Relavanssi Plugin Review- A Premium WordPress plug-in for in-site search features

“Relavanssi” is a unique plug-in that is designed to give accurate results for your in-site search.  It enables users to get relevant listings when they for a keyword search on your site. It also searches user  profiles and taxonomies and generates a “Did you Mean” search suggestion for browsers. Users can also use fuzzy logic, And, Not and Or operators in a search to get the exact information from your posts.

Relavanssi- Premium WordPress plug-in for in-site search

The plug-in also offers support to WordPress multi-site installation and is also compatible with BBPress (Do check out their site for more description on these features).

It indexes all the content which lies in the wp-posts database and also highlights the search words in the results. The plug-in searches through articles, comments, authors, short code content, post excerpts, My SQL columns with a feature to allow users to exclude some of the above categories from the search. Users can also sort and filter search results by multiple attributes and can also cache search strings.  It also suits sites with heavy content and and integrates with WPML (WordPress multi-lingual plug-in).

The premium version of the Relavanssi plugin  comes with dedicated support and all the latest features. It’s a good choice if you would need to offer an accurate and useful in-site search for your users as this makes your site user-friendly and also increases conversions.

It’s priced at $39.95 for the standard edition and $69.95 for the developer edition which can be used on client and commercial sites. The charge is for an year of support and upgrades include, so if you do not renew your pricing, then

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Relavanssi Plugin Review- A Premium WordPress plug-in for in-site search features, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating