BizzThemes Gongsi Theme Review

The Gongsi theme is designed specifically for corporate and professional websites where business products and services can be showcased well. The easy to customize features help to create great photography, magazine, and portfolio style blogs for the pro bloggers. The theme is not only SEO friendly but can be installed perfectly on iPads, Iphones, and Tablets as well.

BizzThemes Gongsi Theme


• Advanced slider

The powerful and advanced slider will help the users to show off their recent images and photos in order to attract visitors. The theme also offers attractive animated sliders which can include multimedia contents like images, videos, and text. The advanced slider also supports drag and drop widgets which can be used for social media links like Google+, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube, and much more. Moreover the slider includes overlay effects for advanced images, unlimited stops and plays slides option, navigation tabs, and slider script also.

• Twitter display

Now the users will be able to connect their Twitter accounts with the website because of the elegant Twitter widgets provided with this theme. With quick fading effects you will be able to see approximately ten latest Tweets of yours. Once the user will hover over the tweet, it will not change and the user will be able to read it easily even when they are engaged with website visitors.

• Social links

This feature displays cool and simple social links whenever the user wants to on their website. Moreover they can add search box near them and engage their website visitors to emphasis on their social account likes Twitter, Google+, Bing, Facebbok, You Tube, Flickr, Dribble, LinkedIn, and so on.

• Design

The design is fully responsive and perfect for all types of devices. The complete theme structure as well as the design is scaled perfectly so that on all mobile devices it displays high resolution and perfect width. The dimensions of this theme are made so that devices like smart phones and tablets can easily display them without the need of resizing the browsers.

• Valid HTML 5

The latest HTML5 version has been used for building this theme. As a result, the theme works perfectly on all browsers and will work efficiently on all coming browsers. To enrich the document’s semantic content, elements such as <article>, <section>, <nav>, <header> and so on are used

• Custom templates

The users can add customized pages like contact form, archives, blog, etc. or if they don’t want to display any page content then they can choose the No Sidebar page template option. This option will display the page contents in complete width. The users will simply have to make a page and select their choice’s template; the rest of the task is done by the theme itself. The templates are very easy to manage and users will not find any problem while working with it.

• Translation ready

To ensure that your website can be read by people from all parts of the world easily, the translation ready feature was included. This feature will help to translate all the theme text and options into a language which you want. This feature is of special advantage to those developers who are developing a professional website for their client in other than English language.

• Colour styles

This feature allows you to style your website in the way you want. It offers 6 already defined skins to choose from.

• Custom widgets

The theme offers a total of 9 widget sidebars. All these sidebars are placed in 3 main areas: the main, header, and the footer. You can rearrange the areas in any way you want, including on the homepage only. The theme also offers many advanced widgets like social links, slider, and 20 more widgets.

• Layered PSD

For customization the users are provided with layered PSDs.

• Automatic updater

There is an in-built framework and theme updater which works automatically giving you latest updates. Moreover, your theme will be automatically updated just by clicking the Update Framework button whenever a new update is ready.

• Page templates

The users will get unlimited page templates to use. Moreover, the users can easily customize these templates to suit their website’s needs and requirements. Basically there are four page templates offered and these are contact form, blog page, archives page, and no sidebar page. The users can also create their own page templates as well.

BizzThemes Gongsi Theme

• Advanced shortcodes

This theme comes with a number of predefined custom shortcodes. To use these codes, the users will have to open their post page and add the shortcode inside the content editor.

• Direct template control

For every page you will get direct access to all template controls.

• Demo after activation

Immediately after the theme will be activated, it will start working as a demo theme which will make it easy for the users to understand its features and functioning before actually applying the theme for making their website.

• Browser compatibility

The theme is built in such a way so that it can run efficiently on almost all browsers whether Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, or any other.

• Branding control

Those users who will purchase the agency theme package with get the additional feature of controlling theme branding. With this feature, they can add logo into the footer section, rename the theme, and even control backend branding.

• Design control

This feature will help you to design your website the way you like with the help of clear theme option panel. You can control all images, colours and even typography, all by one click.

• Layout control

The users get total layout control with this theme which will allow them to arrange their layout modules, exclude unimportant modules, and so on.

• Extensive theme options

The extensive theme options help users to change the colours, layouts, fonts as well as include customized widgets wherever they want.

• Fast loading

The Gongsi theme saves all the theme options in just one database so that they can be called just by one command and can be distributed globally with the help of theme files. This helps in faster loading of the theme.

• Contact form widget

The powerful yet simple contact form widget makes it easy for the visitors to contact with the website owners anywhere and any number of times. The users will have complete control over the text message, field labels and they can also add email address as a parameter if they want to.

• Multiple layout skins

You get the opportunity to edit theme design with the help of custom CSS style sheets. Moreover, there are many predefined skins which you can choose from.

• Integrated Photo script

The theme supports a wonderful light-box window from where all the flash videos and images pop out giving your website a completely new look and feel. To allow your website for this feature, you will have to enable the PrettyPhoto Script option and everything will be handled automatically by the theme thereafter.

• Template widgets

You will find numerous widgets in the left side of the panel. Some of these widgets are explained below-:

  • Archives– The enhanced archives list offers daily, alphabetically, post-by-post, monthly, yearly, and weekly list.
  • Authors– This will show the list consisting of Author users. You will also find options for displaying plain text, links, post counts and feed links of every author.
  • Links– For different tags and categories, you can see list of links. The users will also find options to choose specific categories, post counts, and other selection options.
  • Comment form– You can include the comment form in your page if you like. For these, some formatting options are available for changing the text which appears on form buttons and labels.
  • Comment loop– With this feature you can choose whether to make the comments list appear on the page or not. The widget control allows for threaded comments and many other options.
  • Flickr– You will find options for sort order and number as well as thumbnails will be displayed.
  • Pages– You can see the page links list with options like exclude pages, show pages, exclude subtree, include dates, select by meta-field value and meta-field, and so on.
  • Other– Other features include query post, recent comments, RSS, Search, tags, Twitter updates, and wordpress loop.

• Thumbnails and images

The users will get advanced thumbnails and image script which is very simple to use.

• SEO options

This theme offers some really powerful SEO options which will help your website to get promoted worldwide and hence gain high ranking in various search engines.

• License control

There are three different versions of this theme that are offered and they are agency, free, and standard version. For free version, you don’t require any license but the other two versions require a license key which the users will get immediately after they purchase the product.

• Custom editor

This feature is specially designed for advanced level programmers who have PHP and CSS coding skills. They will be able to control different features of the theme from custom editor.

• Tools

The users can easily import and export their theme settings, builder configuration and even widgets by the help of tool option available.

• Skins and colour schemes

You will get nine alternative colour schemes to choose from. Moreover, there are 6 in-built skins which you can choose according to your website’s requirements and they are available in orange, default, black, clean, blue, and green colours.

• Theme support and guide

The users will get a detailed documentation guide so that they can use the feature with ease. Moreover, a powerful and immediate customer support portal is also provided with this theme so that users can ask their queries and questions.

• Design options

The design option feature allows you to choose typography (colour, family, font size, weight, and variants), borders (border style, colour, and width), background (colour, and image), and so on.


The advantages of using this theme is that it offers numerous features which will help you in making an attractive and communicative professional or business oriented website. All the features are easy to use and the support document contains step by step instruction on how to use every feature. The SEO related features will help the website in getting good web traffic thereby enhancing your website’s ranking.


Too many images and data slow down the loading speed of the website. For some features, customization can be a difficult and time taking task.


The cost of Standard package is $69.
The cost of Developers package is $99.
BizzThemes Club Membership: $100 for the first year and then $99 per year.

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