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IX web hosting started in 1999 and in just 14 years of the time period they have made a name in the web hosting world. They have grown so quickly that no one can believe that they are new in this field. Over the past few years, they have made many customers, and today they are hosting 500,000 websites.

IX Web Hosting

It is an achievement in itself. Nowadays, they are offering their Hosting at $3.95 per month, and it varies according to the plan. This offer is valid for a short period of time. They are offering unlimited hosted domain, bandwidth and disk space to their customers. Apart from this they also offer free setup with a free domain registration and 30-days money-back guarantee. This is all more than enough required by the users.
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IX web hosting is offering 5 plans. Expert plan, business plus, unlimited pro and 2 window based plan. Among these 5 plans, expert plan, business plus and unlimited pro are the most popular one. In the expert plan, you can get 2 free IP’s and 1 free domain registration, and it cost only $3.95 per month. In the business plus you can get 3 free IP’s and 2 free domain registration, and it cost only $7.95 per month. In the unlimited pro, you can get 15 free IP’s and 3 free domain registrations, and its cost is $7.95 per month. All these plans have unlimited disk space along with unlimited bandwidth and hosted domains.


In the beginning of the IX web hosting, the cPanel they were offering their customers was not up to the mark. It was so stuffed that no one can easily get what to do and how? But over the passage of time they have improved the cPanel a lot. They have introduced a number of new things in it. And now the new comer can also get there cPanel easily without a lot of hard work. The best thing about this cPanel is that you can easily host a number of domains at a same time. So if you have made many websites under one domain, you can easily manage it.


While keeping all the things in mind like the technical support, software, up time and reliability, price and user friendliness IX web hosting has been rated as 4 out of 10 stars by the customers who are using it.

Users Experience:

The people who are using the IX web hosting  have mixed experiences. Some of them say that it is one of the best hosting companies while others say it is just normal. They have complained that its servers are mostly down for maintenance due to which their work gets affected. On the other hand, some users claim that they are working with them for over many years, but till now they have not faced any kind of problem.


Seeing the overall features and price, I will rate IX Web hostingwith 2 stars out of 5. The reason is that only their expert plan is appropriate if we seethe price as it is quite low comparing to other companies’ prices. Otherwise the business plus and unlimited pro have nothing special in them apart from the multiple hosting domains.

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