Latest News Ticker Plugin Review-A Premium WordPress Ticker plug-in

Ticker are a must have for blogs, news and entertainment sites as they instantly catch your users attention. They can be used to scroll headlines, deals and can also be used for catch taglines for your site.

Latest News Ticker-Premium WordPress Ticker plug-in

The plug-in allows you to customize the ticker location, speed, number of posts, category from which headlines are to be sourced and linked to. This allows you set the ticker to automatically create a scroll of post titles from a specified category such as latest news etc. You can also chose the font options can select from the 9 themes which are designed to mimic the ticker designs of some of the top online news sites. By default the ticker is displayed in the bottom of the screen near the footer. You can also choose to move it to a different location such as the page header.

The plug-in also allows you to toggle the time/date as well as the author details. It also comes with lifetime free email support and upgrades.


The professional version is price at $19.99. You can also choose the pro plus edition at $69.99 which includes on-site testing and expert installation.

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Latest News Ticker Plugin Review-A Premium WordPress Ticker plug-in, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings