ImPress WordPress Theme Review

The impress-themes framework is here to help you build different wordpress themes with simplicity and ease. This great platform helps you to customize your theme easily because no difficult syntaxes or coding is required. Impress themes provide an in-built child theme builder. This child theme builder will allow you to develop millions of advanced layouts very quickly. Moreover, to provide more flexible designing, a button generator is provided. This inbuilt button generator will help you to build amazing CSS buttons to make your wordpress template look more creative and amazing. To optimize your website for social engagement, Impressthemes allow you to create social login, social commenting with the support of the social connect Plugin.

ImPress WordPress Theme

The Impressthemes are designed in a clean and refined way so that they showcase your images and words with an obvious and elegant minimalist style. Every pixel used in the creation of this framework is carefully crafted and weighed. It will definitely attract users with its features like front-page bio, content layout switching, contact tools, and much more. Working with Impressthemes is very easy and fun both for the beginners and the advanced level programmers. Even if the beginners are not aware of coding, then also they can create some wonderful and powerful websites using this wordpress framework. The advanced level programmers will also get to enhance their skills on using the latest technology tools offered by this theme framework.

Official website:

The official website for obtaining some great wordpress themes is On visiting the website, users will find that there are lots of helpful things for them. The users can view demo websites created by using Impressthemes, some wonderful themes and much more. The website also offers a strong, reliable, great customer support option where the users can post their queries and they will receive instantaneous answers. You will also find the price scheme associated with every theme. The official website of Impressthemes will also introduce you with some wonderful features which the themes have, and much more. In all, this official website offers all important information, themes which you require.

People associated with it (inventors and the company who made it):

The creative and development team of Impressthemes is extremely talented and experienced. This will be proved when you will use the themes offered by this platform. Moreover, the team has designed every theme keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the users. So no matter what the purpose or goal of your website creation is, you will find an appropriate theme for it, which will not only be powerful but will fulfil all the requirements of your website.


The advantages of using Impressthemes are given below:

• For every specific purpose, you will find one theme. Even if you don’t, the customization option will help you to create the type of theme you want.

• Working with customization option is very simple and quick.

• Wonderful and instantaneous customer support team is available to solve your queries and problems.

• The themes are beautiful, attractive, and have many SEO related features as well.

• The cost of the Themes is also very reasonable.


• The main drawback of using Impressthemes is that these themes take time to load, especially when they contain huge amount of files and images.

• Sometimes the customer support fails to respond quickly which means waste of time and energy.

• For some people, the cost of the themes is very high.


Some of the unique and extraordinary features of Impressthemes are given below-:

• Fast website creation

Since all the attributes are inbuilt, hence website creation is very fast and simple. Moreover, loading the website is also very fast so that users don’t have to spend much time on loading the website.

• Front-page layouts

Impressthemes offers millions of front-page designs from where you can choose the design which best suit your purpose.

• Add favicon and logos

You can add logos and favicon of your company on your website. This will give a more attractive and professional look to your website.

• Easy customization

With easy customization feature, you can change different attributes of your website like the front page attributes, and so on.

• SEO related features

The SEO related feature is of special advantage as you can attract more number of visitors to your website by using Social plugins, blogs, etc.

• Drag-drop media up loader

With drag and drop feature, you can include many items in your media uploader which will enhance your website’s functionality.

ImPress WordPress Theme

• Streamlined dashboard

The previous version of the dashboard header is mixed with some new and latest features to give you more functionality and flexibility in website creation. You will get a mix of dashboard tool bar and admin header bar which will ease your blog managing directly from your touch devices, computer, and Ipad.

• Adaptive dashboard

Superior Adaptive dashboard functions are included which you recognize your device or screen automatically and configure itself instantaneously according to it.

• Easy menu access

Here, you will get a pop-out menu option so that menus don’t crowd over your main screen and make the task of editing and posting content difficult for you.

ImPress WordPress Theme

• Tumbler importer

The content from your tumbler blog will be directly moved to the tumbler blog importer. This migration is easy and can be done in few clicks only.

• Improved co-editing

Now you can edit your post even if the other user is editing their post, you will not have to waste time on waiting when the writer completes their editing. When the editing is stopped, the changes are saved automatically.

• Developer candy

The developers can see new editor API and improved codex.

How it works:

The working of Impressthemes is very simple and the users are provided with the great customer support whenever they get stuck. At first, you will have to create an account with Impressthemes. The first page of the official website of the company will have “create account” option. On clicking this option, a form will be displayed which the user is required to fill completely. You will also have to fill-in the user-id and password. After registering yourself, you have to sign-in using the user-id and password that you have created. Once you enter your account, you can purchase any theme and pay the price through PayPal or any other online payment method. As soon as your payment is received, you will be given the license to download the Impress theme you purchased and start using them.

To make your work easier, documentation and videos on how to install the themes, how to use their tools, how to perform customization, how to change colours, and various other aspects are explained. Even after reading them if you some across any problem, then you can contact the customer support team at any time of the day or week.

SEO Related Features:

For every website, it is very important to have SEO related features because only website creation will not attract visitors to your website. You will also need some marketing strategies so that maximum number of visitors hit your website and your website obtains a high ranking in different search engines. The best SEO related feature which Impressthemes offers is blog posting. With this feature you can write posts related to the services and products which your website is offering. Also include your website’s URL in the signature. When a viewer reading your post gets impressed by it, they will click on the URL of your website to quickly reach your website and see what all products and services you are offering. The more the number of visitors your website attracts, the higher the ranking it gets in various search engines.

ImPress WordPress Theme

The other wonderful SEO feature which Impressthemes offers is Social connects. With Social plugins, you can create social networking features like sign-in, social commenting and so on. Direct access to a social networking account will help users to quickly open their accounts and tell their friends about the wonderful and useful services which your website is offering. In this way, your website as well as the services and products it is offering will be promoted to a greater number of people worldwide. Those who will like your products will definitely visit your website which in turn will increase its ranking and hence your sales. These are some of the many SEO related features which Impressthemes is offering to its customers.


The price of Impressthemes is very reasonable so that you don’t have to invest much and you get the best features and services. The cost of the package is $64.95 which includes the following features:

• You will get lifetime and unlimited website support for websites that you develop or own.

• Early access will be provided for all Beta Releases.

• The members will get full access to forums, feedback portal, and friendly dedicated support.

• 100% GPL.

• Lifetime updates.

Customer Service/Support:

The customer support and service provided by the company owning Impressthemes is awesome. There can never be a situation where your questions or queries are left unanswered. The customer support team is highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable because they know how to answer the customer’s question and queries so that the customer is fully satisfied and all their doubts get cleared. You will be provided with excellent support from the very beginning where you make a registration till the last step where you use the themes. Don’t hesitate to ask your queries whether they are big or small, the team will be more than happy to answer them.

Questions like how to use theme tools, functions, how to perform customization of a particular item, and questions like these have been answered in the documentation support which you will get on purchasing the theme. Even then if you have some doubts, you can clear them with one of the representatives present at the customer support panel. Customer service in the form of video chat, messages, posts, e-mails, etc. will be provided. To ease your website making process, you will also be provided with videos that will show you live how a website is created. Due to the great customer support and service provided by the company, a large number of customers purchase it because they are confident that their doubts at every step will be cleared easily and efficiently.


The programmers will not have to spend hours on writing long and complex codes because with Impressthemes designing is very simple and unique. This framework is carefully created so that users can create their customized websites in minutes, which will not only be attractive in design but will fulfil all their needs and requirements. Even the minute detail related to your website’s structure can be controlled easily. Details like typography, widget areas, menu design, site background, post page, custom SEO setting, widget layout, and much more can be operated with ease and simplicity. Those who prefer creating lightning fast and light weight websites will find Impressthemes most beneficial for themselves. The theme is coded beautifully for exceptional design and performance. With its customization feature setting, your own background colour, fonts, picture, changing skin colours, determining title and various other attributes can be altered to suit the requirement of your website. The colour combination of the front page is designed with utmost care so that your website looks both attractive and different from all other website. An attractive website is always eye-catching and attracts millions of viewers.


Every big and flourishing company has numerous competitors and similar is the case with Impressthemes. It competitors are working on how they can present customers with some more unique and exciting wordpress themes but Impressthemes is always a step ahead of them. Moreover, the company includes latest and advanced web developed features which help to make the website outstanding and powerful. The competitors usually fail to use the kind of technology and tools which Impressthemes creative and development team is employing.

How is it different from the competitors?

Some of the differences which make Impresstheme a step ahead of its competitors are given below-:

• The development and creative team of Impressthemes continuously works on developing something new, unique, and powerful for its customers whereas its competitors are still stuck in building traditional design websites which doesn’t attracts much customers.

• At Impressthemes, customer support is given utmost priority so that customers at no point feel stuck or uncomfortable in creating a good website. Support in the form of documentations, videos, chat, etc. is provided by the competent customer representative present at the company office. Other companies don’t give much importance to customer support and service as a result of which their users get stuck at one point and have to waste time in contacting the company representatives.

• Impressthemes creative team uses the latest technology tools and technique to provide powerful and latest version themes. Its competitors are still using the old and outdated technologies so that are not able to give their customers a powerful framework to work with.

• The competitors of Impressthemes are offering few services at considerably higher rates whereas Impressthemes is offering more services and features at a considerably lower rate. So Impressthemes services are more cost-effective than its competitors.


The final results are positive because millions of Impressthemes customers are using its themes worldwide and they are quiet happy and satisfied by the way the whole thing works out. With wonderful customer support, all their doubts and queries are answered within minutes so they don’t feel stuck or confused at any place. Moreover, the cost is just reasonable as compared to the number of features and services which are provided by the company so the customers feel that purchasing Impressthemes is a cost-effective deal.

Conclusion (whether it is worth buying or not):

Those who want to create powerful and unique websites within few minutes should definitely purchase the Impressthemes because no other company will offer such wonderful features as this company is offering. Moreover, the customers who are looking to purchase some cost-effective wordpress themes will find their best deals here. The themes are really good and contain all the features which are required to build a powerful and attractive website. If you believe in quality rather than its price then you should blindly purchase Impressthemes because they are worth the cost.

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