How To Recover Your Traffic After Google Penguin Update


Google Penguin UpdateGoogle’s Penguin update was launched in April in order to remove over optimized sites from the search results. I might add here that it is left all up to Google to determine what they consider over optimized and in this case it is sites that tried to manipulate the search engines by using excessive off page and on page SEO tactics.

According to Google only 3 percent of search queries were affected by this update but webmasters all over the internet are calling fowl on Google for this update. Before you start to panic and perhaps take unnecessary action you need to first determine if your site was affected by this latest Penguin update. To do this you can log into your Google Analytics account or whatever statistical reporting data tool that you use and determine if your traffic dropped on April 24. The update was made on this very day and your traffic would have had to have dropped then and there to be considered as affected by the Penguin update.

If you come to the realization that you were indeed slapped by this update you would need to recognize that either your backlink strategy or some element of your on page optimization has been labeled as spam. To recover your rank and keep it you must identify what you did wrong and repair the damage. Here are three ways to recover your traffic.On Site Optimization

Content Quality Before On Site Optimization

Leave past mistakes behind and focus your efforts where it should be. That is on providing lots of quality content that your readers would enjoy and share. This does not mean that you should forget on site optimization altogether but you really do not need to optimize every single page. Mix up the diversity of your on page anchor texts and keep your keyword density low so that your posts are not labeled as spam.

Eliminate Spam

Building on the last point content that is copied from other sites, stuffed with keywords or poorly written will also be labeled as spam. Remove this type of content and eliminate any doorway pages from your site. If you are unclear on what the rules are revisit Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and make sure that your site conforms.

Evaluate Your Backlinks

If you’ve spammed the web with tons of backlinks to rank your site cleaning up will be the hardest task that you will ever do. Start building quality backlinks and begin removing the low quality links that you built. There are a number of tools that you can use to locate those links and when you do you will need to contact the site owners to have the links removed.

The good news is that your site can recover its stats if you’re willing to first repair the damage and use legitimate ways to improve your on page and off page SEO.

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