FatCow Web Hosting Review

FatCow Is Holy Cow of Web Hosting Flexibility

In recent years, FatCow has gained popularity as a reliable web hosting service provider as it uses latest advanced technology. FatCow is a perfect blend of innovative features, quick service and the best price in the industry. When you look for bargained web hosting scheme, FatCow definitely serves as the best option in the cloud based marketing. Since its establishment in 1998, FatCow offers most commendable web-hosting service. Analysts tested this web-hosting site after tracking its uptime and downtime, record of server speed, its failure rate and several other crucial facts. FatCow is implausible web hosting scheme that is environmental-friendly and utilizes wind energy. Whether your site is big or small, e-commerce or blogs, it can be best created with FatCow Web Hosting.

FatCow Web Hosting

Official Website:

The official website, www.fatcow.com was created by 1998 by a community of similar minded people. Since then, FatCow has developed as flourishing company providing web-hosting service. From the very beginning, FatCow has shifted its focus to small and medium-sized business to enhance its operation for the benefit of customers associated with it. In a short tenure, they have created a hosting system, which is easily accessible and user-friendly and thus it has simplified entire web hosting business enterprises. Users must access the official site of FatCow to verify competency of web page.

People Associated with It:

FatCow is the first host to incorporate with Google Services into a control panel. This web hosting for small businesses, associated with Google on June 11 in Burlington in order to become the first web-hosting company that implemented Google Services in its website. Google Services engrossed in the website, enables users to maximize the potential of the website thereby providing a way to enhance services using Webmaster Tools. The product managers of FatCow Web Hosting and Google worked together to create Google Services. According to the Vice President of FatCow, Mitch Haber, the company is planning to capitalize Google Tools making it easier for customers to utilize best tools available online.


FatCow is listed among the most shared cloud hosting companies which established its framework around ten years back in Albuquerque located at New Mexico. FatCow is entirely dedicated to small firms and continued to deliver best customer service. The advantages of FatCow are more than its disadvantages, as they present a hosting service that is easily accessible and proffer a trained customer support team working uninterruptedly to fit in requisites of users. FatCow is more than just opaque; it is a forthright company with no brisk jack in box surprises. The most palpable feature is its pricing structure, which is great and affordable. Another advantage of FatCow is that it offers MiniMoo Hosting Plan for customers not interested in taking full plan.

Users can easily access internet sites with a domain name followed by an email address. Customers actually get more than what they pay for the web hosting plan. Comparing it with other web hosting service in the same price range, FatCow offers quality service with manifold benefits. FatCow has an efficient support desk, which ensures that a customer’s issue is lodged correctly and they are provided a ticket number. The best part is that the customer can view the status anytime and can also use toll-free number in emergency.


FatCow has comparatively more positive aspects than negative traits. One negative trait of FatCow is that Page loading is sometimes very slow, which is quite embarrassing. Another shortcoming of this web hosting service is that it has inadequate database capacity and does not offer different levels of hosting. If users want to switch over dedicated hosting, they need to shift web hosting. FatCow is restricted for use only on business websites where traffic is quite low because of slow data transfer capacity. One major disadvantage of FatCow is that it does not possess corporal access to server. On the other hand, “Web Host provider” is solely liable for upkeep of actual server.

FatCow is also answerable to guarantee that server as well as data of user is protected. Negative aspects of FatCow are less than countless pros lined up with services of web hosting. There is no doubt that benefits outweigh some weaknesses and users can avail maximum gains from the service. User is also provided perfect backing of control panel that enables full control especially on crucial aspects of website.


The original web-hosting plan of FatCow is quite distinctive breed-beefed with everything required by customer to build thriving online presence. To assist customers in every step, FatCow corralled a proficient team in affable Moo Crew Aid Team. Robust and comprehensive hosting solutions involve everything required by user to put commercial or personal website online and to administer it for coming years. Offices and data center rely on wind energy for proper functioning. It feels overwhelming when machines hosting user’s website as well as email address are fully eco-friendly. Building tools of web hosting service gives a professional touch to website in few clicks.

Customers can also use a variety of animated themes, templates and fusion even if users do not have working experience of programming languages or HTML. The Integrated Webmaster Tool introduced by Google proposes detailed reports of web pages’ visibility.The Webmaster Tool is fully integrated with your web-hosting plan. Easily accessible Installation Wizards offer stepwise

instructions for enhancing your site with many pioneering applications like photo galleries and blogging software. Online stores also provide number of tools that enables users sell online using shopping carts, PayPal integration and catalogs with discount coupons. Users can customize email address to improve professional image.

fatcow hosting

fatcow hosting review

How It Works:

At present, FatCow is fast growing service provider of web hosting solely dedicated to small as well as medium sized firms. It aims at providing best possible hosting services to customers at an affordable cost. To make your web hosting experience easier, FatCow has developed an explicable system and accessible interface. FatCow proffer unmatched features as well as bonuses for clients. FatCow uses automated softwares in order to track website links. When a user submits a query, it responds by presenting a list of valuable sites. With FatCow, marketing of a website is no more a complicated task, as its professional designs optimize your website and grabs attention of new visitors. It provides trained and experienced agents with an intention to resolve service related issues with premium backing.

FactCow Web Hosting Review


FatCow often introduces special offers, coupons and promotions to customers at initial term. Special offers are actually promotional price tags for limited period available to new customers and valid for the initial term. The hosting plan for 36 months can cost a customer $6.95 every month or $250.20 for three years. In the same manner, 24-month hosting plan comes with price tag of $7.95 every month. With yearly subscription of hosting plan at $107.40, customers are required to pay $8.95 every month. However, these prices are flexible and subject to change depending upon the terms of company. It is advisable to confirm BillingCentral for updated statement of current price billed for hosting plan.


Two major competitors of FatCow in web hosting business are Web.com and GoDaddy. For users associated with Web.com, it is important to recompense some more bucks. Hosting packages of Web.com are comparatively expensive and their minimum hosting package begins from $11.95 per month. On the other hand, Web.com hosting fees for commercial sites comes with a whooping cost of $59.95 every month.

GoDaddy is world’s largest registrar of domain name known for its reputed position in web hosting industry. In comparison to FatCow, Godaddy has created its own internal control panel. Control panel of FatCow bears a resemblance to Plesk, which is a famous control panel created by “Parallels Software”.

How is it different from the Competitors:

In comparison to its competitor Web.com, FatCow provides better hosting plans, which covers different providers at a reasonable cost of $4.83 every month. FatCow’s web hosting plans hold the potential to assist builders and small businesses. By using FatCow, customers can acquire surplus domain names for web hosting accounts. However, both the companies offer rich-featured hosting plans. FatCow is user-friendly and permits users to manage crucial aspects of hosting accounts like databases, password-protection and emails. Use of GoDaddy can be quite embarrassing, as it usually time-out on low-traffic blogging sites. In such cases, FatCow hosting provides to be more reliable with great speed, performance and consistency.



If you run a small firm and looking for a reliable hosting provider, then FatCow can be the preferred choice. FatCow blows its horn for providing fast and reasonably priced service. It proffers reliable hosting options and guarantees 99.9% uptime. Moreover, FatCow services rely on wind energy for 100% mechanism, which suggests that its hosting services are eco-friendly. Customer satisfaction is the foremost concern of FatCow, which dedicates its services entirely for their contentment. FatCow’s most palpable feature is unlimited storage and bandwidth usage for website.

Conclusion (Whether it is Worth Buying or Not):

In brief, FatCow is actually a trustworthy partner used for enhancement of business. Most importantly, it makes online exploration much easier and customers can perform every desirable task. Due to the trusted uptime performance offered by FatCow Hosting Company, internet presence becomes more constant. FatCow recommends shared internet hosting solutions to small businesses prowling for affordable and reliable hosting options. Last, but not the least, FatCow is worth buying and users can mark out its “One Plan One Price” Strategy.

Return of Investment When Buying This:

Generally, customers want to have a web host with minimal downtime, impressive customer support and worth for what you paid. Every business unit is conscious about its expenditure. For approving a particular service provider, it becomes imperative to measure bottom line as well as return on investment. To commence with, FatCow Hosting Plans are affordable for any new or existing small or medium-sized business firms. Featured offers by hosting package are comprehensive so that users can get value for their investment to the best possible extent. It gives an opportunity to market the site for a limited tenure without paying any charge.

FactCow Web Hosting Review

Coupons or Discounts:

FatCow has introduced n amazing pricing strategy for 2012. Now, users can avail FatCow hosting plan at just $3.67 per month for one year. After an amazing discount of 50% on hosting plans, users can now avail FatCow at $44 yearly charges. By following discount link on its official site, customers can get FatCow coupons to avail 50% discount on hosting plans. These FatCow Discount Coupons are valid for a limited period either monthly or yearly and sometimes for customized period as well.

FatCow Web Hosting Video Tutorial:

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