Catalyst Theme Review

Forget all your worries related to web designing as Catalyst Theme along with its whole framework has been introduced in the market to cater the needs of websites. The theme makers made it responsive, efficient and unlimited. A web developer is at ease with use of Catalyst Theme Framework because its code base is dedicated to high standards. The responsive and talented brains which put forth the product never lag in updating it with latest changes in internet technology. Believe it, these updates reach to you automatically without any charges.

Catalyst Theme


Official Website: is the official website of this company. Catalyst has enabled us to improve the ability in designing beautiful and robust websites because of the firm basis for custom j Query, PHP and CSS and nearly unlimited no-coding option. Every possible effort is made to increase the ranking of the website on search engines by increasing its utility and outlook. The market friendly features introduced in the framework are so powerful along with the support structure that an experienced web designer as well as a fresher finds guidance and skills very useful in producing a quality product.

Persons Associated with Site and Product:

Who are the people associated with this site? Who brought the whole framework in limelight? This ever lasting WordPress theme framework has been introduced in the market by Catalysts themselves and is nourished by a team of talented experts who pour their experience and knowledge in the amazing product. Complete web design toolkit is sufficient to create a sense of satisfaction to clients to take their on-line product to heights of achievements.


What are the advantages of the product marketed by the site? Catalyst’s code is a highly refined code and helps in implementing integration and efficient search engine optimization and efficient interaction with database in server. Unlimited number of updates, use of unlimited number of sites and unlimited support make Catalyst the darling of all developers for web designing and improving its value.

Its wonderful support tool where developers and support people discuss problems and give out solutions is unique and rare. It is flexible and fast and is the only WordPress theme which has come up with unlimited designs. For freshers in web designing, it has a complete array of tools which permits to produce complete websites even with no coding experience. In Catalyst, with the help of built in hooks, one can easily frame and then move onwards for customizing every minute detail.

Catalyst theme give added advantage of exporting and importing sites to desired locations. This back up and restoration option is very helpful in routine. There are a lot of font options e.g. color, type, size etc. for the text presented on the site and can be set individually as desired.


But what are the disadvantages which disqualify these themes? Sometimes the user gets an illusion with options and settings and gets confused. But this disadvantage has been rectified by creating administrative interface in the form of Tooltips. Tooltips guides the user and removes their confusion. Child themes are dependent upon parents therefore it is a must to install Catalyst themes before installing any catalyst child theme.


What are the features of Catalyst theme which make it so useful? How they make themes operational? The basic feature of Catalyst is that you can create limitless custom layouts, hook boxes, widgets and frame the pages easily with the help of smart hooks. With addition of dynamic child themes, more than 800 design options are added in the tool kit. With a single click, Responsive Activation Feature and intuitive controls allow the site to fit the browser window.

The most used feature which is not available in other themes is the creation of customer child themes in seconds in association with Dynamic Child Theme. The catalyst CSS builder allows choosing customization which you require to write the desired code. This can effectively and quickly modify the outlook of site.

Catalyst Theme

Universal font controls change the font option at one place and it automatically flips at all other switches. Search Engine Optimization provides the professional importance to web sites to improve its ranking. Catalyst themes use fast and efficient HTML5 and CSS3 devices to ensure the site is lightweight, valid and efficient.

Themes are always run with latest versions and limitless designs are produced. Built-in custom widgets, fully compatible with WordPress multisite, framework filled with hooks and filters galore, documentation to suit theme options, image up loader, page templates are some of the additional features which make these themes unparallel and different from others in quality.


There are three pocket friendly packages. Basic one package costs just $ 77 one time fees and allows use of theme framework, support forum for members only, catalyst cheat sheet of more than 250 pages, unlimited number of web sites, more than 800 designs in Dynamic Child Themes, update for life and site specific support for one site only.

Personal package costs $ 127 one time fees and can use all the features of basic package along with free use of market place products and site specific support for two sites. Developer package costs $ 197 one time fees and has all the features of personal package and additionally it gives the eligibility to contribute in marketplace, unlimited site specific support and exclusive developer resources.

Catalyst Theme

Basic and personal packages can be upgraded to developer package by paying the difference fee. Catalyst system requirement must be adhered. It has the minimum requirements of WordPress3.1 and PHP5. Basic package users can also purchase products from marketplace.


There is no dearth of competitors in the market.,,, and are few other sites which are providing the same service to clients,. All the service providers have some pros and cons but the product launched by Catalyst has created a craze for itself.

How it is Different from the Competitors:

Catalyst theme are different from other service providers in the sense that these are limitless. No other theme provides this feature. They also have the capacity to create custom child themes in seconds along with application of Dynamic Child Theme. These specialties make catalyst themes easy to operate. Even a person having no knowledge of coding can operate on these themes to modify the websites to the best satisfaction of users.


Free use of marketplace to developer and personal package members permits them to purchase the basic package. The user is provided unique service for the betterment of the site. Developer can also contribute on marketplace to enhance market for its products. The site provides automatic updates every 24 hours. One can check the updates any time with the help of the “check now” button. Similarly any confusion can be rectified with Tooltip button. These devices have made these themes a part of life and one can not ignore them.


Adoption of these themes will definitely reshape the website and increase the chances of its up gradation on front pages of Google. With such a large number of advanced tools adding to increase the efficiency of themes it is always worth buying. That is why business owners from various categories, whether they are engaged in online marketing, SME business or advertising and promotions category, have preferred these themes for enhancing the commercial output on and off web.

Return of Investment when Buying these Theme:

The return is in the form of increased visitor rating and a huge traffic diverted to your website. This is what you desire. Visitors and prospective buyers turn into actual buyers of services and products. So the return is much more than you invested.

Coupons or Discounts:

Fees charged is so low as compared to other service providers that the site usually offers no discounts or catalyst theme coupons. It further facilitates a 30 day guarantee offer from the date of purchase to return the whole fees if a user is not satisfied with the performance of themes.

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