10 Awesome Tools For Keyword Research


keyword researchTools are an essential part of any SEO campaign. Without them it will be almost impossible to find the keywords to target or track, build links and track results. Keyword research falls into the first stages of SEO and so keyword research tools are among the first go to tools when setting up a SEO campaign. Start with the following tools to make the most of your keyword research.

Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool

This free resource from Google may not have all the bells and whistles of paid keyword trackers but it does provide almost accurate details on competition, monthly searches and CPC metrics. The ability to check keywords by domain is a neat feature that lets you build your keyword list by revealing the keywords that your competitor is targeting.

Google Trends

Keep your website updated with current news in your industry with the help of Google Trends. Monitor this service one-two times a week for current buzzwords that you can target in your niche.

Google Insights for Search

Make full use of Google’s Insights for Search tool in the early stages of planning your SEO campaign to determine the demand for the keywords and phrases that you hope to target. The time invested to complete this research is worth its weight in gold if it stops you from investing your time and money in pursuing the wrong keywords.

Google Related Searches

You can find search terms related to your keywords by using the Google Related Search located on the left hand side of the Google search results. The search terms provided are what Google considers relevant to the original word or phrase entered in the search. Make use of these terms in order to find LSI keywords for publishing content to your blog.

Google Correlate

The final tool from Google comes from Google Correlate which points out any existing trends in the search volume for your targeted keywords. This is important to know especially when you are trying to predict possible changes in market trends.


If you’re in search of ideas for writing on the latest news in your industry then look no further than Buzzfeed. Fresh content that is current and popular will help your site rank high in the SERPs for QDF, query deserving freshness. Buzzfeed is a news aggregation site that collects the latest news from around the web.


There are some limitations to the data that Alexa provides but it is still a useful tool for getting information on visitor demographics, possible keywords to target, search queries and more. What’s more using Alexa is as simple as pasting your domain name into the search.

Keyword Discovery

Keyword Discovery is a popular web research tool with good reason. It is one of the most comprehensive tools for keyword research. There is a lot that you can do with the free option but you can update to the paid option and get access to all that Keyword Discovery has to offer.

SearchStatus plugin

Keyword density is almost as important as the keyword itself. Get it wrong and it could spell a whole lot of trouble for your site. The SearchStatus Plugin easily measures the keyword density on websites and this is fantastic especially when performing a competitive analysis.


Kgen is our final awesome tool that shows you a webpage from the eyes of a search engine. This plugin for Firefox will help you uncover keywords that you may have not considered. Use this to gain an advantage on your competitors.

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