HostGator Review

Leading provider of web hosting, reseller hosting & vps hosting

Hostgator is one of the best web hosting companies. It has hosted around 5 million domains. The company is famous for its highest quality cPanel web hosting services. The company offers virtual private server plans, reseller hosting plans, shared hosting plans, as well as dedicated servers. Hostgator offers after sales services also. The technical customer support provided by the company is remarkable. The best thing about the company is that its web hosting plans work best for windows hosting and Linux hosting. This is a special advantage to those who want single domain web hosting plans. All the packages are easy to use both by the professionals and the beginners.

HostGator Review

As a product and technology innovator, Hostgator has the capability of providing innovative services and products to about 400,000 customers which will compliment their current business. The reseller hosting plans attract a large number of web developers and designers worldwide.

Official Website:

The official website of Hostgator is from where you can obtain information about various services offered by the company. The website contains web hosting plans along with their rates. Those who wish to choose a service can register with the company from the official website itself. The website also offers continuous 24/7/365 customer support. Here, the customers can ask their questions using the live chat option with one of the representatives of the company. They can post their queries or send emails which will be responded the same day or may be at the same time. The technical support offers toll free telephone facility, frequently asked questions, billing system, ticket system, video tutorials, forums, support portals, and much more.

People Associated with It:

Hostgator is a privately owned company based in Texas. It was founded by Brent Oxley in 2002, who is currently the chairman of the company. Its 8 million domains make up 1% of the total internet traffic around the world. The company’s powerful, shared, and affordable web hosting services suit business of all shapes and sizes. According to a famous magazine, Hostgator was awarded the fastest growing company for the year 2008. The company has approximately 200 employees who put in their best effort to give full customer satisfaction. The management team of the company includes Brent Oxley as the founder and chairman, Adam Farrar as the chief executive officer, David Collins as the chief technical officer, Patrick Pelanne as the deputy chief technical officer, Taylor Hawes as chief marketing officer, Amy Alexander as human resources director, and Josh Banks as chief information officer.


• The servers are very fast.
• Excellent customer support service.
• Company reputation is very high.
• A wide range of plans to choose from. These include shared hosting, dedicated managed servers, virtual private servers, and so on.
• The company is well established and provides a wide range of services.
• Packages are suitable for E-commerce websites also.


• The prices of some plans are very high.
• Sometimes downloading speed becomes very poor.

Hosting Environment

The account on Hostgator is administered using control panels. From here, the clients can configure any part of their accounts like email address, website files, FTP, additional software, and so on. PHPMyAdmin present within the control panel is used for managing MySQL.

Joomla Templates

All the Joomla templates run perfectly on Hostgator’s control panel servers. Installing Joomla is also very easy because it requires only one click. You don’t require any prior technical knowledge to install Joomla word press themes.

Technical Support

Awesome technical support is offered by Hostgator in the form of toll free calls, email, live chat, videos, FAQs, and so on. This feature is available all 24 hours of the day and all days of the week.

Uptime and Server Speed

The best server speed which you can get is offered by Hostgator. As you switch towards more expensive plans, the results get better and better. Hostgator takes appropriate security measures to check bad sites and monitors all current happenings.

Unlimited Domain Hosting

Hostgator offers around 6,000GB of bandwidth and 600GB of storage. This means that you can host unlimited domains using just one web hosting account.

Environment Friendly

Hostgator has become environment friendly by cooling and powering servers using wind power.

How it Works:

The working of Hostgator is very simple.All you have to do is to register with the company. This means that before purchasing a service you have to create an account on the company’s official website. Once the account is created, you will have to submit your websites IP address and URL. This IP address will be registered in the address directory of the company. When a visitor requests for your website’s URL, the browser will search the directory and locate your website’s address in it. Then the browser will display your website on the visitor’s computer.


There are basically three plans offered by Hostgator. The first one is a Hatching Plan for $4.95/month. This plan includes unlimited data transfer and unlimited disk space. You also get one 45 days money back guarantee. The second plan is the Baby plan of $7.95/month. This plan offers unlimited domains including parked domains and add-ons, unlimited data transfer, and unlimited disk space. It also includes private SSL for free. The last plan is Swamp Plan which in for $12.95/month and offers unlimited disk space, unlimited band width along with some other additional features.


Some of the competitors of Hostgator are Go Daddy, and Green Geek. But Hostgator stands above all its competitors.

How is it different from the Competitors?

The main difference between Hostgator and its competitors is the cheap web hosting plans. Hostgator offers many unlimited plans at affordable rates and the same plans are given by other companies at extremely high rates. The support service of Hostgator is very fast and reliable as compared to its other competitors.


Those who want to purchase excellent services at cost effective prices should choose Hostgator services only. The company is on a continuous growth because of its high quality web hosting and other services.

Conclusion (whether it is Worth Buying or Not):

All the services offered by Hostgator are extremely affordable and once you will use them, you will see it for yourself. The features are very good and powerful which will suit business of all types.

Return of Investment when Buying this:

It will be a wise decision to choose Hostgator services because they are incomparable, powerful, and cost effective. A web hosting company with such a remarkable combination is difficult to find. Once you use Hostgator services, you will definitely get a good return for your investment.

HostGator Review

Coupons or Discounts(if any):

Hostgator offers regular HostGator Discount Coupons which help to decrease the service rates. These coupons are updated regularly and include offers like 50% discount, unlimited usage, free membership, lifetime updates, and so on. All the Hostgator coupons can be obtained from the company’s official website or from other similar website.

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