iPage Web Hosting Review

Best for the beginners lacking programming skills

IPage web hosting service is power-driven and provides unlimited space for storage and unlimited bandwidth. Using iPage, the subscribers can create innumerable databases and e-mails. It is an effective and simple to use website-builder tool available for free. Subscribers to iPage can use it even if they do not have a domain. Subscribers to iPage web hosting can create contact forms, create website page and have options to make a choice from plenty of website designs available.

iPage Web Hosting

Official Website:

Those who are novice or all set up to start online business find iPage web hosting extremely useful. You can just log in to www.iPage.com to have a view of their official website. The website offers a very simple and extremely easy to use interface for the beginners who are going to set up their website. Besides this, by logging in to the official website of iPage you can get hold of promotional coupons and coupon codes that can help you in cutting down the cost of subscribing to the web hosting service further.

People Associated with iPage:

iPage was launched in 1999 and it is based in Massachusetts. It offers designing of website and development. Endurance Intl is the owner of iPage. Mr. Steve Sydness is the Chief Executive officer of Endurance Intl. Other people associated with the company that had launched iPage are Mr. Hari Ravichandran as a founder and executive Vice President, Ms. Christina Lane as the chief financial officer and Mr. David Bryson as the Vice President. iPage offers registration of domain, web site hosting, tools for e-commerce, internet marketing and SEO services.


A plethora of advantages attached to iPage web hosting service has provided it a market. The simple and user-friendly interface that it offers is best-suited for the beginners. Let us have a quick glance over the advantages offered by iPage.This will help a lot in deciding whether this is worth buying or not.

Unlimited Disc Storage Space and Bandwidths:

Owing to this feature, subscribers of ipage can create unlimited e-mail accounts and as many databases

Register Free Domain:

Those who do not have domain registered with iPage can do so free of cost.

Easy-to-use Interface:

The simple and easy to use interface has made it ideal for those novice online business personals who want to build and design their website but do not have the required skills for programming. Besides this, iPage also has a Simple website builder tool which is available free of cost and lets the users create website pages and choose from a wide range of designs just by press of a button.


iPage Web Hosting Review

Guaranteed 99.9 Percent Uptime:

iPage guarantees 99.9 per cent uptime which is very necessary for online business owners as clients can access your website anytime and when the site is down it creates a bad impact.

Hosting Value of iPage:

ipage is much more worth its price. It has all the features well-suited for small and big business owners. Apart from giving you the unlimited bandwidth and storage space. It offers you several add-ons also.

Uses Popular Control Panel:

ipage uses the very popular Control Panel, vDeck which is extremely simple to use. By using this, you can manage your domains and can create as many e-mail accounts and database as you want.

IPage Servers Use Wind Energy:

The servers of Ipage are power-driven by eco-friendly wind energy. This is why it is an eco friendly web hosting service and therefore prevents destruction of environment.


iPage is a reliable web hosting company in every respect. iPage has many servers and therefore service interruptions are very rare and load time is much quicker.


Among the several benefits of iPage, cons or disadvantages of iPage are difficult to find. However, there are certain shortcomings which are enumerated here.

No Possibility Of Upgrading:

Up gradation of website not possible. If your website gets busy then you have the only alternative to switch on to some other web host.

No Window Hosting Solution:

Ipage does not provide window hosting solutions and ASP.net is not supported on the servers that iPage offer.

No SSH Access:

For the experienced webmasters, this is a useful feature for experienced online business owners.

A Few Problems with Database:

There are reported to be some issues with database connections.

iPage is a not a very good option if you are an experienced web master. It does not support ASP.net.


There are many useful features of iPage web hosting service which have made it a much sought after web host:
• Unlimited disk storage space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited e-mail.
• Free domain registration.
• MySQL databases are also unlimited.
• Simple and free website building tool.
• Eco-friendly web hosting.


iPage Web Hosting Review

• A large number of add-ons.
• Money reimbursement any time.
• Powered by Linux and therefore unlimited storage space.
• Ability to host multiple domains.
• Secure FTP and File Manger.
• Hassle-free e-commerce.
• 99 per cent uptime.
It is on the subscriber, whether he wants to purchase domain registration from iPage. If yes, then he has to pay registration fee covering the cost of domain which can be later transferred to the other web host service provider. The installation is simple and quick and the price that you pay for 99 per cent uptime and several other features is just nothing.


For two year web hosting the price that you have to pay for iPage web hosting is $4.25 per month. If you have purchased your domain registration from iPage then you need to pay $102 only in one installment at the time when you make the purchase. There is a total money back guarantee.


iPage Web Hosting Review

Normally, iPage price is $4.25 per month and the fee is similar to all the top most web hosting service provider. Subscribers get many useful features in lesser price. Also, if they want to cut down further on the price of purchasing iPage web host service, they can just log on to the official website of iPage and can get discount coupons and coupon codes. Using these, one can get iPage web host service even at the half of its price.


IPage is indeed one of the top rated web hosting services. However, there are a few others which can give iPage a tough competition. For instance, Blue host and JustHost are two of the toughest competitors of iPage. There are other web hosting services providers which are not as good as iPage but still they can be said to be competitors of iPage. For instance, Hostmaster, FatCow, Hostgator, Inmotion hosting are some of the top ranked web host service providers from which iPage faces competition with.

How is it different from its Competitors:

Among others, iPage faces the toughest competition with BlueHost and JustHost. When people look out for web host service the things to be considered are domains, hosting package, access to the servers, server speed and the prices. When compared with both of its closest competitors iPage was found to be better. Both JustHost and BlueHost do not feature live chat support but iPage has this feature. There is a key difference between iPage and JustHost and that is Search Engine Submission. Ipage has this feature but JustHost does not have this feature.

iPage panel uses Install central which is a prime installation program whereas BlueHost uses SimpleScripts. When it comes to the cost, all three, BlueHost, Justhost and iPage cost more or less the same.


99 per cent uptime reliability of iPage has made it distinct from others and also among the hot favorites. Indeed, it gives one of the best uptime records. So, downtime gets mitigated when you avail the iPage web service. IPage is indeed a cost effective way to promote your online business efficiently. Apart from this, iPage has weebly drag which means novice online business people find it very simple and easy to use. Apparently, iPage is cost-effective and an ideal tool for those who have just started online business and do not have programming skills because using iPage websites can be created easily and quickly.

Those who lack technical expertise find iPage expertise extremely useful. It has very simple and user-friendly that makes it ideal for the beginners and helps them in designing websites quickly and with much more ease. It is powered by Linux so that users get features like unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth etc.

Conclusion (Whether it is Worth Buying or Not):

To manage your online business efficiently, iPage is a must buy. iPage provides extremely simple and user friendly interface and therefore it is perfect for the beginners. It provides best uptime and eco friendly web hosting. There are several other useful features which have made iPage worth buying. Simple site building tools, unlimited bandwidth, secure FTP and File manager, a large number of add-ons, its ability to host and handle multiple domains have made iPage a clear winner. It is much more worth than the price you pay to buy it.

Return of Investment When Buying This:

There is an ample number of useful features of iPage that makes it worth buying. When you avail iPage webhost service, you would be able to create your website much more easily and quickly. The price that you have to pay for useful features like unlimited disc storage space, unlimited bandwidth, 99 per cent uptime is just nothing. Subscribes to iPage just have to pay $3.50 per month and get the optimum value of their investment. They get a lot of add-ons, a secure FTP, file manager and get an eco-friendly web hosting services all this for a little price ensures that they get best value of their investment. The support team that iPage remains available to the customers is round the clock. If you want a reliable and cost effective web hosting company then iPage is the best option. It offers the features for small and medium online business owners.

Coupons or Discounts (if any):

After logging in to the official website of iPage, you can get hold of discount coupons and valid coupon code. The service has only a limited time coupon for hosting on which you get a modest discount. For instance, the overall plan costs you $6.95/month but with the coupon code you would be charged $4.50/month.This holds good for 12 month subscription. When you opt for a two year plan or more years you will have to purchase essential plan of iPage web hosting service for which you have to pay only $4.25 per month. When subscribers make use of discount coupons or valid iPage coupon codes then they would be able to cut down on the prices further and can even avail iPage at almost half of its rates.

iPage Video Tutorial:

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