CTR Theme Review

How CTR Theme lets you Earn Money by Your Website

CTR Theme is a dynamically created Word Press theme which enhances earning potential of the website by monetizing its prospects through AdSense. With CTR features, it is easy to blend your website content with relevant advertisement through AdSense Theme. For monetizing your website, it is important that the user who has once visited your site, leaves by clicking at least once on an Ad-link.

CTR Theme

Official Website:

Instead of hovering around here and there you should get reliable and noteworthy comprehensive information by visiting the official website of www.ctrtheme.com. A very smart team of talented developers and designers have covered every facet of CTR Theme while elaborating distinctive and advanced features of the theme. The facility of Demo makes everything clear in detail of this theme.

People Who Made It Possible:

Highly driven by the vision of enabling website owners to help them in maximizing their earning potential through Word Press AdSense theme, a team of highly experienced software designers, developers and testers have produced this innovative software and Eppie Vojt is the lead man who made it possible. Eppie is a highly successful web developer who has many successful storied behind.


If you have been active in the business of internet marketing you must be aware of how it is vital to get value from the targeted AdSense Templates. Further it is the blending of color and content of your website with the respective ad which drives traffic to your site and with CTR AdSense Theme you do it all with ease and comfort. It improves Click-Through Rate drastically. The following outlines the features in a comprehensive manner:

• It uses the ad placement strategy as recommended by Google Inc. Google already researches the most targeted keyword so that they are successful in enhancing Click -Through-Rate.
• Color matching strategies add value to the AdSense Click-through-rate and you can expect more visitors to click at the ad link.
• Four different sub themes of CTR offer even more choices for you.
• With each click the advertisement is rotated so that it appears different in various positions. This is a very clear tactic for enhancing the value of the click through rate.
• Most of the people admire its feature of tracking advertisement performance. It makes them to further customize the ad to give it an edge over others.
• You do not need to make extra efforts for installing other widgets as it has simple admin panel
• Blue Print guide of CTR themes makes it much easier for you to create link buildings.
• The most admired plus point of this theme is that you can use this theme on unlimited websites. It is quite interesting to get this benefit with such a little price.


• If you observe the negative points, you can feel its price is a little higher at $67 yet it is justified keeping in view the return it gets. You enjoy service on unlimited sites.
• Before you upload your photos on to the template, you are required to customize your image on your own.
• It you have the “Get-Rich-Quick” attitude, you can benefit from it immensely. It takes work and time from you. It requires all the steps of research on keywords, domain registration, hosting, creating content and driving the traffic to your website.

Recommended by Webmaster.in


CTR is the most powerful Ad Sense link tool for generating income through Ad Sense Advertisement links. You can create your customized CTR Website without touching even a single line of program coding. To know more about how CTR theme stands apart from rest of the similar themes read below:

Ad Placement as Recommended by Google

Representatives from Google AdSense generally contact with those websites which have comparatively higher earning potential for improvements in Advertisements. With Google Recommended Adsense placements, you can expect an earning of $4000 per month and in certain cases this earning potential maximizes to $80000.

Randomization of Advertisements for Combating Ad-Blindness

There is a marked difference in the strategies in what you do on your own and what is recommended by Google Inc.This is the reason why people prefer CTR Theme over themes as you have the facility of randomizing advertisements among different positions as recommended by Google. It is really amazing to note that each time the user clicks on the same ad, it appears in different positions thus making it “something like different”. This feature improves Click-through Rates considerably.

Comprehensively features Administrative Panel:

It has the administrative panel which works in tandem with what you expect. You don’t need to ponder over the messing files for placing your adjusting Ad Sense settings. You get the immediate effective plug-in for placing the AdSense codes in the effective manner.


CTR Theme Review

Super Fast Load Times:

Well, speed is the most vital element for internet marketing. More the speed and visitors are likely to hit on the Ad Sense click. With this feature of CTR theme you do not need to worry about the website being penalized by Google.

Automatic Advertisement Hiding:

Does DMOZ editor create stress for you? If you don’t want to see them you can block them with advanced feature of CTR AdSense Theme. This way Dmoz referred traffic is blocked. You can feel the first hand experience at StumbleUpon by hiding the ads and displaying it at the appropriate time when the sufficient traffic hits your portal.

Multiple Subthemes:

In the master theme of CTR (Click-through-rate),you get a few other sub-themes too. You can make each of the websites different from your own perspectives if you don’t want each of the site to look similar. You get 3 effective themes which are designed in innovative impressions. These templates enable add placement in such a way that higher Click through rate is achieved.

How it works:

Links are the engines for fuelling click through rate (CTR) on your website. Obviously you do adopt multiple strategies to get the maximum rate. But it is CTR Word Press Theme which works effective by enabling faster and effective targeted keyword based Link Building processes.

Another significant feature in this theme for enhancing click rating of the advertisements is that it changes the advertisement’s look in different positions each time the user clicks on it.

It moves your advertisements randomly and places them on different locations. It also places the ads on Adsense Web-portal. When a visitor first visits the home page, a particular advertisement appears in the specific layout and next time it appears in different position. Whenever the users reload or refresh the page, all the ads are placed in different locations and in different positions. This strategy catches attention of the visitors more frequently.

So, whether you belong to the furniture business, hardware or laptop business, computer business, arts, media, education or traveling, CTR theme has much more to offer you for your requirements.


CTR Theme Review


CTR theme is price at the affordable price of just $67. However on many occasions you are offered attractive discounts and you can save a lot on the single deal of CTR theme. With discounts you can get the theme at $39 only. Instead of waiting further, its high-time to grab this excellent opportunity. When you purchase this theme you are given an additional “AdSense Link-Building Secrets” free of cost. Besides if you unsatisfied you are given money back guarantee up to 60 days.


CTR Theme has set the standards which its competitors emulate. It has many distinctive features as compared to that of its competitor like Clickbump Theme and Heatmap Theme.

How is it different from the Competitors?

When you compare CTR theme vis-à-vis other competitor themes, you always get an edge over them. The kind of ease in its use is experienced by no any other theme. Administrative panel lets you to setup your advertisements without touching even a single line of coding.

Apart from that, it has an edge over its competitors in getting you faster loading speed and better advertisement placement strategies. Highly experienced and sensible team of professionals is ready to help you anytime you are in need of any assistance.


The result is clear. Click-Through-Rate highly enhances your AdSense website when the users see the advertisement popping out each time the user visits the site. It is when visitors click on the advertisement link that Google offers you the opportunity to earn money. AdSense is a fantastic way of earning money by placing different types of advertisement on your website

Conclusion (Whether it is Worth Buying or Not):

Among various WordPress themes, CTR AdSense is the readymade theme which is the catalyst to earn huge money. What’s more – you would get 60 days legitimate guarantee with unlimited back up.

Coupons or Discounts:

You are offered attractive discounts and a money back guarantee of 60 days in case you are not satisfied. On special orders for the theme, you can purchase it for just $39 instead of its official price of $67. You also get a guidebook on “AdSense Link-Building Secrets” informing you of the effective strategies.

CTR Theme Video  Tutorial:

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