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Logo Design is a designing platform for online business owners using which they can create custom logos, web pages, banners, graphics and a lot of other things in the span of two days. DesignPax is used by online marketers and small entrepreneurs to cut down on the cost of their investment in production. uses unique designs that make your online business flourish. The highly professional team of DesignPax focuses on website marketing designs and has created fantastic banners, logos, campaigns etc for many companies. DesignPax is based in New York and has created custom logos, Facebook pages, banners, graphics etc for many companies.


Official Website:

Logging on to the official website of DesignPax: gives you access to the latest features and other detailed information about it. Also, visitors to this site can get hold of DesignPax discount coupons, DesignPax coupon codes, promotion codes etc. to cut down on the cost of your investment.

People Associated with It (Inventors and the Company Who Made It):

Aval Ebert co-founded DesignPax along with Guy Falkovitch and he is the CEO of the company. Gur Jeff Holzmann, Dror Almog and Jane Kim are the advisors associated with the company. This is an American-Israeli online designing site. To put it in the words of Ayal Ebert, CEO and co-founder of DesignPax, “DesignPax is a self serve platform for designing Facebook fan pages, logos, banners etc”.


Owing to the multiple benefits of DesignPax, it has become one of the most sought after designing service. Let us have a quick look over some of the advantages of DesignPax.

Top-notch Quality Designs:

The quality of designs delivered by DesignPax is the most unique and designed by the highly professional and creative staff of DesignPax so they are visually appealing.

Option of Revision:

Clients going in for DesignPax get the option of revision so that the customers can make changes with the designs created.

Choice to Select the Language:

Clients can get their banners, logos, campaign etc designed in the language they want.

Affordable Rates:

The prices that DesignPax offers are low and the customers definitely get attracted towards quality designs at low rates.

Animated and Flash Banners:

DesignPax provides the facility for designing flash and animated banners via their interactive tools.

Fast Service:

The designs that you order from DesignPax get created in the span of 48 hours and therefore clients do not have to wait for so long.

Landing and Facebook Pages are Just Fantastic:

When it comes to designing Facebook or landing pages, DesignPax provides service par excellence.

Fast Turn-around:

Owing to the fast turn-around of DesignPax, clients get their orders delivered in a short time.

Easy To Order:

It is very easy to book orders with DesignPax as there is no bidding involved in the process.

Loads of Add-on Services:

DesignPax provides plenty of add-on services. For each product you choose, you get many add-on services.


Amidst several useful features of DesignPax, there are certain things about DesignPax which are being criticized by the people.

• There are many clients which complain that Facebook ads are not very attractive.
• Most of the add-ons provided by DesignPax are paid.
• If you hire DesignPax to get your designs installed then you have to shell out additional fees for that.


• Quickly executed: DesignPax can be easily executed and they have affordable rates.
• Excellent Banners: DesignPax is known to design banners par-excellence.
• Fast-turn-around: The fast turn-around of DesignPax lets you get your orders delivered quickly.
• Free revisions: Customers can avail free revision facility of DesignPax which means they can make alterations as per their needs in the final product.
• Multiple Languages: You can get your logos, banners etc designed by in the language you want.
• Affordable: Hiring a free lance designer can cost you much more but when you go for Designpax, you can get the high quality designs at lower costs.

How It Works:

When you go for DesignPax, you would be able to get your logo and banners designed quickly. DesignPax provides hassle-free designing services for your websites also which can be downloaded rapidly. Also, DesignPax understands the need of editing. Therefore the team of DesignPax edits designs so as to make it work exactly as per your needs. DesignPax is committed to improve quality of the campaign with their appealing designs. The company has made several unique designs for business of all sizes. Just by filling one simple form, you can have access to an account where your logo and campaigns are designed in as little as 48 hours.


DesignPax is committed to provide you the best designing services at affordable prices. Enumerated here, are the prices meant for the different type of services render by DesignPax.

• For designing custom Websites: 499$ and an extra $599 for installing themes on your hosting service.
• For designing logos:$89
• For Custom Facebook pages: $299
• Icons: 49$
• Backgrounds of Twitter: 149$
• Landing pages: 299$
• Banner ads: 49$


The Price Range of DesignPax for Banner Ads is as follows:

• Gold banners cost you $199 and an additional charge of $65 for animated and $599 for flash.
• Silver banners cost you $149 and extra charge of $40 for animated and $399 for flash.
• For Bronze banners, you have to shell out $119 and an extra charge of $25 for animated.
• Basic banners cost you mere $89 and an extra charge of $199 is paid for flash and $15 for animated.

For Landing Pages:

Designing of landing pages costs you 299$.

Websites Designing:

For custom website, you have to shell out $499.


There are different rates for designing logos. For gold-10 logo concepts you have to pay $339, for silver-5 logo concepts $199 has to be shelled out, bronze-3 concepts for $159 and basic-1 logo concept for $89. Twitter backgrounds cost $149 and WP themes designs cost $499.


DesignPax is the leading designing company which has designed logos, banners, website etc for companies of all sizes. However, there are certain other designing companies from which DesignPax faces tough competition with. and are two designing companies who have been providing designing services par excellence and are tough competitors of

How it is Different from its Competitors:

DesignPax is known to provide high-quality designing services but and are two of the toughest competitors of DesignPax but there are features like faster turn around and excellent banner designing services which set DesignPax apart from others. Getting your logos, banners etc designed from DesignPax means getting your service delivered in the span of 48 hours only. Apart from this, DesignPax is well known for designing excellent quality banners.


Highly skilled designers of DesignPax are known to create pretty impressive designs and 100 per cent original campaigns. Therefore, availing the service of DesignPax is tantamount of getting high quality and most impressive designs for your business. The faster turn-around of DesignPax lets you get your finished product in as little as 48 hours. Furthermore, features of free revision of DesignPax are great as they let the customers to make changes as per their requirements in the final product.

Conclusion (Whether it is Worth Buying or Not):

DesignPax has certain outstanding features which have made it a must buy. You can avail the service of DesignPax for logos, customized banners, for website designing and for excellent quality banners. Once you avail the service of DesignPax, you are sure to get your finished product delivered in a matter of two days. The company has been providing premium designing services for online merchants, for big and small business owners and also people dealing with affiliate marketing. DesignPax has a highly creative team so once you avail their service you are sure to get premium quality designing at cost effective rates. You can subscribe to DesignPax for getting banner ads, landing pages, twitter backgrounds, WP Themes, email designs, logos, banners, Facebook pages etc.

Return of Investment when Buying this:

DesignPax gives you the best value of your money. The features like faster turn-around period and free revisions to make changes in the final product have made DesignPax a distinct service from others. Online business people can get customized banners, logos and landing pages etc at reasonable rates and can get the final product delivered in the shortest time-period. Apart from this, customers have the option of entering text in any of the languages.

Coupons or Discounts (if any):
If you want to cut down on your costs, you can shop online and can grab DesignPax promotional coupons and coupon codes. The discount coupons get activated when you click on the promotional offer. Just logging into the official website of DesignPax gives you access to DesignPax coupon and coupon codes. If you come across any of the DesignPax coupon code which has expired then you can report it to Besides this, DesignPax provides free revision facility to its customers so that the desired alteration can be made in the finished product.

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