Comet Chat Review- An Chat Application for your WordPress Site

Comet Chat is an unique  application that allows you to include a chat facility on your site. It can be used for sites hosted in different CMS platforms and is also suitable for WordPress sites. Comet Chat comes in 9 languages and supports major browsers. Its highly scalable and is light-weight. You can also translate it to different languages and can also use it for RTL text. It also allows video and audio chat and also allows users to talk using their Facebook and Gtalk accounts.

Comet Chat-Chat Application for your WordPress Site

Comet chat also allows a guest chat without the user needing to register. Users can also transfer files, share documents and whiteboards. The interface, skins, user options, design and typographical elements are completely customizable from the theme admin panel.

Let’s take a brief look into the different modules

1)      Basic Chat features: The Comet Chat allows users to insert smiley’s, create profiles, avatars, block other users etc

2)      The chat bar is flexible allowing you to customize the tray icons, change themes, link to social networks, add games etc.

3)      A vast number of included features allow you to store conversation, handwrite messages, report a conversation and also save the conversation text. This features come as individual plug-ins which are included in the different pricing packages.

4)      You can also add ads, view statistics, chat logs and can completely customize the application as per your requirement. The Comet chat also allows you to censor words.

5)      It’s easy to install and administer and comes with online documentations, FAQ’s apart from a support forum access and dedicated ticket support.

Pricing: The Comet Chat is one of the best chat plug-ins compatible with WordPress and comes with the below pricing options

1)      Basic This is a branded edition with 10 Comet Chat plug-ins. Costs $49

2)      Professional: All features of the basic edition along with Facebook/GTalk friends chat, transliterate plug-in, save conversation plug-in and many more. Costs $129

3)      Premium: This has all the features of the professional plug-in and includes mobile web apps, advertisement extensions, whiteboard plug-in etc. Costs $249

4)      Platinum plug-in includes audio and video chat, screen sharing, XMPP and Jabber support- Costs$499.

All options come with free upgrades for an year, post which they would be charged at 50% of the market price of that release.

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Comet Chat Review- An Chat Application for your WordPress Site, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings