HostGator Reseller Hosting Review

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Host gator reseller hosting emerged in the world of hosting in 2002 and within just 12 years they have made their name and now are on the top of the 10 best web hosting companies. They have provided their customers with all the satisfaction they want to have. Apart from their work, the other thing which attracted the customers was its catch line “we eat up the competition.” And it’s not just a line, they have proven it. In just 12 years they are on the top of the best web hosts. They did the aggressive marketing to get the eyes of the people and give them 100% assurance to give them the best services. They are offering some of the best hosting plans at very considerable prices. They merged in the market in 2002 and till 2012; they are hosting 850,000 domains, which are awe by 100,000 customers. It is pretty a gigantic accomplishment.

HostGator Reseller Hosting

Hosting packages:

They are offering 5 Hosting packages, aluminum, copper, silver, gold and diamond. As you will move to the higher package, its cost will increase as well as the bandwidth and disk space. However, you can make unlimited sub-domains under one domain.
Under each reseller account, you will get unlimited e-mail accounts, MySQL databases, cPanels, FTP accounts and many other options, which will help you in getting the best web hosting easily.

cPanel and uptime:

The uptime of Host gator reseller hosting is 99.9% and the cPanel of this web hosting company is quite easy to use and understand. When you buy an account on it, you will automatically get access to the cPanel and can make the different changes. The novice can also understand the cPanel quite easily.
The cPanel they are providing is not only in English, but it is also provided in many other languages. So you don’t have to bother as you can select your mother tongue if you don’t understand English to work in the cPanel.


The users of the Host gator reseller hosting is rated 9 out of 10 stars. It has awesome customer support and reliability due to which it is preferred over the other web hosting companies. They have the 24/7 help center where you can either call or mail to get your problem solved.

Users experience:

The users who are using the Host gator reseller hosting claims that they have not faced any kind of problem from the time they have started using the Host gator reseller hosting. They are quite happy with the reliability and support of Host gator reseller hosting. So if you are thinking of buying an account on it, it’s the right choice. They will not only give you the best service but are also one of the most reliable web hosting companies nowadays.


While taking the overall features and other things I will rate this web hosting domain 4.5 out of 5 stars. It has all the features, which are required by a website, and they provide all the features in the best way they can.

HostGator video tutorial:

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