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It was in 2008 that JustHost was launched. In a short span of time, it has become one of the top leading web-hosting service-providers. At present, the company is hosting around one million websites which is a record in itself. The company guarantees 99.9 per cent uptime which assures that websites remains online almost all the time. JustHost uses only Linux servers. It offers unlimited disk space, unlimited domains and unlimited bandwidth which means that you can register as many domains as you wish. For the beginners, JustHost offers website creation tools with the help of which you can build your website and can add blogs, forums and images to the websites that are already existent. Apart from this, the service has only one click-app installation which means subscribers can install the components of the sites through a single click only. SSL feature is available for those who are into ecommerce.

JustHost Web Hosting

Official Website:

To know about the several beneficial features that JustHost offers and to grab discount coupons and coupon codes, you can just log on to the official website of JustHost: www.JustHost.com, where you will get to know all the information regarding the web host service. Getting a great web host service having so many wonderful features at the cheapest possible rates has never been so easy. JustHost offers plethora of useful features at competitive rates. Customers can just visit their website to ensure that they get all the detailed information that they need about JustHost before subscribing to it.

People Associated With It:
It was in 2008 that JustHost was launched in United Kingdom by Just Develop.Now the company has branches in Australia also. Just Develop is a company which was co-founded by Nick baker and is committed to provide web based applications million of people.


Domain Name Free of Cost:

When you subscribe to JustHost, you would be able to register free domain name and can transfer it for free too.

Unlimited Domains:

When you are subscribed to JustHost, you can host as many domains as you desire in your personalized cPanel account which means you can manage your multiple websites from the same place with a single server.

Excellent Uptime:

Apart from providing secure web hosting, JustHost guarantees 99.9 per cent up-time which means your websites have online presence almost all the time.

Excellent Customer Care:

JustHost is dedicated towards giving maximum level of satisfaction to the customers. Customers can contact them through live chat, email or phone.

Competitive Rates:

Prices of JustHost are very competitive. Customers only have to pay a modest amount for innumerable features that they get from JustHost. Unlimited disc storage space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains and unlimited e-mail accounts cost very less.

Highly Integrated:

The hosting features that JustHost offers are all highly integrated and has customer control Panel too. This makes it easy to set up your website, optimize your website, install applications etc.

Simple and Easy Website Launching:

Choosing a reliable web host at an affordable price is a challenging task. JustHost not only offers a wide range of useful features at affordable rates but its unique and simple Control Panel has made launching of your website much more easier.

Award Winning Control Panel:

The Control Panel that JustHost makes use of has simple and user friendly interface which can easily manage web hosting,configuration of e-mail accounts and administration of a large database.Justhost review

Script Library Free of Cost:

When you are subscribed to Just Host, you get free script library. A long list of scripts get automatically installed which includes PHPBB, WordPress, etc.

Reimbursement of Money:

You can get your full money back on all the plans of JustHost by canceling out your account.

Getting Start Wizard:

For all the users, Just host offers a “getting started” wizard. So novice online business personals can avail the benefit of the “getting started” wizard to guide you how to create website and get it published.

Free E-commerce Shopping Chart:

This feature of JustHost is good for those who indulge in shopping activities online.


Being a relative newcomer in the field of web hosting, there are a few disadvantages of JustHost too but the advantages have simply outweighed its disadvantages. There are a few buyers who have complained about fifty thousand node restricts of JustHost and for those who want to have more than 50,000 files are left in lurch. Apart from this, there are some issues with cash-back guarantee which does not cover items like automated backup etc and money for them is not refunded. So, if you want to withdraw, there would not be full reimbursement.

JustHost works on Linux platform only which means it does not offer windows hosting plan and that is considered to be the major drawback of JustHost.


JustHost has all the requisite features which a good web hosting service provider should have. Let us have a quick look over some of the most useful features of JustHost.

Ideal for the Beginners:

Those who are novice to the online business, there are tools for creating websites which are perfect for building new websites or adding components to the existing ones.

One-click App Installation:

Installation of all the components like blogs, images, forums or other apps can be as easy as a single click.

SSL Certificates:

For those who are fond of making online purchases, this feature of JustHost is very useful.

Justhost review

Apart from getting unlimited disc storage space, you can also get unlimited email addresses, POP3 etc.• Control Panel:

Using Control panel, you can keep tabs on the ranking of your websites’ performance and can also place ads on your website.

Support JavaScript and Flash:

You can integrate video on your website and can create error pages etc as JustHost supports Java Script and Adobe Flash.


JustHost is very simple and easy to use. Using this, you would be able to create a professional website. It provides simple site builder tools to create your website quickly and easily.

24/7 Support:

The company can be contacted anytime via email, phone or live chat. Anytime you face any type of difficulty, you can contact the company.

Multiple Support Resources:

For the beginners, Just host provides many resources like tutorials, forums etc.

How It Works:

The amazing hosting features and competitive price both have made JustHost a very good option. JustHost is one of the cPanel host that runs on a Linux platform and it is what makes it simple to use. Even the beginners, find it easy to build their websites using JustHost simple site building tools. Using its scripts and software, you can easily and quickly build your website.


JustHost has the most competitive rates. The company works very hard to ensure that the web hosting service that they provide is much more worth than the price that they take from their customers. Previously, subscribers of this service had to pay $4.90/ month. The company has just announced a price cut and now the customers’ can avail JustHost web service only at $3.45/month. No other web service provider can give you so many useful features at such a competitive rate.


Owing to its several unique features and competitive rates, JustHost has become one of the frontrunners of web hosting industry but still there are many others which can give JustHost a tough competition. Among the other competitors, the toughest competitor of JustHost is Blue Host and iPage. Other competitors of JustHost are Host master, FatCow, in motion hosting, and Hostgator.

How is it different from the Competitors?

Let us see how JustHost is different from its closest competitor Blue Host. To compare both of them is a difficult task as both of them offer loads of beneficial features. In JustHost, you get the opportunity of unlimited email accounts and in Blue Host subscribers get 2,500 email accounts. Subscribers to JustHost get the opportunity of site promotion package, free eCommerce and coupons of famous search engines so that you can get the full value of your money invested. However, JustHost is predicted to be the best web hosting contender and Blue Host has been outranked.


Whether it is your personal website or business, JustHost offers you the best and the most useful features at competitive rates. When you are subscribed to JustHost, you can make your websites, transfer the existing websites and create an online dynamic store too. JustHost provides simple site building. One click installation allows you to create whatever you want – interactive blogs, polls, surveys, Word Press etc. Subscribers to JustHost get 99.9 per cent uptime guarantee and the service is committed to provide you the best. Free domain name, affordable prices, reliability, cPanel or control panel interface which lets you monitor ranking of your website in popular search engines, script library and there are several other features that make JustHost one of the leading web hosting services.justhost-hosting-plans

Conclusion (Whether it is Worth Buying or Not):

The comprehensive hosting packages that JustHost offers have competitive prices. The service provides all the basic features that you need to build your website. The unlimited disk space provided by JustHost can be used to register multiple domains under your account and there would not be any data transfer limitations. JustHost is an excellent option for those who plan to start more websites. If you already have a website, you would get the facility of free domain transfer and if you plan to launch your website then you get free domain name. For the beginners, there are tools for the creation of websites that allow users to either build a new website or to add components like online forums, galleries etc to the site they already have. One-click installation feature will let you install all the components of the website in one click. Control Panel feature of JustHost will let you keep tabs of your website in the popular search engines. Besides, you would also have access to spam protection, SMTP email etc.

Return of Investment when Buying this:

When you are subscribed to JustHost, you are rest assured to get the optimum value of your investment. Apart from getting a wide range of features, you get the subscription at the lowest possible price. Simple website building tools can be used for the beginners who lack technical expertise. Feature of CPanel lets you to have access to your website so that you can keep tabs on the performance of your website in the popular search engines. Integration of videos to your website is also possible as JustHost supports Adobe Flash and JavaScript. Unlimited FTP accounts, SSH access, network protocol and there are a lot of features that you can avail when you are subscribed to JustHost.

Coupons or Discounts (if any):

Although, JustHost offers the most competitive rates but still logging on to the official website of JustHost you get the opportunity to grab the latest JustHost Discount Coupon and coupon codes so as to avail discounts. Besides, JustHost has just announced its premium plan which is available for only $6.95/month and can give you three domain names absolutely free of cost. Furthermore, Just Plan is available at an incredibly low rate of $4.45/month.

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