Ceramic Magento Theme MT Himan Review

MT Himan” from magnetheme.com is specially crafted for online storefronts showcasing ceramic ranges, cutlery etc and comes with a crisp design scheme along with attractive image sliders and magnification effects. You can also include user reviews and can customize the design scheme and the storefront options as per your requirement.

Ceramic Magento Theme MT Himan



The homepage comes in a boxed layout with a textured background image. It has an integrated image slider (Using the MT Slideshow extension) where you can showcase your featured images, deals, promotions etc . The rest of the content area comes in a default 3 column grid where you can feature your latest collections.

The theme also has a extension ready left sidebar with an accordion styled SmartMenu for your category quicklinks, a vertical scroller that automatically picks your featured products and a community poll feature where you can include a quick survey. Also included is an opt-in box for newsletter subscription.


Your site’s insite navigation would greatly impact your user experience and a good navigation system helps them find products easily and also get to know more about your product range. The Ceramic theme comes with the below menu systems.

  • A primary multi-level header menu which can have all your product categories.
  • A top menu for basic account management and shopping cart links. This block also has a keyword search box for users to easily do a quick search.
  • A SmartMenu in the sidebar with accordion styled drill down format for your individual categories and included products. This feature is enable by the MT SmartMenu extension.
  • An additional footer menu for internal quicklinks which also includes a Advanced Search feature that allows users to search with multiple attributes.
  • Internal category listing pages also come with category quicklinks in the sidebar along with a count of the number of included products. Users can also sort by included attributes and can select from grid and list options. They can also choose the number of listings to be displayed in a given page.

Internal Product pages:

Individual product pages come with support for multiple images, and a magnification scroller which would magnify the featured image as per the scroller range. This allows users to have a closer look at your images.

Registered users can also submit reviews, add product tags and manage their individual wishlist. They can also choose multiple products and compare them.

Included page templates:

The theme has an About Us page, a sitemap, and a “Contact Us” page with a built-in message form from where users can send a direct message.

The Magento framework allows you to easily administer your online storefront and includes easy management options for your inventory, sales, orders, payment and reports. You can easily customize the theme as per your site’s requirement and create a fully functional theme for your business in no time.


The MT Himan Magento theme is priced at $60. You would need to download the mentioned extensions separately from their site.

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