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Excellent Features with Autoblogged Software

Autoblogged is a tool which automatically creates fresh and latest target content for the client’s blog. To achieve this, articles from search keywords or RSS feeds are imported. This tool acts as a supplement to the client’s own blog content and builds fully automated blog content for them, which will contain features like affiliate marketing, keyword targeting, domain parking, aggregating content, and much more. It is one of the most powerful and flexible auto blogging software that can be used for wordpress.


In simpler words we can say that Autoblogged is basically a wordpress plug-in which helps to auto post contents to your blogs. The various functions which the autoblogged software is capable of performing are given below:

  • Develop project management portals

  • Personal feeds can be aggregated.

  • Search alerts are monitored.

  • Niche portal can be created.

  • Link building sites can be made that are rich in keywords.

  • Organization-wide aggregator can be created.

  • Fresh content can be infused in stable blogs.

  • Create a photo blog.

  • Monitor brand reputation.

  • Feed burner clone can be setup.

  • Job search mash-up can be created, and much more.

Official Website

Its official website is, from where the clients can get all details about this software product. They can also ask questions and clear their doubts (if any) regarding the product and its features. You can visit the website to see the numerous features offered by this product. A support or help desk is also provided to help you to work more easily with the software.

People Associated with It( Investors and the Company Who Made It)

Mark B is the creator of Autoblogged software. The reason for him to create this software was to save time and money with is utilised in writing the blog content. Before he wrote this software, he had already worked with wordpress. He released the first version of Autoblogged in early 2008.

Pros : The clients can customise the posts themselves by providing the blogs a format which they like. Moreover, there is a provision to include extra customized data also in the feed. Tags will be added automatically and all new posts will be assigned a category. This will increase the client’s business by targeting internet traffic to their website or blog. Autoblogged provides a user-friendly plug-in which help to create Autoblogs faster and in an efficient manner.

Cons : Too much of traffic can create a problem for the server. Moreover, if many extra customized objects are added then their proper maintenance will be a big issue. Some settings may require considerable amount of time in the first project after which they run smoothly.

Features : Some of the important features of Autoblogged are given below,

  • Import custom fields.

  • Advanced post filtering.

  • Regular expressions replace and search.

  • Flexible post templates to customize formats.

  • Convert RSS feeds to wordpress posts automatically.

  • Feed data can be overridden with own values.

  • Enhanced tagging engine.

  • Includes attached videos and images.

  • Automated feed processing.

  • WordPress integration.

  • Supports forums and e-mails.

  • Huge speed and an improved performance.


How It WorksThe Autoblogged will take each item present in the RSS feed continuously. It will also include the keyword searches which the client specifies. After this, the software will create a small extract along with a link. The credit will be given to the original article which then will be added like a wordpress post.

autoblogged sw

Price : The pricing includes the features like free technical support, special bonus for customers only, full source code included, customer forums access, and minor version updates. There are three different types of products and pricing. The first is a single site which provides one site license only. The other is a multi-site, which provides 50 site licenses along with forum support and free e-mails. The third one is a developer which includes unlimited sites, resale, and priority tech support. The rates of all the three are very reasonable and are worth buying because of their numerous features and functionalities.

Competitors : Due to its several features and advantageous results, the product is quite different from all its competitors. To see some more features of autoblogged, the clients can visit its official website. The web traffic will increase drastically after using this product and such an increase will not be available with any other product of this type. Purchasing this product will help the customers get good returns along with an increase in their profit percentage. Once buying this software, the client will not feel that their money has been wasted because its features are really commendable. Those clients who want to increase their business and earn a good profit must surely buy this product without giving a second thought to it.

How is it different from the Competitors?

The first major difference between Autoblogged software and other softwares having the same functionalities is that autoblogged is fast and efficient. Moreover, it supports numerous features which other softwares don’t. It is user-friendly and easy to understand. The services provided by this software are worth its cost.

autoblogged software


A long study about the product and its features finally proved that it is worth using it. Those who want to create powerful blogs including images, templates and videos, will not find a better product than this.

Conclusion(Whether it is Worth Buying or Not):

It is highly recommended to buy Autoblogged  software and enjoy its features. You will be able to create wonderful blogs at extremely affordable prices.

Return of Investment when Buying this:

The best return which Autoblogged software will give, is the finest quality blogs include all the modern features. Its functionalities speak of the easiness which it provides to its users.

Coupons or Discounts(if any):

To publicize the features of autoblogged, the company also offers AutoBlogged Discount Coupons which are discounts and offers which the customers will get on purchasing the product. These discounts and offers could be a lifetime membership, bonus, concessions, regular updates, and so on. The coupons are updated regular and advertised on various other websites including the official website of the company.

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