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LogoNerds is among the most respected logo designing company offering innovative logo designing services to small and medium enterprises. Having its clients from across the world, right from Australia to USA and beyond, LogoNerds is truly a world class logo designing company. It has designed thousands of logos for the clients ranging from diverse business interests including media, retail, garment, IT, Gaming, Construction, fashions etc. among others.


Its high quality customized logo and graphical designs are based on traditional and modern aesthetical philosophies. It is due to its offers of best logo designs at cheaper prices that it is today among the hot choices for those seeking a unique logo design which lets the entrepreneurs carve out a unique corporate identity. Besides this, the company offers exclusive designing service for web banners, brochures, social media template designs, cards, flyers and much more.

Official Website:

To provide the comprehensive information pertaining to that of its latest logo designing packages, features, a team of highly experienced and talented people, comprising web developers and designers, have designed its official website www.logonerds.com.

Once you visit here, you are sure to get impressed with its portfolio of logo designs for various clients. You can also read what people say about the logo and how the business owners found the best logo designs from Logo Nerds. Besides, you can also connect to its website through social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, RSS Feeds. So, even if you don’t visit its office you can keep yourself abreast of latest offering at Facebook or Twitter.

People Associated With it (Inventors and the Company Who Made It):

LogoNerds is a Canada Based logo designing company which was founded by Joseph Messina. Since its existence of four years LogoNerds has helped more than 30000 small business enterprises to create their unique identity across various sectors of industry. Recently it also has launched Nerdy Nelson who guides start ups on various aspects of doing business in the competitive corporate environment. Nerdy Nelson describes himself working at the Social Media Department of LogoNerds.com. In its four years of business existence it has won trust and faith of business owners from various sectors of industry.


• High quality unique logo designs samples
• Share your idea with the designing team and you will get the logo designed up to your expectation.
• Customized logo design packages at affordable rates
• Quick revisions are made upon request of clients.


As far as discussing this front is concerned, it is not easy. More so, when the company has a successful track record of creating logo and other designing services to more than 30000 small and medium business organizations all across the world.

A few of the people also complain of its higher costs. Sometime the real benefits with a package are misrepresented. Example: it shows ‘Unlimited Revisions” in logo designs however it carries out revisions only for several times.


LogoNerds today is among the top choices for small and medium to get beautiful and attractive designs for their logo. Services from LogoNerds come with additional support of cutting edge features some of which are elaborated for you herein;

Guarantee Policy:

Thousands of its clients describe LogoNerds having highly satisfied customer services upon request. The customers are provided with all the rights of redrawing when they are not satisfied after three designing concepts. However you should bear it in your mind that you request for the free redrawing within 72 hours of placing an order.

Delivery Time:

Highly experienced and creative team at LogoNerds is ready to deliver faster logo design services to its clients. They put-in the very best efforts to deliver the logo design samples within 3-5 five business working days.

File Formats:

If you have ordered for professional web logo package, your logo file would be delivered in website ready formats. However they have the options of getting it in the print ready formats as and when they need.

Diverse Portfolio:

LogoNerds has a diverse portfolio, featuring logo designs for more than 30000 small and medium enterprises. It is only after going through its logo portfolio that you are able to read about its credibility. That means when you wish to place an order for getting your logo designed, you can ask its portfolio where it will provide its portfolio. Its portfolio speaks volume about its credibility. Their company got wider recognition with their ‘Nerd’ animated character.LogoNerds Review

How It Works:

LogoNerds has a simple working process. If you wish to get the intricacies, you can understand it in the following steps

Step 1:

Logo Designing Package is selected
Customers choose the package for their Logo Designing is as per their budget. With the application they are also given a Questionnaire in order to know more about their expectations.

Step 2:

Sample Logo Designs are sent by the LogoNerds Team
Team at LogoNerds designs the sample logo (In many cases these are at least six in numbers) and sent to the clients for reviews

Step 3:

Clients Provide their Feedback
Clients now get their feedback and seek revision of their favorite logo. Logo is revised as per the feedback from customers.

Step 4:

Final Logo is delivered
Logo is delivered to you for final comments and it is finalized after you are satisfied.


LogoNerds offers three customized logo designing packages.

First, Professional Web Logo Package can be availed at just $27 in which you receive three different sample designs all in web ready formats. You can seek free revisions for this logo.

Professional Business Logo package is valued at a decent price of $47 which is available in both web and print ready formats. Clients are offered six different sample designs. The logo is designed in 3 to 5 working days.LogoNerds Review

Special Package: Character Mascot Design

This package is priced at $97. It is high quality package you are provided with 3 poses and unlimited revisions. It is delivered in seven working days.


Offering creatively designed cutting edge logos designed at cheaper prices, LogoNerds has its own unique position in the logo designing industry. Yet, a few Logo designing firms which are considered to be the rivals of LogoNerds include LogoInn, Logo Works, Intuit.com, Logo maker and Log-loft but they are behind LogoNerds in many aspects

How is it Different from the Competitors?

LogoNerds gets you guaranteed satisfaction and unlimited revision options until you are satisfied with the logo design. While many other logo designing companies, like Intuit, charge a hefty fee of $100 to $150, LogoNerds has designing packages at an unbelievable price of under $50.

Good SEO Score:

LogoNerds has scored well on SEO front by many SEO rankers. One of the SEO performance observers, Theme-craft, has given LogoNerds a score of 39.29 which is well above its many competitors like Logo-Words, Logo loft, etc. A higher score for SEO means for higher reputation.


When you choose LogoNerds for designing logos of your entity you can be sure getting the best results matching up to your expectations. Affordable logo designing packages from LogoNerd are yet another catalyst to your expectations. So, if getting reputation through indomitable corporate identity through logo is on your mind LogoNerds is the best logo designing company at cheaper prices.

Conclusion (Whether it is Worth Buying or Not):

LogoNerds uses all advanced software technologies for producing highly appealing and trendsetting logo. Considering a strong client base of more than 30000 businesses and other logo designing getting a chance to LogoNerds is going to pay you in longer terms. So, if you do not want to compromise with the quality and reputation of your company, LogoNerds is the most recommended for business owners.

Return of Investment when Buying this:

When you invest in LogoNerds for getting your logo designed, you get a top quality logo reflecting the vision, motto and mission of your company. You get the logo designed in the way your customers are connected to your company by heart. And when customers find a valid reason to get connected with your logo emotionally you have more reasons to cheer when you sales curve goes up and up.

Coupons or Discounts (if any):

Using coupons and discounts can save you more money or you get logo designing services at cheapest prices in other words. You can get amazing opportunity to save up to $10 off on both professional logos as well as the character logo package.

Get Professional Web Logos designed for only $50 or less. This is the amazing service you can get from LogoNerds under the cheapest and unbelievable price of $50 by using LogoNerds Coupon Code 2012 “Coupon Code: Mascot10”. Besides, there are many other customized logo listed on various promotional websites. You can check out various website listings with discounted coupons offering discounts up to 50%.

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