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A logo used over commercial websites does represent the respective organization’s motive, services and the products it delivers to the customers/clients. In today’s fast online world every commercial organization wants to attain a niche in its business. Although the name suffices in credentialing the reliability of prominent organization or company itself, a symbol or logo is yet needed to be used indispensably as a tool. In today’s internet world every giant company wants to generate heavy traffic over its site in order to promote an ongoing business, but what plays pivotal role in meeting such target is the appearance of respective site.


If the site looks superficial, the visitors will not stay thereon anymore, repercussion of which has got to be unproductive in a form of sudden depletion in the number of visitors. Such kinds of chances encourage every business to bestow an attractive look to its business site by using one of the superbly-designed commercial templates or business logos. Available online as biz-logos, these business-symbols represent the organization and types of services delivered by it. In nutshell, the Biz logos catalyze the actual significance of the commercial-site, providing at the same time superb navigation and fastest accessibility to the desired information/job of respective site.

Official Website:

Be it commercial or an official website, it has got to be considered an official website as it deals with many important issues, such as registering the clients, accepting orders, receiving mails, payments and much more. This is what calls for a business’ logo concept that should have all the facilities, crucial for commercial activities and should substantiate the significance of business itself. The logo or template we choose should be related directly to the type of services or products, delivered by it, whether products or services. As commercial web owners find it much difficult in designing the appropriate business log, they should adhere to the online selection of what seems to be authenticating their business. The visit at Biz-Logo site offers a large number of business templates and logos, such as “top of the year”, “show biz”, “and fresh-biz”, “bio2biz”, etc. Select a suitable one with a captivating textual message and a catchy design to take your business on the extremes of success all over the world.

People Associated with Biz-Logo:

It is the self-mooted idea of IT professionals in designing the Biz logos that has developed so far several hundred business logos with outstanding texts. A commercially-used logo carries some uniquely-designed textual content and it completely reveals what the business actually stands for and what its motive is. It wouldn’t be erroneous to say that the people associated with Biz-logo site are the world’s top entrepreneurs whose search for one of the uniquely-designed logos for their commercial site motivates the IT industry’s trained engineers to create a variety of logos, templates and themes for the commercial websites.


One of the major plus points of Biz Logos dot com is its putting forth an option of selecting one of the wide variety of business logos with attractive designs and content, which proves its uniqueness, used in bestowing a hypnotizing appearance to business sites. Each business logo’s design and concept has been created keeping in view the commonality of many functions in business-sites like navigation, monetary transactions and business deals. Another plus point of Biz Logo’s exquisitely developed outstanding logos is it’s saving both time and money. As the list of Biz Logo is too long to mention over here the users should go through all of them, contemplating on each design’s suitability.

Those seeking to have the best logo on their commercial website need not grope into dilemma in search of suitable business logo as the biz-logo dot com site provides pre-designed-business-logos (95 dollar), custom business logo-design (at 299 dollar) and offers logo repair services as well at very trivial price.

The users of the Biz Logo’s template are enabled to bring desired changes in the color, design and layout in the logo of template they take on theirs commercial site.


Going through, as of now, the positive aspect of biz-log, you should not blindly rely on such business template-offering site, as there still are many disadvantages in it, which you should be well aware of. Each of the logos can be bestowed with desired colors and hence is considered to be “up-to-the-minute” logos. Such dispensation helps the user to catalyze the beauty of their commercial site whenever felt necessary but it affects the recognition of respective site.


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee – If a user feels dissatisfied with the template of Biz-Logo the company will refund the entire money. Such kind of guarantee is not restricted to the pre-designed template only but many additional services as well, including the template’s repairing.
  • No Canceled Charges – What most of the logos-providing companies do, is not followed by Biz-Logo. It doesn’t charge anything beyond what the customer is apprised of, prior to accepting the order for the best commercial business logo or template. It delivers the package free without charging shipping or courier service fees.
  • Faster Quality-oriented Service –Biz-Logo believes in speedy service and this way it ensures the product is delivered to the client within an agreed-upon-date. Normally the package is delivered within one to three days, depending upon the order for the package.
  • The Templates are not put on resale – It is another outstanding feature of the business template site that it legitimizes its claim of offering unique template with attractive designs for particular purpose. A superbly-designed template sold to someone is not put one resale in any condition.
  • Available in Innumerable Number & Formats – Although the commercial logos on BizLogo dot com are available in large numbers, some specific logos are sold at large by the business site.
  • 24X7 Customer Support Service – Biz-logos’ template-offering services remain available round the clock on the internet to ensure superb template service. In order to improve quality and design of the template, the site seeks opinion of the customers online.
  • Provides Copyright Certificate – The templates are issued copyright certificate on their demand.



The price ranges from $50 to $195 depending upon the type of template chosen for the purpose. As the templates are made for the websites dealing with different businesses, their prices vary in accordance with the type of template, size and design. The templates with intricate designs or texts highlighting humans, animals, plants and nature cost high, while the scratched templates are found cost effective as its creation is supposed to be easy.



Competition provides a platform to improve position and boost the niche attained with self-developed efficiency and proficiency. Biz-Logo also has passed through a competitive stage and encountered many competitors under two specific streams.

• Competitors (PPC) – Going by the keywords, we come across the name of some particular competitors, such as Logomaid, Logo Samurai. Cutting edge designs, Vistaprint, Logo-Search, MyLogoDesign, Coldwellbanker, Desk dot com, Kool designing and Logo Loft.
• Organic Competitors –,,,,,,,, and are the major rivals of biz-logo dot com.

How is it Different from the Competitors?

Biz-Logo’s templates are available according to numbers of calendar. Choose any date of month, the site will provide your wide range of beautiful templates to choose from. This site provides many exceptionally-designed templates for the particular purpose, such as abstract logos, shoosh logos, real estate logos, medical logos, salon logos, spa logos, restaurant logos/food logos, nature logos, plant logos, sports logos, eagle logos, legal services logos, law logos, IT logos, mountain logos, tree logos, education logos, car logos, etc. Although logo-offering sites have mushroomed in large number, they have not gained proficiency in developing subject-centric templates. Such kind of professional dexterity entitles Biz-Logo to be considered distinct from its competitors or rival companies.


It is Biz-Logo’s devotedly developing variety of superb templates that has resulted in extraordinary templates of various categories. A full-fledged devotion of Biz-Logo in creating lively designs of templates has resulted into a wide range of excellent templates, such as abstract logos (with squires, cubes, circles and spheres), predesigned logos (swooshes), human/animal/birds logos, creature logos, construction logos, food/catering/hotel/restaurant logos, Christian/Church logos, Legal-service logos, law firm logos, cartoon logos, automotive logos, medical logos, letter logos, etc.

Conclusion (Whether it is Worth Buying or Not):

This question is spontaneous to haunt everyone as the templates are considered to play a pivotal role in resuscitating the site. The website-owners have been accomplishing many of their commercial or official jobs at dispense with templates as, the templates, available on other sites, do not serve the purpose in any sense. Bestowing a beautiful appearance to some sites may not serve any purpose unless it carries a design and content revealing what the respective site does stand for. But Biz-Logo’s each template, meant for all types of businesses or jobs, substantiates the contemplated sites significance unquestionably.

Return of Investment When Buying This:

The motive of using a template is to earn by promoting the business. Although each of the Biz-Logo dot com’s templates rejuvenates the site, the user should think about the return of money he spends on purchasing a template. If returns are likely to be meager, the business person should not go for a costly template.

Increased number of visitors or heavy traffic on website doesn’t guarantee good business. Hence the site owners should exercise theirs discretionary power when purchasing a site as retours of the investment can’t be ignored anymore.

Coupons or Discounts (if any):

In today’s competitive era, none of the competing companies can survive without offering Biz-Logo discounts or attractive offers so does Biz-Logo as well. Some pre-designed logos like Platinum logos, Gold logos and Silver logos are much expensive and can’t be afforded by all. Keeping this in view, some online companies offer high percentage of discounts on expensive templates, thus encouraging the ambitious businessmen to take their business on an extreme.

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