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A Fillip to Website with Deluxe Themes

Word Press themes are the fantastic tools for creating customized and dynamic websites. Using these themes you can make your website stand apart from the rest on the web. Deluxe Themes are elegantly designed Word Press themes which are most suitable for the sites meant for hotels, resorts, restaurants and such other lifestyle and luxurious websites.

Deluxe Themes

A professionally designed, customizable and dynamic website can be created even without a single line of HTML code. CMS Theme have features like Multi-level dropdown menu, easily customizable sub-header, sidebars make it easier to create stunning pages for your website.

Official Website:

The official website associated with Deluxe themes is You can explore innovative features of individual Deluxe themes like News-Word, Red Carpet, Comfy, and Max.

People Associated With It:

A team of highly talented software developers, designers and testers have created this luxurious Deluxe Theme.


Some of the most popular and highly in-demand Deluxe Word Press themes include

• Red Carpet Deluxe Theme
• Comfy Deluxe Theme
• News-World Theme
• Max Theme

Out of these, Red Carpet theme is specifically meant for the website of a celebrity. As soon as you download Red Carpet you get the following which contains four specific folders.

Posts Plug-in: You use this plug-in for displaying popular lists

Plug-in Library: It is the mix of recent posts, random posts, and recent comments.

WP-mail: Your readers recommend blog-posts to their friends through this feature.

Word Press Page Navi: This is what Word-Press-Page-Navi features of Red Carpet Deluxe Theme is meant for.

*Easier Installation.

*tMultidimensional Objecive
With the tools provided in the theme you can catalyze your website with the features of Gossips, jokes, blogs, music and such other additional features.

*Compatible with WordPress
Deluxe themes are well compatible with WordPress 3.0 or higher versions.
One of the most significant positive points attached with this theme is that of organized templates, designed through DHTML and XML codes.


A few people complain of its high price.However a majority of people who are well aware of its return on the investment justify the price.


Compatibility: Deluxe Red Carpet Theme is most suitable for WordPress 3.0 or even a bit higher. These are DHTML and XML coded websites.

Easy to Use Control Panel:

You can easily modify theme options using advanced tools of Deluxe Theme.

Attractive Look:

You can customize your website by adding customized templates of video, photo as well as blogs.

3-Column Homepage:

A 3-column homepage is a valuable tool in case you wish to feature a blog in your website.

Automatic Gallery Creation:

With the Slick-Zoom plug-in built it is much easier to browse photographs.

Style-and-Language Features:

A number of highly dynamic tools have been provided for making a choice from. Some of them have been explained in details here.

3-Color Scheme:

Deluxe Theme is equipped with tool of 3 color scheme plus 1RTL colors scheme.

8 Language Packs:

You get the option of using any of the 8 languages which include English, French, Portuguese, Deutsch, Hrvatsk, Turkce and Shqipe.

Translation Facility:

This is yet another feature of this theme. You can easily translate the standard language into any other local language.

Integration Social Features:Nowadays it is in fashion to link the websites to the social media sites like Facebook, FeedBurner or Twitter etc. Deluxe themes have an edge over others in this respect. This theme has the “Like” Button of Facebook integrated in it. Besides, it also gets you benefits of Social Bookmarking with built-in posts facility.


How it Works:

Whether you belong to the hotel industry, resorts, entertainment, or any such other luxurious sectors, Deluxe WordPress Themes has the solution for every requirement. One of the most useful features is the comprehensive control panel. Here’s what the Control Panel has in it for you.

• News Options
• Photo Options
• Video Options
• Teaser Manager
• Setup Sponsors
• Thumbnail Manager
• Feed Burner
• Quick Video Publisher

These are just a few features integrated in the control panel. There are many more tools which also make your website exhibit dynamic characters.


Deluxe themes are priced at comparatively lower prices. Keeping in view integrated features of these themes these are well priced. However there are many themes which you can avail for free. Pricing of the Deluxe Theme depends upon the type of theme you choose for. The standard theme of Deluxe Theme comes at the price of $49. price are however subject to change any time.


How Deluxe Themes have an edge over other similar themes can only be felt when you actually use the theme. It has many features which its competitors can’t even think of. The provider of Deluxe Themes, Theme Shift sets the standards which its competitors emulate.

How it Differs from Competitors:

Advanced Customizing Features make the Deluxe Theme stand apart from rest of the themes. Besides this, features like Quick Photo Publishers also lets users to feel unique and trendsetting. It is with this feature that they can browse the photographs easily.


When you choose Deluxe Word Press themes for your website, the result is always the best. As soon as you choose any theme, you can personalize it the way you like. Whether you are getting the entertainment or royal or luxurious look, it is recognized in every respect.


Integrated with such a large number of innovative features, each of the Deluxe Themes has all ingredients to make your website dynamic with stunning pages.

Return of Investment when Buying this:

With Deluxe Themes making your website dynamic and “appealing” you get the return in terms of increased traffic to your website.

Coupons or DeluxeThemes Discount Coupon (if any):

A standard Word Press Deluxe Theme comes at the affordable price of just $49. However you can also become an affiliate of the company and can get attractive commissions for each deal made. Since the theme is extremely popular,you will be able to sell it in high numbers. You can be given the discounts up to 50% off when you choose to purchase this Theme.

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