AppThemes Review

appthemes review

Appthemes is a company which offers five different types of themes for five different purposes. All the themes are flooded with unique features and functionalities which are easy to use. The Appthemes works on WordPress platform which is completely customizable according to business specifications and user’s needs. Moreover, full customer support will be provided which is open 24/7. The theme designs are professional and of the highest quality.

The company and the people behind it:
The founder and chief strategist of Appthemes Company is David Cowgill. The other team members are Shannon Dunn, Cristi Burca, Tyler Carter and Bruno Carreco.

Official website:
The official website of Appthemes Company is The website offers demo themes, their details, price, etc. It also offers a strong customer support portal where customers can read FAQs, ask questions, and so on.

Classipress theme:
1. Introduction
The Classipress theme offered by Appthemes is a classified Ads theme which is built on the WordPress theme platform. It is packed with numerous features and the framework will help the users to quickly convert their website into a unique and professional Classified Ads site. The users will be able to sell classified Ads online within minutes.
2. Features
Custom Post Type And Taxonomies
Ad listing is separated from blog posts so less confusion will arise. With the Ad listing management, it becomes easy to track and manage the Ad lists on the website.

Front Page Fully Customizable
There are five different types of colour schemes to choose from. The users will get a choice between two page layouts. Moreover, they can upload banner Ads and logos to brand their websites easily.

Options Easy To Manage
The users will not require a developer to run their website because of the powerful option which can change the way their website will run. It is based on GUI platform along with detailed help option to tell the users what exactly they are doing.

Multi-language Support
Since this Classipress theme uses localization framework, hence it is simple to change into a new language without the use of code.

Coupon Module
The users can setup unlimited coupons, watch their pipeline fill up, and email their customers from time to time about sensitive offers. Two types of discounts namely the dollar amount or the percentage can be setup.

Customer Ad Management
The users can offer their customers a personalized dashboard with the help of which the customers can pause, edit, re-list, and view their Ads. The customers can even change their passwords and modify their profiles.

appthemes-themes-Auto Image Resizing
Images which are uploaded with every Ad can be automatically re-sized to three different sizes. All the three images will be accessible from the media library of the WordPress which will make their management easy and quick.

Multiple Pricing Models
The users can mix and match paid and free Ads or select from the different pricing models. The Classipress theme also includes the Ad package module with the help of which the users can create their own customized terms and conditions.

Custom Fields And Forms
The users can create their own custom forms and fields where they get to decide the field type, order, and other required fields.

Appthemes-themesSuggest And Auto Complete Search

The theme includes two powerful search features to impress the visitors. The two features are auto complete feature which shows the matching results in the search box and the suggested search feature which displays related or misspelling search terms.

Facebook And Twitter Friends Widget
This feature allows the visitor to “Like” you which will help the website to grow its Facebook community.

No Plugins Required
The Theme runs directly hence no plugins are required.

Featured Ads
Your customers will be able to display their Ads list on your home page because the theme uses sticky option which uses rotating jQuery carousel to display Ads.

Ad Submission Wizard
Your website will look professional with the Ad submission wizard which works in three steps. The first step is submitting your listing. The second step is the order summary page and the last step is the payment page.

appthemes-themes-reviewAdvertising Support
You can make extra income by the several advertising spots available.

Custom Emails and Alerts
With the new user customizable registration email template, you can decide the message which you want to send.

Twitter and Google Integration
Twitter accounts can be easily added so that your customers are able to follow you. Google Analytics and Google maps are also supported to impress your visitors.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO related features are also supported which are very important from your business point of view.

Ad Statistics
You can keep a record of overall and daily Ad views with the help of the in-built Ad counter. On any page, the most popular Ads can be displayed using the two Ad statistics widgets.

Security Features
You can use the user role option to restrict the visitors from accessing the WordPress back office. Every new Ad submission will include users IP address with the help of which you can report or block them easily.

Payment Gateways
With the PayPal support option, the users can collect payments immediately.

Lifetime Updates And Support
The customer support forum provides the access to the dedicated support team who will answer your questions. Moreover, the users will also find best practise articles, tutorials, as well as valuable threads after becoming the customer.

Dedicated Blog
You can write blog posts and run Ad listing business using this WordPress theme.

Clean And Well Commented Code
The code is fully commented, logically organized and well written so that developers can modify the source code easily without spending much time.

3. Pros
The Classipress theme offers powerful features, easy to customize options, excellent customer support panel, and much more at cost effective prices.
4. Cons
The theme takes time to load, especially when it contains a huge amount of images or data.
5. Working
You will first have to install the Classipress theme after which, you may use the page layouts, customization option, and other features to start working with the theme. For more help and assistance, the users can take help of the customer support portal and forums.
6. Price-: the price ranges from $69 to $199.

JobRoller Themes:
1. Introduction
The JobRoller theme offers features like accepting new resumes, selling job listing space, and much more. It is tightly integrated with WordPress so that all online features can be used with ease. The Theme provides separate tools and portals for both the employers and the job seekers and everything which a user requires to setup their own recruitment business online.

2. Features
Job Seekers And Employers
The job seekers will have different portals with different options as compared to the employers. In these portals, the job seekers will be able to post their resumes, become searchable, and can update their profiles.

appthemes-vintage themeCustom Post Type And Taxonomies
The job listing is kept totally away from blog posts. You can see what is going on with the job listing management portion which will help you to keep a track and manage your listings.
Easy To Manage Options
The users will not require a developer to run their website because of the powerful option which can change the way their website will run. It is based on GUI platform along with detailed help option to tell the users what exactly they are doing.

Colour Schemes And Layouts
You get the option for removing the right sidebar and five colour schemes to choose from. To brand your website, logos can be uploaded.
Apply For Job Form
With each job listing option, you will get an in-built “Apply for this Job” option also. Here, the applicants or the job seekers will be able to upload their resume and cover letter instantly. Their application will directly be routed to the job poster through the email.

appthemes-vintage theme reviewResume Database
The resume option will require the job seekers to list their past experience, skills, education, specialities, and so on. A completely new section will be searchable and visible for browsing resumes.
Transaction Logging
To check your sales and keep track of jobs, the users can login to the JobRoller’s PayPal database.
Auto-Resizing Images
Images which are uploaded with every job listing can be automatically re-sized to three different sizes. All the three images will be accessible from the media library of WordPress which will make their management easy and quick. They will also be able to view the edit screen of the job listing page.
Multi-Language Support
For some languages you can use the free language packs. The JobRoller theme uses localization framework hence it is simple to change into a new language without the use of code.
jQuery and Ajax Features
The latest technology features like jQuery and AJAX are included in the JobRoller theme. These features will help in field auto complete and in loading the website faster thereby saving bandwidth cost.
The customization option helps to change various attributes like background colour, foreground colour, font, etc.
Security Features
You can use the user role option to restrict the visitors from accessing the WordPress back office. Every new job listing will include users IP address with the help of which you can report or block them easily.

3. Pros
The theme is enriched with great features, powerful customer support system, customization options, and much more. With features like AJAX and jQuery, loading the website is quicker. With separate portals for job seekers and employers, the management becomes easy and efficient.
4. Cons
When the website contains a lot of data like job seeker’s resumes, employer details, images, etc. then loading the website takes some time.

appthemes-vintage theme review5. Working:

After purchasing the theme, you can install it along with the support and other documentations. The front-end is for the visitors and the back-end is the Admin area. The main navigation will consist of latest jobs page followed by different jobs which are available on the website. The job seekers can register as new job seekers and fill in the required details. The employers will register as new employers and fill in the required details. For both the job seekers and the employers, separate forms are available.

6. Price
The JobRoller Theme Personal costs: $69
The JobRoller Theme Small business costs: $99
The Jobroller Theme Professional costs: $159

Clipper Themes
1. Introduction
Clipper theme is a coupon application theme which is enriched with tightly integrated and easy to use features. The theme helps to post coupons online within minutes. It is one of the best professional coupon themes which will change your WordPress blog within minutes to a powerful voucher or coupon code website.

appthemes review2. Features
Custom Post Type And Taxonomies
Your blog posts will be kept separate from the coupons as well as a coupon management section will be provided to help you see what all is going on. This in turn will make it easier to keep track and manage your coupons.
Easy To Manage Option
With the inbuilt powerful options, you can change your website’s running the way you want without the need of a developer. For doing this, the users are provided with a detailed help for this GUI based option.
Advanced Link Tracking And Cloaking
The Clipper theme hides your store and coupon affiliate links automatically so that the visitors don’t click them. Key metrics like clicks, CRTs, and page view can also be tracked using the Clipper theme.
Custom Email Templates
You can compose custom email templates on your own to effectively communicate with your customers.
Coupon Stores
Clipper theme provides the flexibility to create unlimited coupon stores as well as populate them with as many number of coupons as you want. Every store will have its own page including a URL, description, and screenshots which will be generated automatically.
Customer Coupon Management
The customers will have their personalized dashboards which will help them to view as well as manage their coupons. They can see the popularity of their coupons with the help of real-time statistics provided with this theme.
Statistical System
The statistical system will track the total number of views and the number of views daily received by the blog post and each coupon.
Facebook Integration
This feature allows your visitors to “Like” the website. Moreover, they can share a coupon listing on the Facebook “wall” too. The users can grow their fanbase easily with the help of sidebar widget provided on the Facebook pages.
Twitter Integration
The users can add their Twitter account easily on the Clipper theme so that their visitors can start following them. To achieve this, the users will simply have to drag the Tweet sidebar widget and this can be achieved in real-time.
Custom Write Panel
The custom write panel allows users to edit coupons from admin area. All the taxonomies and custom fields are labelled and organized neatly in one panel so that users don’t have to look for them at different places.
Layouts And Colour Schemes
You get five different types of colour schemes to choose from. Moreover, you can upload logos so as to easily brand your website.
Category Pages And Dedicated Store
You will get two extra page templates with Clipper theme which will be automatically updated. It will display your complete list of stores along with categories. This is the best way to allow visitors to browse. Your content will be easily indexed by Google.
Submit Coupon Form
The coupon form will help the visitors in registering and submitting coupons.
Advertising Support
You are provided with many advertising spots to make extra income easily.
Multi-Language Support
New language files can be easily dropped in.
Widget Enabled Sidebars
You get five different sidebars with Clipper theme, which are widget enabled.
Report A Problem System
The visitors can report problems related to any coupon from the pre-defined values. The edit panel associated with each coupon will help you to see all the reported problems.
Subscribe To Coupons Via Email
The theme supports email auto-responder systems like Constant contact, Aweber, Vertical Response, and so on.
Show Inactive And Active Coupons
This feature will help you to see active and inactive coupons along with store name, assigned to, coupon votes, coupon codes, coupons created, etc.
Import Bulk Collection
This feature is for those users who have to deal with large quantities of coupons.
• Invite other participants
3. Pros
The advantages of using Clipper theme is that this theme best serves all the purposes related to a coupon website. The features are user-friendly and easy to use.
4. Cons
When the number of coupons or some other data increases considerably, then the loading becomes slow.
5. Working

To Add New Coupons

To View All Coupons

General Coupon Settings

6. Price
Clipper theme Standard price $99
Clipper theme Developer price $159


Quality Control Theme:
1. Introduction
Quality Control theme offered by Appthemes is a simple and straight-forward ticketing system theme. This theme will help you to keep a control on your project development. The theme is built with rich features and tight WordPress integration so that the users can log tickets online within minutes. This theme allows users to assign statuses, create tickets, set priorities, categories, tags, and milestones. The users also get a chance to update their status, interact with tickets, add comments, and much more. Moreover, you can set-up single or multiple projects where each project has customized user groups so that access to other projects can be limited.

appthemes review

• SVN and GIT integration
The Quality Control theme is integrated with two most popular in-built cloud repositories where one is GITHub and the other is BeanStalk. Changesets are linked up automatically to each ticket so that code check in has complete visibility.
Share Images And Documents
You can keep all ticket related things at one place. Documents and images can be attached directly so that any person of your team can find them easily. Hence, no more searching through emails will be required.
Own Your Data
You can have and control your own project data, unlike the hosted ticketing systems. For this, you don’t have to pay any monthly fees and if you need to shift the data at anytime, you can easily export it in the form of an XML file.
Self Hosted Benefits
You can bring your easy-to-manage ticketing system in-house as well as sending of SEO link juice to cloud can be stopped. Running your personal ticketing system will make you look extremely professional.
Innovation And Updates
The product is regularly updated with new features. The QC theme team will provide all possible help in delivering you the features which are most requested.
Unlimited User Accounts
This theme is the best ticket tracking solution for you, no matter whether your company is a small one or a big one. You are provided with an option as to whether to restrict a project basis or to open it to the public.
Define Project Goals
You can group your tickets together with the help of the milestones and you can schedule your release dates as well. The milestone page helps to gather all things at one place so that whoever is responsible for every ticket can be easily seen along with anything outstanding and current status also.
Collaborate On Tickets
This feature will help you in resolving tickets by keeping notes and exchanging messages. Moreover, tickets properties can be updated and uploading of new attachments is also very simple.
Multi-Language Support
For some languages you can use the free language packs. The Quality Control theme uses localization framework hence it is simple to change into a new language without the use of code
3. Pros
The Quality Control theme is enriched with numerous features that increase in usability. Its features like collaboration on tickets, fully SEO optimized, API Extensibility, Active community, dedicated support team, and much more make its working more easy and simple. Since no coding is required, hence this theme is extremely comfortable to work with, both for the advanced level programmers and the beginners.
4. Cons
The main drawback of Quality Control Theme is that when there is a huge amount of data or images, the theme takes extra time to load.
5. Working:appthemes review 2012

appthemes review

app theme review


Add New Ticket

Dashboard Settings

6. Price
Standard Theme Package: $99
Developer Theme Package: $159
Standard Club Access: $249
Developer Club Access: $349

Vantage Theme
1. Introduction
The Vantage theme is a robust, powerful, and simple to use theme. It was a highly anticipated and beneficial business directory theme. This theme helps you create a great directory site which you always wanted to. In other words it can be said that Vantage Theme is powerful social-networking business directory building theme.

2. Features
Monetize Your Site
In the field on online marketing, directory sites are very important as a reliable and stable source of income. Vantage will help you a lot in this regard.With this, you can easily charge for premium featured listings or single listings. Moreover, it will also enhance traffic generation with free listings and you can take advantage of any of the advertising widgets.

Single Listing Details Page
One page will include all the details which a business requires. Some of these details include contact info, pictures, location, tags, social and web links, and much more. The form builder will help you add more fields using the custom field option available on it. The Overview tab will help business owners to tell their enterprise story with HTML and text.

vantage theme reviewUser Generated Reviews And Ratings
User reviews will compel visitors to visit your website over and over again. Businesses will be rated on the five-star rating systems. You will have complete control and the reviews can be easily moderated.
Community Creation With Social Features
Social integration is very important these days. Both the users and the businesses can list Twitter and Facebook accounts and the theme also provides some important social plugins like Social connect, ShareThis, and so on.
Advanced Search
The Vantage Theme provides advanced search options which are also customizable. With its “refine search” option you get helpful sorting features, category specific filtering, and radius slider (by zip code or city) for pinpoint accuracy.
Custom Forms
The customized form builder will allow you to add custom fields which you need with radio buttons, select menus, text, and checkboxes.
WordPress Admin Control
The theme’s admin feature has made it the first preference of millions of bloggers. This feature includes every big and small detail which will be required by the user.
Google Map Integration
With Vantage Theme, you can decide the directories which need a map as well as those that don’t need. You get map widgets which will help in listing pages that display the precise business location. Location finder map is also provided with the help of which the business owners will get confirmed that they are choosing the right location while creating a list.
User Dashboard
Not only business owners, but everyone will get a dashboard with Vantage theme. The dashboard is a single page which will include their contact info, business listings, reviews, and site stats. Each listing is marked clearly with current status: active, expired or pending.
More Than A Directory
Apart from the directory, the Vantage theme also keeps CMS and Blogs which are powerful and popular WordPress features. You can use a blog for promoting your directory or for creating content-rich portals for the real world communities as well as for online also.
SEO Friendly
SEO is very important from the business point of view hence this theme is built with SEO related features.
Custom Widgets
Some popular custom widgets included are related categories, recent reviews, popular categories, recent listing, social links, multiple ads, single listing map widgets and so on.

app themes review

With the help of API, the developers can customize functionality without the need of touching the code. The API is provided with hooks that will help to work with the theme at ease. You will also get free Google Checkout plugins and plugin template.
• Multiple colour schemes

The Vantage theme features are very powerful and flexible to use. Its features like unlimited user accounts, category tags and archives, great customer support team, multiple projects friendly, multi-site compatibility, export data, and so on help to enhance the functionalities of this theme. The theme is very easy to work with both for the developers and the beginners.
The only major drawback which the Vantage theme faces is that excess of data and images slow down its loading and working speed.

apptheme vantage review

A Sample Listing Page with overview and reviews

apptheme vantage reviewPrice:
Vantage Theme Standard Package: $99
Vantage Theme Developer Package: $159

All the five AppThemes are very powerful and best suited for a specific purpose. Moreover, their cost is also very less as compared to the number of features that they offer. Hence, in order to create a communicative as well as attractive website to boost your business, you should purchase Appthemes only.

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