare the prize money which the client intends to award to the winning entry. Signing of an agreement is not required and further the site maintains privacy in working.Logo Tournament

Submission on the site will get transferred to specialists immediately with the click of button. The process is on. Logos will start pouring one by one and client can have a look on them. You will feel astonished to see the quality of the presentation done by these talented people. The ideas emerge in their mind which you too have not thought of are usually brilliant. You will get a collection of logos in hours but it shall be advisable to wait for more entries to decide the best in tournament you organized.

Logo Tournament portfolio has all the entries received in contests held by the site. All the entries are included in the portfolio. Selection can be made as per industry and organization. You are given an option of posting all your requirements in great detail.


A meager registration fee of just $275 will authorize you to hold the contest for the logo of your dreams. Rest is your sweet will to award as much as possible to winner who has given an identity to your company for ever or till you desire. For the site, the prize package includes designer prize and Logo Tournament Fees. The site has a record of past clients and prize package offered by them. The site is very popular among the logo designers as the numbers of contestants in past tournaments organized are sufficient for each client.

Logo Tournament


The market is flooded with sites providing almost similar services to clients in one or the other way. logoarena.com, designcontest.com, logomyway.com, hatchwise.com, logocontest.com are the few important sites which are also in field to delivering logos as per the requirement of clients. Logo designing is a profession which requires a mind which can strike newer ideas instantaneously.

How is it Different from the Competitors?

Definitely you will like to know why you should opt for services of logo Tournament. Yes, products which emerge out in the contest organized by the site are the results of thinking done by hundreds of participants who are specialists in the business. The cool designs put forth by them are not ready made to accommodate client’s wishes but rather meant for his specific requirements. Therefore the best presentation selected from them will definitely be a unique one. Moreover it is the cheapest as the price is controlled by the client himself by awarding the winner.


What is inferred? Strongly recommended for industries as this site is the Bible of designs stored in Logo Tournament Portfolio and clients can have a look on them. He is free to create an equal number of innovative ideas through designers of competence beyond limits of knowledge and experience. Such a beautiful collection of numerous logos and you need just one. Feel, you have got treasure to steal the best.


What conclusion can be drawn? A pool of designers produce the best logo at reasonable cost. It is worth to enjoy the services of the site which is unique. The quality standards are of high nature and attractive to sooth the eyes. The message behind the selected logo is appreciable in almost all the selections. Make it a habit to recommend the site to other clients after using it for your own purpose.

Return of Investments in Buying this Site Product:

Do you think investment in site is worth the return? Who will deny it? The gains achieved with self speaking logos suggested by the site are numerous not only monetary but also morally. Ultimately the purpose is served. Client feels enlightened by involving himself with logotournament.com. The organization moves in right direction as the message flashing out through logo is easily caught by well wishers. The product introduced by the site perfectly guides the interests of clients towards a path of growth.

Logo Tournament Coupons or Discounts:

These are not usually offered by the site as prize money to winner is client’s choice which is an indication of the pleasure he gets after being satisfied with the logo design. Gaining hearty satisfaction is more important and site product provides and fulfills its duty at the end.

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