Em Camera Magento Theme Review

The Em camera magento theme is built for users who want to create an online digital products selling store, high-tech accessories selling store, camera selling store, very quickly and with all advanced features. This theme has a bunch of advanced extensions and features all of which are free of charge. The design layout is innovative and will result in creating the best professional website.Em Camera Magento Theme


• Sub themes

You will get four sub-themes with this Magento theme where three are in different coloured light background while the fourth one is in dark background. Now, you can choose the theme which you feel will best suit your website.

• Slideshow

The image slideshow feature allows you to include above 20 transitions effects in your website and make it look more beautiful, creative, and attractive. Moreover, if a website contains slideshow then it attracts more number of visitors.

• Mega menu

Apart from the default menu provided, the users can also use the expanded menu option. The mega menu option allows users to easily add dynamic data, text input, images, and videos to their menu. The final result will be a rich menu which is both convenient to use and eye-catching as well. To add on, you will get multiple columns for your menu and each with a drop-down feature so arranging your store in a well structured way will be much easy.

• Product slider

You will find in-built product sliders with this Magento theme. These sliders are used to display information and images of many products on the home page along with keeping the home page neat and spacious. For displaying category wise product details like most popular products, most viewed products, best seller, new arrivals, etc. the sliders can be used. The size of the product slider and the amount of information which it can provide is not dependent on the size of your website.

• Brand slider

For displaying the different product brands logos, you can use the brand slider. Controlling the brand slider is very simple as you have to use the static block present at the theme’s back-end only.

• Custom product widgets

You will find many product widgets which can be easily customized and optimized. These widgets will help to increase your website’s efficiency and attract many customers. Some unique widgets which are offered include best seller product, featured products, sale-off, new products, and so on. You can display a list of featured products, best selling products, new products, to your customers by the static block available at the home page.

• Cloud zoom javascript

The cloud zoom Javascript feature is a feature including which your visitors will be able to see the image’s full size.

• Ajax cart

The in-built Ajax Add-to-cart extension option is available for the users. This feature will allow them to select the product which they want to purchase without leaving the page on which they are currently. They can add this product to their product basket instantaneously. In this way your sales will increases and you will gain user experience.

• Ajax-view product

To quickly view the product, the theme offers a quick shop option. When this option is clicked, the information about the product is displayed along with the price and product photos. After seeing this, the viewers can continue viewing the other products similarly.

• Image size controller

This feature will help you to control the size of your product images. You will have to go to the controller portion and enter the approximate image size which you want. After this, the image on the details page will be changed accordingly and the image on other pages will also be changed according to the size specified by you.

• Customization

You can easily customize the blocks, product catalogue pages, customer pages, checkout and cart progress pages, and other product pages.

• Valid CSS/ XHTML

Valid CSS 3.0 and CSS 2.0 versions are used for creating the theme and as a result, the theme offers well defined structure and is well commented. This eases the customization feature and strict XHTML 1.0 version is employed.

• Browser compatibility

This Magento theme supports cross-browser feature and is compatible with almost all currently used browsers like Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and so on and even with those that are due to come.

• Search engine optimized

The theme is optimized for carrying out search engine optimization techniques. This feature is a very powerful feature offered with this theme which will help in product promotion.

• PSD files

Well organized PSD design files are included with this Magneto theme.

• User guide and documentation

The user guide and documentation is of great help to the users especially the beginners. In these documentations, they will find detailed instructions of how to use the theme and its various features in their project.

• Blog feature

You can create blogs and this feature will allow you to connect closely and well with your visitors. This template design supports EM blog integration.

• Social links

Some important social links like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. are included with this theme.

• Supports multiple stores, multi-currency, multi-language

The theme supports multi-currency, multi store, and multi-language features also.Em Camera Magento Theme


The cost of this theme is very reasonable as compared to its other competitor themes. The customization feature helps users to work easy with this theme.


Some designers feel that the loading speed of this theme is not very fast. They complain that including large amount of data and images, affects the website loading speed considerably.


Em camera magento theme cost is $99.

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