Kitchen Magento Theme – Gala Cook

The Kitchen Magento theme is dedicated to Kitchenware shop where you can display kitchen items in an impressive way. This theme is professionally designed and offers six different cool colours for your website. Moreover, the structure of the theme is very clear so that designers don’t have to face any problem while designing the kitchenware website. Here, the users will find Ad banners, and product blocks which are arranged in logical order to make the display of your website clear and refined.

Kitchen Magento Theme - Gala Cook


• Sub-themes

This Magento theme offers six-different subthemes namely darker, cadet blue, red, purple, blue, and brown. No matter which colour you choose, your website will look very neat and attractive with these warm colours.

Kitchen Magento Theme - Gala Cook

• Mega menu

You can either use the default menu option provided with this theme or use the expanded menu option provided with this theme. With the expanded or mega menu option, the users can add images, text input, dynamic data, and videos to their menu easily. This will make your menu look rich, convenient and eye-catching. Moreover, the users can include multiple columns in the menu with drop-down functions and can arrange them in a way to suit their store structure.

• Image slideshow

With this Magento theme you will find image slide show with more than 20 transitions effects. This is going to make your website interesting as well as attractive. You can also provide your customers with lots of product images and advertising information which will definitely make your store look lively and communicative.

Kitchen Magento Theme - Gala Cook

• Widgets

You will find special widgets like Bestseller, New product, Sale-off, etc. with this theme. To increase the efficiency of your website these widgets are offered with the help of which you can display and select the products in the manner you like. You can display the list of featured products, best selling products, new products, to your customers by the static block available at the home page. Optionally you can choose related conditions and information so as to attract your customer’s attention quickly.

• Drop-down options

You will find the drop-down shopping cart feature available with this theme. Now the shopping cart information will appear only when you move the mouse pointer to the cart. This feature will save considerable space of your website and your visitors will view the cart details from any page they want.

• Ajax-view product

This feature is also known as light-box view, or Quick view and this feature allows you to view the product details especially when you don’t require the detail page. This can be achieved by simply clicking on the “quick shop” option present on the product image. As soon as the button is clicked, a short description of the product along with product’s price and detailed images will appear before the customers. The visitors will then continue seeing the other products quickly. This feature makes it very convenient for the visitors to see the products and will help you achieve definite business efficiency.

• jQuery cloud zoom

The image of the product is integrated with effects produced jQuery cloud-zoom technology. Hence, it will become easy for your visitors to view the full-size image of every product. Option for replacement by light-box effect can also be selected.

• Ajax cart

You will find an in-built Ajax Add-to cart option extension. This will help customers to select a product for purchasing without the need to leave their current page and they can instantly add the product to their basket. This will help you to increase sales as well as user experience.

• Image size controller

The image controller feature is a very convenient feature to use. Here, the users will be required to perform some simple and fast manipulations in the back end. In the configuration section, they have to optionally select the appropriate size of their product. They can not only change the main product’s image available on the product detail page but can also change it on other pages like related block, block Upsell, thumbnails on the category page in list and grid mode, Crossell block, widget, and so on. They can not only change the images size of the product but also the background colour where the product images are located.

• Extra footer

You can include extra space for storing promotional banners and information. Moreover, you can improve the SEO strategy as well as provide extra information to your website visitors.

• Version compatibility

The theme is compatible with the latest CE Magento version.

• Browser compatibility

This Magento theme is fully compatible with almost all current browsers and even with those that are yet to come. Some of the browsers with which this theme is compatible include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.

• Promotion banners

You will find beautifully designed promotional banners which will follow your theme’s subject and will make your website livelier.

• Customization and optimization

This feature allows you to easily customise and optimize your website’s sub pages.

• PSD design files

The PSD design files which are provided with this theme are organized in a proper manner.

• User guide

On purchasing the theme, users will find a helpful user guide and documentation which will detail them step by step on how to use different tools and features provided by the theme.

• Quick installation

With the help of installer script provided with this theme, your theme will get installed quickly and perfectly on the existing store of yours.

• Customer support

The users will find an efficient customer support where they will get answers to their queries, questions and doubts, as soon as possible from the highly qualified team of professionals. The customer support is available all 24 hours of the day and all 7 days of the week.

• Theme updates

The users will receive regular and lifetime theme updates which are free of cost. These updates will be available whenever a new version of the theme or some new features will be launched.

• Search engine optimized

This theme offers many SEO related services. So using this theme will not only help you make a powerful and elegant website but will also support you in promoting your website and thereby your products and services. The designing and development of the theme is done keeping in mind the search engine optimization orientation.

• Valid HTML/ CSS

The theme is built using valid CSS 3.0 and CSS 2.0 version because of which it is well commented and has a well defined structure which eases customization. Strict XHTML 1.0 version is used.

• Fast loading

Loading the website will be fast and efficient because all the theme options are saved in a single database and hence retrieving them is very simple and quick.


The theme is built using valid CSS and HTML because of which using customization feature is very easy both for the advanced level developers as well as the beginners. The SEO related features will help to promote your website a great deal and it will get more web traffic hence higher search engine ranking. It contains all important features which a kitchenware related website should have. With many sub-theme options it is convenient to choose the colour which best suits your website.


Loading speed can get affected if the website will contain large amount of data and product images. Moreover some features like contact form widget, social integration widgets, etc. should also be included.


Standard package cost $100 and it includes support via helpdesk ticket, free installation service, and theme upgrades for lifetime.
Developer package costs $150 and it includes support via helpdesk ticket, free installation service, layered Photoshop files, and theme upgrades for lifetime.
Standard membership package start-up fee is $400 and monthly fee $40. This package includes all existing themes, 2 new themes /month, support via helpdesk ticket, and free installation service.
Developer membership package start-up fee is $500 and monthly fee $50. This package includes all existing themes, 2 new themes /month, support via helpdesk ticket, layered Photoshop files, and free installation service.

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