Floating Social Media Icon Plug-in Review

TheFloating social media plug-in creates attractive floating social icons on your web pages.  You can customize the included icons and can also specify the start and end locations of the floating icon set.  The package includes 20+ icon sets with a custom size of icons. You can also configure the animation effects for the icons and can choose from Fly and mouse over animation effects. The icons can be used to link to a specific social media profile or can be used for social sharing.

Floating Social Media Icon Plug-in for WordPress sites

Additional Features:

1)    You can set mouse over hover text for icons.

2)   The icons can be set in horizontal  or vertical floating alignments  along with a choice in the number of rows or columns of icons.

3)   The plug-in also allows you to individually customize the look of each individual icons along with style, theme, animation effects etc.

4)   An Ajax setting page helps you easily customize the  plug-in by only including options which have been configured earlier.

5)   You can add multiple widgets in different page locations such as sidebar, header etc.

6)   You can configure the floating based on page views and timing and can also choose to use stationery icons.


The Floating Social Media Icon Plug-in  priced at $24.99 for the premium edition and can be purchased from the below link.

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Floating Social Media Icon Plug-in Review , 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings