DMCA Review: An integrated solution to secure your online content

Protection Pro® by A Comprehensive package to safeguard your digital content

Plagiarism and unauthorized use of web images as well as content have been a long-standing issue of concern for all webmaster and business owners. Such nefarious practices delude your precious investment of time and money without your authorization. Your content ends up in spurious sites, often confusing  your users and affects your brand value and online revenue. The recent years have seen an active development of various tools and web resources to identify such duplications-but the main concern for most of webmasters would be the important step of having it removed from such sites. You would not want to waste your precious time and money to identify and chase ISP’s and hosting providers to initiate a process to have it removed. In addition, duplicate content hosted in other countries would all be all the more difficult to track and correct, as this would require a legal process to be initiated in a foreign land.

All this reasons work in the favor of such duplicators as they understand that very few website owners would actually take time to initiate a take-down process. This has resulted in a spurge of duplicate content across the web demeaning the very essence of digital copyright.

DMCA Review

Keeping in view of the above challenges faced by website owners all over the world- the senate of America has passed the DMCA law in 1998 giving a set of procedures to safeguard your digital content and curb its misuse. Based on its directives- various online solutions have been developed to automatically scan the web for an identified content. There are also special legal consultants who specialize in digital copyright infringement services, and would take up such instances identified by online solutions.

Nevertheless, we understand the fact that an average webmaster would best be content in having an integrated solution which does both at an affordable pricing model. Keeping in view the specific requirements of webmasters across the world – has come-up with integrated solutions to take perfect care of your digital data so that you can spend the same quality time into developing your business.

Now using the digital protection and takedown services at can be assured that your content is protected, regularly scanned for duplicates, and an easy takedown process initiated in case of duplication. DMCA is a world leader in digital copyright takedown providers and offers an easy and affordable set of solutions to safeguard your content. You can choose to act on your own to initiate the takedown process after the duplications have been identified by their solutions-or can have their team of trained lawyers across the world handle the take down process. Let us take a brief look on their main solution offering-The Protection Pro®.

Protection Pro®:

This is the most comprehensive package for all your digital copyright needs. The package is priced at just $10 per month and offers the below features:

  • Unique custom badges which can be added in your site or individual web pages to mark the page as secure. Once a badge is placed on the page, it is registered by their secure portal that scans the web for duplications. The prominent badge on your site is the first step to discourage duplications.
  • You can use the included tools to get the details of any infringements across the web. Also included is a report of content violations apart from a set of DIY takedown templates using which you can initiate the takedown process on your own.
  • The package also allows you to create custom watermarks for your images and also disable right click on images. An included bonus in the form of a CDN (Content Deliver Network) integration allows your site images to be delivered faster across a set of geo-tagged locations.

The professional Takedown service is priced at $199 and their expert legal team would handle your copyright infringements instead of you taking over from the above DIY leads.

The best part is that you can use their services on any website and for all content types such as text, images, video, audio, games, blog articles, graphic files etc. It’s also compatible with normal websites and also those using a CMS application. has also come-up with special plug-ins for WordPress and Blogger. They also have a free service where you get 100 protection badges as well as a facility to bar right clicks on your graphics. You also get a single takedown per year.

To know more on this special solution to safeguard your digital content-access their website at


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