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Blog Oh! Blog is a cleanly developed template for blogger themes. The blog theme templates are improved on by adding further e-blog templates. Besides, you get a wide range of in-built powerful tools when you choose Blog Oh Blog. It has been a vital tool for Recent Comments, RSS Feed features, Link List, Search and Recent Posts.

Soon after you set up and the templates, you are offered the options of updating tabs easily. For updating tabs you can enter inside the edit template mode and click on “Top Tabs”.

BlogohBlog Themes

Official Website:

Blog Oh Blog has published information that is vital for the blog owners to own this theme at its official website You can explore various themes available under Blog Oh Blog. Right from the features and how you benefit from it is extremely useful for new users. It has also connected with popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube etc. You are also provided the facility of subscribing Blog Oh Blog Templates right at its website. You also get to check for other services including prices and discounts on various Blog Oh Blog templates. Besides this, newly released templates are published here.

People Associated With It:

BlogOhBlog is the brain child of Bob Jiwakacau, a voracious reader and creator of blogs. Bob is from Southern Malaysia and he is based in Malacca, a small town in the same country. He although, considers himself as an amateur blogger. Initially, the main purpose of Bob behind creating the Blog was sharing his experience in knowledge and discovery. However after Bob quit, this theme is now the under the ownership of New Delhi, India based blogger and web developer Jai. He purchased Blog Oh!-Blog from Bob for $10000 at an auction. He expects Blog oh! Blog to reach newer heights.


Blog oh Blog offers you a number of in-built customizing tools so that you can get a fresh and clean for your blog. The best thing is that you can choose it for a range of objectives whether you are from media, business, entertainment, social or any such category for which you wish to create stunning and appealing blog pages for your targeted audience.


You need to ponder over for several times to get the drawbacks associated with Blog Oh! Blog. Yet a few of the bloggers who notice dropping of 3rd columns when their blog is opened in the Internet Explorer complain of getting it addressed. However, when it is opened in more advanced browsers like Firefox it may appear in its normal appearance.

Another issue which is pinpointed by the blogger is its less depth of horizontal sidebars which leaves much effect on the readers. Albeit, there may be some minor issues with Blog Oh! Blog, yet overall it is a fantastically delivered theme.


When you choose Blog Oh! Blog for your blog, it actually lets you to think ahead. Multiple choice of templates for your blog assist you in giving perfect and “unique” look to your website. So, Blog Oh! Blog has deep relations with your “Web-Identity”. Here’s what you can do with Blog Oh Blog themes.

WordPress Theme Designing:

BlogOhBlog themes let you create a number of Word Press themes website templates for your blog. You can personalize the blog page using advanced customized tools. Easy color management options let you create new color options for your blogs.

Word Press Plug-In Development:

Some of the popular Word Press plug-ins which you can use in word press templates include:


This is a vital plug-in which makes it easier for you to check the comment using Akismet web-services. It notifies you in case the comments are spam.

All in One SEO Package:

It also helps you to enhance the ranking of your blog on various web search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. through advanced search engine optimizing tools.BlogohBlog Themes Review

Show Top Commentators:

It is actually a reward to the readers for taking part in discussing the topics published on your blog. The readers who make maximum number of comments are published (with their names) on the blog for their significant number of comments.

Similar Twitter:

If your have connected with the readers of your blog at the social media website Twitter then this tool will be highly useful for you. With this tool comments made by the readers on twitter are displayed on your blog.


You can engage your readers with your blogging community more effectively by using WP Pools. You can add polls and opinion features in your wordpress theme using Word Press Polls.

Drop Down Menus

Drop down menus are the integral part of Blog Oh!-Blog themes. With drop down menu, it is much easier to locate the options which you wish to add in your blog. When you navigate the primary menu a further submenu may also unfold.

Easy Theme Medication Tools:

Easy modifications in the Blog Oh Blog templates let you to customize the themes as per your own specifications. You can use specific color combinations in creating stunning pages for your blog. Besides, you can also change the appearance of headers (both horizontal and vertical) in the way you feel them better.

Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) (Websites/Blogs)

In BOB templates you can optimize individual or all pages of your blogs. You can optimize each of the blog pages for unique and most targeted keywords. SEO enhances ranking of your blog on various search engines drastically.

Custom Website Development:

Blog Oh Blog has a number of cutting edge blog as well as website theme templates which you can choose the most suitable for your website. Some of the most popular websites as well as blog theme templates available are explained herein:


Fantastically designed in blue colors, Jazz is available absolutely free and it has in-built features of widegetized sidebars, ad sections along with drop down mens.


Yet another blue colored sleek website template having configurable slider, Cufon-enabled headlines as well as the attraction of drop down menu.

Blog Oh Blog NuBluTheme


If you wish to get a professional look to your website or blog you are surely going to get the value in Dictum.


This is the cutting edge theme for start-ups willing to launch the company. Available in crisp design, it really adds value to your website.

Mobile Themes:

Mobile themes are the best for mobile handsets. If you wish to target mobile phone users, this theme is most recommended Blog Oh Blog theme. This theme is compatible with all mobile phones.

Other popular Premium Blog Oh! Blog themes include Big News (for news sites), Company, ColorPress and many other choices.

How it works:

Functioning of BlogOhBlog Theme is quite easy to understand. Actually the features enable run faster and get cutting edge blogging solutions to the passionate people. When you explore Bob templates you are quick to notice its most admired feature of e-Blog Templates. All of these work in all types of browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer as well as Google Chrome.

With tab updation being easy, Blog Oh! Blog templates are most handy templates to be used. You can design the templates in the way you like.

You can add, edit or remove the banners in your blog easily. For that purpose each of the BOB has been provided with header Ad HTML box. Besides, these themes can also be integrated with Google Adsense in an effective manner thus providing a fillip to your online business presence.


Word Press BlogOhBlog themes are available in a number of varieties and each of the themes can be purchased at the affordable price that gets you best value for your investment. You can get the popular themes like “Big News” for $49.00. However in case you are engaged in designing and developing website for multiple clients you can opt for the developer package which is priced at a decent price of $150. Here you get access to all the themes.


This is one area where most of the people like to explore as to actually where do the particular theme stands at.Blog Oh! Blog stands tall among all its peers with its cutting edge features and a wide variety of blog theme templates including many other options. For people willing to explore specific blog themes, Blog Oh! Blog templates are the most recommended blog themes. It sets the standards which its peers emulate for. Some of the Word Press theme providers said to be its competitors include StudioPress, Joomla etc. among others.

How is it different from the Competitors?

Integration of E-Blog platform in its themes enable it to stand apart form those themes offered by its competitors. There are many other areas like pricing, templates varieties, quality of modifications, graphical designing and customization tools which makes it much easier for you to go ahead for your blogs.


When it comes to choosing the best and unique theme for your blog, BOB themes should be on the front. Whether you are engaged in business, social, arts, entertainment, social and such other blog theme categories, you will surely find Blog Oh!-Blog theme templates prove extremely useful for you. So, until you find the theme template as per your own expectations and features, you are always entitled for the best results in terms of increased traffic and a heavy balance sheet.

Conclusion (Whether it is Worth Buying or Not):

If you wish to get the top ranking among the search engines searches and a huge traffic at your blog, using BOB templates is highly recommended and with each of the themes you are going to get good monetary as well as value based benefits.

Return of Investment when Buying this:

When you invest in Blog Oh! Blog themes, whether you are opting for the single user or for developers package, you are entitled to enjoy all its features including e-blog platforms to the attractive discounts on choosing premium package. Choosing premium BOB themes like Big News can go a long way in carving out a unique identity of your new and media website.

Coupons or Discounts:

Blog Oh! Blog has a number of attractive schemes and offers, thus enabling you to find the attractive themes at affordable prices. Using 2012 Bob Media Coupons, you get excellent opportunity to save up to 35%. You can find Word Press Theme coupons offering discounts up to 50% whereby you can save a good chunk of money. Blog Oh Blog Theme Coupon 2012 offers you discounts upto 50%. However to avail its benefits, you must use the coupon before its expiry.

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