Acosmin Gazette Theme Review

Acosmin Gazette theme is specially designed for creating stylish news, magazines, articles, and gazette related websites. Some of the wonderful features offered by this theme are video posts, three different colour schemes, theme option panel, featured slider, custom page templates, and much more. The theme also offers some strong SEO related features which will help to boost web traffic to your website and thereby its search engine ranking also.

Acosmin Gazette Theme


  • jQuery slider

The theme offers fully functional jQuery Slider which will help you in creating slides for images, normal, videos, etc. Moreover, the slider can be customized easily in the option panel without the need of any code. This feature will not only help your website look attractive but will make it easy for the viewers to understand your services easily.

  • Video custom post type

The Video custom post type feature offered by this wordpress theme will help users to post videos as well as customizing them.

  • Colour schemes

To help you make your magazine, article, or online newspaper related website look more attractive, three different colour schemes namely blue, pink, and red are offered by this theme.

  • Drop-down menu

The drop down menu option feature will allow you to add as many number of options as you like. Moreover, you can customize the drop down menu to suit the needs and requirements of your website.

  • Options page

The option page feature allows the visitors to purchase services and products online. You can include a detailed description of your services and products with the help of professional presentation tool offered by this theme.

  • Custom page templates

The users can use separate page templates for separate pages which is a remarkable feature offered by this theme. The page templates included with this theme by default are blog, full width, and archives. You can add new page templates like links, etc. which have new functionalities and allow you to add more functions to your website or blog. The users can also customize these page templates in the way they want.

  • Menu management

The menu management feature offered by this theme will help the users to manage their blog menus in a much efficient and simple way. This feature also allows them to include custom links, pages, and categories in their blog menu. Some in-built menu structures like tree, etc. are already given so users can choose any of them.

  • Widgets

Widgets, being the most important part of wordpress templates help the user to manage content easily and efficiently which is displayed on the sidebar of the page. Apart from this, the widget feature will also help you to manage footer and header portion of your website’s page.

  • CSS/HTML code

Valid CSS/HTML code is used for creating the theme and hence you will get a powerful website as the final result of using this theme. Moreover, the codes are very easy but the users will not be required to work with the code because the features are very easy to use.

  • Threaded comments

With the help of this threaded comment feature, the users will be able to connect with their readers easily and quickly. Moreover, they can also keep a record of who is saying to whom and what. The number of levels can be set and accordingly the conversation takes place.

  • Twitter integration

Twitter can be quickly reached by the twitter integration feature supported by this theme. The plugins are included which will help the visitors to tweet by staying on your website itself.

  • Advertising spots integrated

The advertising spots feature was specially added to this theme so that users can make money online by posting Ads. Ample amount of space is provided so that advertisements can be posted easily.

  • Layered graphics file

The Acosmin Gazzete includes layered PSD files for making the work of the users simple.

  • Browser compatibility

This theme is fully and efficiently functional on all browsers. Its browser compatibility helps it to run on all browsers whether it is Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, or any other browser.

  • Video embedding

The video embedding feature will help you to copy the embedded video codes from different websites like Vimeo, You Tube and place them on your website. In this way visitors will be able to see those videos on your website itself. This feature is very important for news websites where small video clippings of particular news can be displayed.

  • Flickr integration

The users can use this feature to show photos from their Flickr photo stream to the visitors.

  • Featured story slider

This feature allows users to show posts and other documents with photos on their homepage in the form of a slide show for featured stories.

  • Auto image resizing

This theme offers in-built software which will resize your uploaded images automatically to fix in the required size and space.

  • Facebook integration

The facebook integration feature will help you to include various Facebook features like Share, Like, Fan page, etc. in your website.

  • WordPress 3.0 compatible

The theme is compatible with the WordPress 3.0 version and works efficiently on it.


  • Free updates and support

You will get free updates and there is a powerful and supportive customer support available all the time. The theme features and functions like installation, use, etc. can be studied from the documentation provided with the theme.


The powerful and easy to customize features offered by this theme makes it one of the best themes which can be used for creating a news, magazines, article, and blogs related website. Moreover, the Ad spots will help the users to make good profit by posting Ads. With the help of SEO related features, your website will get extensive promotion, advertisement, and high search engine ranking as well. The jQuery features makes the website look more lively and attractive.


The major drawback of using this theme is that it contains large amount of data and images, its loading speed slows down.

Acosmin Gazette Theme Price

The Acosmin Gazette theme Single costs: $59

The Acosmin Gazette theme Developer costs: $129

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