How To Increase Your Social Echo

social mediaSome webmasters often take the wrong approach to social media optimization. They tweet, share, like and +1 their content thinking it’s all about the links. The fact is social sharing is more about the echo than whatever perceived benefit there is from the links. When your content is shared across social media networks it improves visibility. More and more people are exposed to your content and therein lies the value. If your content is really good a number of people will begin citing your work.

Social sharing is good business and if you limit the benefits to just more links to your site you could be hurting your brand. How you view the benefits of it will determine the approach. If you see it as a numbers game, as so many do, then quality won’t be a factor. You will simply share your content for sharing’s sake. On the other hand when you recognize that social echo can improve the visibility of your brand and even get people talking about your business in the real world then quality would trump quantity

Quality over Quantity

Whenever we hear quality over quantity on the web we immediately think content and rightly so. When it comes to social echo, quality, also translates into the quality of followers. Having more fans does not automatically mean that they are beneficial to your business objective. In this instance a few fans that willingly recommend your business is much better than having thousands of fans that don’t. Be selective about your following. Focus on getting the right type of following that will help to increase your social echo so much so that it cannot help but be heard.

Increasing Your Social Echo

There is no one way to increase your social echo but if you make is easy for readers to share and engage with your content you will be off to a good start.

Be Authentic

Social media makes it easier than ever to spot a fake. You don’t have to be a “know it all” to succeed with social media. It just takes a bit of authenticity, willingness to learn and genuine concern for people. That’s what being real is all about.

Choose a Platform and Stick To It

So you heard that everyone is on Facebook but that does not mean that you have to be there. Go where your market is and sometimes that might be on smaller networks. Don’t get so caught up in the social media rush that you invest in places that are not relevant to your business. Once you find your market and a place that you’re comfortable, be consistent with your updates.

Content Must Be Good

Bloggers have been shouting it all around the web but it bears repeating. Your content must be good if you want others to share it. People do not share crappy content and just because it looks good to you does not mean that others will like it. Write good content and get a second and third opinion on its quality.

Content Should Be Shareable

Make it easy for readers to share your content. Sharing buttons and other social media tools make it easy to share with one click. Make sure that you incorporate these tools into your website.

Engage Your Visitors

Whenever someone takes the time to comment on your posts you should respond. Be present and recognize that time that you spend engaging with your following is not time wasted.

Getting your social echo to the volumes that you want it to be will take time. You have to be consistent and keep in mind that it is not the number of shares but the result of them that will benefit your business in the long run.

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