GorillaThemes Review

All the themes that are developed by Gorilla-themes are easy to manage as well as user-friendly. The themes are designed in a professional manner. They are all compatible with the latest WordPress versions and updates. The one main aspect of Gorillathemes which makes it different from other wordpress themes is that this theme doesn’t support field customization feature. The main reason behind this is that the theme developing team finds that customization leads to complications and confusion for the user. Those users who have never tried customization feature earlier find it very difficult to use. So in order to make things easy and simple for the users, customized field property is not supported by Gorillathemes.

All Gorillathemes have extensive theme options and are completely equipped with numerous features which will help the users in easy designing of their website. The users can also select their own layout which will meet their needs and requirements of creating a website. Instead of the customized field option, the users will get customization plugins option. This option will help them to easily add features to their website and optimize their website further. In some respect, optimization option is more beneficial than customization option especially when websites for a specific business purpose are designed. The users will find exceptionally great graphics with all the Gorillathemes. In 2010, the company was offering around 12 unique themes and currently the number of themes have increased. For every specific niche and purpose, you will find an appropriate theme. Some themes have simple or bare designing, while some themes are equipped with features like animation and graphics.

Official website:

The official website of the company where you will get all the necessary details and information on themes and price is www.gorillathemes.com. This website also provides a user login field which is required at the time of purchasing Gorillathemes. For all your queries, doubts, and suggestion, you will find an excellent customer support option present on the website. This customer support option will clear your doubts and answer your question via emails, posts, live chat, etc. On the Gorillathemes official website you will find demo themes displayed so that it becomes easy for you to choose the right theme for yourself. Moreover, the theme rates are also available at the website itself. The website is very useful for reading the frequently asked questions. The visitors will also find blogs and more details about the company as well as the theme features.

People associated with it (inventors and the company who made it):

Carlos Aguaron is the main founder of Gorillathemes. He is not only an expert website designer but a great manager also. He manages the company personally. The technical assistance given to customers through the customer support forum is managed by Carlos himself. He is a man who has huge talent, technical knowledge as well as website developing capabilities. Carlos works can be seen from the different themes that he creates. His themes are very different from the traditional wordpress themes and this is why people prefer Gorillathemes because they want something new, innovative, and different from others. His designs utilize colourful imagery, bold, and colourful fonts.


The advantages of using Gorillathemes are given below-:

• The themes are different in look and appearance when compared to other wordpress themes.
• More emphasis is given to the website’s look and so they are designed with colourful and bold fonts and images. The more attractive the website, the more the numbers of visitors visiting it.
• The theme founder personally answers all customer queries and doubts regarding the technical issues.
• The themes are not only cost-effective but easily available.
• Optimization helps to reduce the unwanted content and images from the website so that more business specific website can be created.
• The themes are easy to work both for the beginners and the advanced level programmers.
• Minimum use of code makes the website creation easier.
• Regular updates about the product and features are provided to registered members.
• To install and use the theme, customers are provided with documentation and other help options.
• Once the theme is purchased, it can be used for creating any type of website.
• The themes have SEO related features which enhance its usability.
• No matter what your website creating purpose is, you will find the appropriate theme for it.


Some of the major drawbacks of Gorillathemes are given below-:

• The biggest disadvantage of Gorillathemes is that it lacks customization feature. Customization is very important for both the beginners and the advanced level programmers. With customization, adding tools and other features on the website become easy and simple. But Gorillathemes don’t support this extremely important feature.
• Since all the things are managed by a single person, so queries, doubts and other questions are answered after a long delay sometimes .
• Not many theme options are available. So if you get the theme according to your business or personal need then it is fine, otherwise you will have to organize it.
• Loading speed is quiet slow hence when greater number of files and images have to be loaded; a lot of time gets consumed.


Some of the best features of Gorillathemes are explained below-:

• Market compatibility

The Gorillathemes are compatible in all markets worldwide. No matter where you live, you can purchase and use these themes conveniently.

• No custom fields

No custom fields are available so no point of confusion or increased complexity in designing.
• Individual agents page
With the individual agent’s page, you can store all information for a particular agent like their bio-data, work, performance, etc.

• Colour schemes

The users will get five different colour schemes to choose from. So you can set the desired colour and combination which you want.

• Google map integration

You can include the Google map integration feature in your website which will give a more attractive and communicative look to your website.

• Multiple or single agents

You can add single agents or a group of agents depending upon the requirements of your website.

• Photo gallery

This feature allows you to include photo gallery option in your website. This feature is unique as it makes your website look more beautiful.

• Compatibility

All the Gorillathemes are compatible with all types of browsers. Whether it is internet browsers, Mozilla Firefox, safari, or any other browser, you website will run perfectly and smoothly.

• Image link code

This feature allows you to include the image link code to your website.

• Easy listing management

Managing your list will become more easy, fast and flexible with the easy listing management feature provided in Gorillathemes.

• Carousel property slider

This feature helps you to include property slider in your website.

• Image auto resizing

Now you will not have to worry about making your image big or small because with the image auto resizing feature, your image will automatically be resized to fit to the website.

• Financing calculator

You can include a financial calculator in your website to make it look more attractive.

• Custom plugins

With custom plugin feature, the user can customize their plugins easily and quickly. In this way, they will get a chance to enhance their website’s appearance on the whole.

• Banner Ad management

You can include Ads in your website. This feature provides appropriate space for Ad posting and banners.

• Professional design

The themes are created in a highly professional way so your business will get a boost by making your website using Gorillathemes.

• Affordably priced

The cost of Gorillathemes will not be a big issue for the customers. This is because all the themes are priced at an affordable rate.

• Threaded comments

With this feature you can include many posts and comments.

• Theme options

To change the look of your website, you will get different theme options.

• Free updates

Those who register themselves on the official website of the company will get free and regular updates on the products.

• Installation on request

Users who are not able to install their Gorillathemes will be provided with instantaneous installation help whenever required.

• Customer support forum

The customer support forum is very good and here the users will get all type of help which they will require during installation and working with Gorillathemes.

How it works:

The working of Gorillathemes is not only simple but fast also. Those who want to purchase the Gorillathemes will first have to create an account on the website. Here they will be required to fill their user-id and password. With this user-id and password, the users will login to their Gorillathemes account and order the theme which they want to purchase. They can use the PayPal method or some other online payment method to pay the theme charge. Before the payment is made, the users will have to fill a form for the type of theme they are purchasing. So select the package from beforehand. Once the payment is made, you will be given access to use Gorillathemes. To start using Gorillathemes, the users will first have to install the themes. Customer support from the very beginning to the end will be available free of cost. After installation of Gorillathemes, you can use them to create your powerful website. Instructions on how to use different tools and theme features will be given in the documentation provided to you when you purchase the theme.

SEO Related Features:

The most important part of Gorillathemes is that these themes support SEO related features. The user will get the blog creation and posting option. In these blog posts, the users can write about their website along with its URL. Those viewers who will find your post content useful will click on the URL link to visit your website and see what more services and products it is offering. In this way, your website will not only be advertised to a larger number of people but your sale will also increase considerably. The greater the number of visitors visiting your website, the more will be its ranking in different search engines. A higher ranking means your website will reach the first page of search engine results.


There are two packages which are offered by the company to all its customers. The first one is a Developers Package. This package has numerous benefits which will interest the users. This package is filled with plenty of assistance and support which the user will be requiring. Support in the form of tutorial and videos are available. The price of this package is $175.95 and those purchasers who have discount coupons can avail the package at a considerably lower rate. The discount offered on coupons can range from $10 to $80 or more. Hence they will get the Developers package at just $99.95 which is indeed a great deal.

The second package is the Basic package which offers single theme purchase. Its other benefits include tutorials, and support access. The price of this Basic package is just $79.95. But those customers who have discount coupons can purchase the product at 50% discount or more.

Customer Service/Support:

An aspect of Gorillathemes which is noteworthy is the excellent customer support which it provides. Provisions in the support system are made so that the customers can directly contact the founder of Gorillathemes and clear their doubts, questions, and queries. Customer support is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So no matter how simple or complex your problem is, you will be provided with instantaneous help. From the first step on how to register till the end of how to use Gorillathemes, all details will be conveyed through video chats, messages, e-mails forums, and so on.


Some unique and exceptional graphics and design is created by Gorillathemes creator. Some of the designs include graphical effects, animations, etc. with a perfect blend of colourful backdrop. The combination of colour and other colour variants is absolutely perfect and matches the whole theme. Fonts are colourful to make the website look more lively and attractive. Creativity and use of new ideas is more emphasized on all Gorillathemes. Moreover, the title and other attributes are also designed with utmost care and perfection. With language translation feature, you can translate your website into languages like Spanish and Portuguese. Every niche and aspect of the theme design is carefully targeted so that the best results can be given to the customers.


As the competition is increasing, so is the number of competitors also. Gorillathemes have many competitors who are trying their best to give some tough competition to the company. But Gorillathemes team is also using advanced technology tools and methods to bring out some outstanding themes for its customers. More new and specific themes are under construction which after their launch, there will be a big blow on Gorillathemes competitors’ face.

How is it different from the competitors?

The themes offered by Gorillathemes are perfect and professional specific. They include all the necessary aspects which a particular profession has whether it is agent’s database, applicant form, and so on. The competitors of Gorillathemes are more into making general themes which any user can use but these themes need huge amount of modification which is a waste of time. Moreover, the theme packages offered by Gorillathemes are very reasonable and they include many benefits and features as well. Moreover, the packages offered by other competitors are expensive and include only few features.


The Gorillathemes packages are perfect for both the beginners and the advanced level programmers. With different language translation feature, you can translate your website in other languages also. This will help people from different countries to read your website and know about the services and products you are offering. Gorillathemes will definitely help your business grow.

Conclusion (whether it is worth buying or not):

After reading all the benefits and features of Gorillathemes , it will be a foolishness to say no to such a wonderful product. Those who have used or are using the product fell that this is the perfect product for them. Moreover, they suggest it to their other friends and people also.

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